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Vol. Pige

Likeness, The ix. 86

Last Prayer of Mary, Queen of Scots W O. Clarke, ix. 39

Land Poor J. W. Donoran. ix. 60

Little Martyr, The ix. 85

Lines Written In a Churchyard Herbert Knowla. ix. 99

Lay of the Madman ix. 100

Laugh and Grow Fat W. M. Praed. ix. 132

Lay of Real Life, A Thomat Hood, ix. 137

Lides to Bary Jade x. 13

Little Gretchen x. 21

Lights and Shades Mrt. Ifemant. x. 47

Lighthouse, The Thomat Moore, x. 56

Lochlel's Warning Thomat Campbell, x. 57

Little Steenie Anna L. Ruth, xi. 22

Love and Age xL 43

Lost and Found Hamilton Aide. xL 145

Lucky Call, The xi. 193

Learned Negro, The xl. 195

Little Margery xU. 12

Leap of Curtlus, The George Aipinall. xiL S3

Little Brown Hands Jl. H. Kroul. xIL 57

Mary, Queen of Scots - ix. 87

My Child John Pierpont. ix. 72

Mother's Sacrifice, The Seba Smith, ix. 75

Maclaine's Child Charlet Mackay. ix. 101

Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Green G. L. Bankt. ix. 188

My Lambs ix. 150

Mill River Ride J. W. Donoran. ix. 159

Macstro's Confession, The Margaret J. Pretton. ix. 166

Modern Cymon, The Bryan Waller Proctor, x. 19

Mary's Diminutive Sheep x. 28

Miser, The Geo. W. Cotter, x. 49

Menagerie, The J. Honeywell, x. 80

My Friend's Secret B. P. ShUlaber. x. 143

Mephistopheles, General Dealer x. 169

Mountains of Life, The J. 0. Clark, xi. 7

Maiden's Prayer, The N. P. Willia, xi. 40

Mary, the Maid of the Inn Robert Southey. xi. 48

Modern Bello, The. xi. 82

Might of Love, The Alice Gary. xii. 14

Measuring the Baby Emma Alice Brown, xii. 27

Minot's Ledge Filz-Jama CfBrien. xii. 28

Murlllo's Trance- Margaret J. Preston, xii. 41

Mulligan's Gospel Annie Herbert, xii. 60

Morn Mrt.J.L. Gray. xIL 79

More Cruel than War xtt 122

Mystic Veil, The xii. 142

Mother's Fool - - xii. 156

Vol. Pago

Nobody There *

New "Old Mother Hubbard," x- ,0

flight /amei Montgomery. xiL 81

Name in the Sand, A Hannah P. Gould, xil. 89

Ode for Decoration Day Henry Peterson, ix. 16

Only Sixteen lx- 25

O'Connell's Heart A . 11. Dorsey. ix. 80

Only a Curl Elizabeth B. Browning, ix. 70

Othello's Apology Shakspeare. ix. M

Old Farmer Gray Gets Photographed Ix. 143

Ode to Eum, An "''»• C Brown, ix. 145

Orator Puff. Tlunnas Moore, ix. 149

Only a Boy lx- 154

Once More 0. W. Holmes, lx. 172

Out Thomas naynes Baylcy. x. 16

Old House In the Meadow, The Louise Chandler Moulton. x. 51

Old Man in the Wood, The x- 54

Old Ways and the New, The John II. Yates, x. 119

Old Clock against the Wall, Tho xi. 106

Only a Woman Hester A. Benedict, xi. 185

One In Blue and One in Gray xii- :'9

Old Professor, The 71

Our Sweet Unexpressed IF.TTu. xii. 141

Ode to Independence Hall, An J. Stevenson Mitchell, xil. 172

Progress N. MieheJl. x. 7

Passing Away '"'"i Picrpont. x. 106

Prisoner for Debt, The J- O. Whitlier. x. 136

Portrait, The Owen Meredith, xi. 33

Passing By i/i" Mulock. xi. 131 ^ ,

Pilgrims and tho Peas, The Peter Pindar, xi. 113.;

Psalm of Hope, A W. P. Poz. xi. 194

Poor Little Joe Peleg ArkwrigU. xii. 21

Popping Corn xii- 125 .

Phantoms of St. Sepulchre, The Charles Mackay. xii. 162

Quarrel of Brutus and Casslua Shakspeare. x. Ill

Ketort.The George P. Morris, lx. 164

Reverie in Church George A. Baker, Jr. x. 43

RuinsofBabylon.The Husenbeth. x. 44

Reply to " The Welcome," W. F. Fox. x. 126

Rock me to Sleep Elizabeth Akers. xl. 38

Romance in Verse, A xi- 46

Ring Down the Drop—I Cannot Play J- 1'- Watson, xi. 124

Red Jacket,The George M.Baker, xi. 128

Relief of Lucknow, The Robert Lowelt. xi. 155

Regulus T Da"- xL 175

Ride on tho Black Valley Railroad I.N.Tarboz. xi. 181

Resignation «• »' Longfellow, xii. 31

Rev. Oleus Bacon, D. D.—In Memoriam xil- •*


Vol. Pago

Sincerity the Soul of Eloquence Goethe. ix.

Schoolmaster's Sleep, The Ben Wood Dm-U. ix. 48

Suicidal Cat, The lx- 83

Schneider's Ride Out Phillip: lx. 97

Slander 105

Shadow on tho Wall, The 120

Soldier's Pardon, The Jama Smith, lx. 126

Seeing Through x 15

Sister Pleads for a Brother's Life, A Shaktpeare. x. 81

Sisters, The John G- Whittier. x. 99

Stray Child, A Eliza Sproai Turner, x. 146

Saracen Brothers, The x- 154

Some Mother's Child Francie L. Keeler. x. 177

Shelter William J Lee. xi. 62

Scene from Douglas, A John Home. xi. 64

She would bo a Mason 11-

Save the Other Man Margaret J. Preston, xi. 116

Statue In Clay, The x11- 15

Sister of Charity, The Gerald Griffin, xii. 22

Stigma The De H'1" Javier, xii. 63

Shelling Peas.! C. P. Cranch. xii. 69

Stranger In tho Pew, A Mary E. Dodge, xil. 103

Sneezing *»• 175

Song of 1876, The Bayard Taylor, xii. 176

True Source of Contentment 52

There's a Silver Lining to Every Cloud Eliza Cook. ix. 53

Trials of a Twin s- Letak- - 57

Thanksgiving, A Lacy Larcom. ix. 165

Temperance, 1776—1876 George W. Bungay, ix. 175

There's Tan in the Street A. Wallace Thazter. x. 14

Two Loves and a Life Wm. Sawyer, x. 55

Trouble your Head with your Own Affairs Eliza Cook. x. 81

Triumphs of the English Language J. OUboume Lyons, x. 85

Two Anchors, The P B. Stmldard. x. 95

Three Fishers, The Chnrlu Kingsley. x. 140

Time for Prayer, The x- 181

True Heroism x- 1,8

Temptations of St. Anthony xi.

Truth Cooper, xi. 50

There Como the Boys xi- 90

Trouble of a Wife Kitty Lincoln, xl 98

Thebes William Whitehead, xi. 107

That Baby In Tuscaloo Bartley T. Campbell, xi. 114

'Twill not be Long '*'

True Faith B. P. Shillaber. xi. 183

Then and Now, 1776—1876 F- W- Pbh. xii. 7

Teacher's Dream, The W. B. Venable. xii. 89

Temperance Hhyme-atlon xil. 129

Three Warnings, The *»• Thrale. xil. 142

Vol. Pxge

Appeal of the Missigans lx. 66

Anger and Enumeration James M. Bailey, ix. 118

American Flag, The //. W. Beeeher. x. 11

Address of Spottycus xil 91

Buck Fanshaw's Funeral S. L. Clemens, lx. 18

Bumpkin's CourUhip, The x. 48

Blessed are the Dead C. F. Smariut. x. 67

BUfkins, the Bacchanal B. P. Shillaber. x. 167

Baby's First Tooth, The James M. Bailey, x. 179

Bascomb's Baby xi. 41

Building the Chimney xi. 66

BUfkins, the Ruralist B. P. Shillaber. xi. 101

Black Horse and His Rider, The Charlei Sheppard. xii. 53

Better Land, The xii. 108

Caudle's Wedding-day Douglas Jerrold. lx. 88

Cause of Temperance, The John B. Gough. lx. 123

Catching the Morning Train Max Adeler. x. S9

Curing a Cold A L. Clemens, x. 102

Calling a Boy in the Morning James M. Bailey, x. 148

Culture the Result of Labor B'illfas H'iri. xi. 9

Courtship Under Difficulties.. xi. 185

Cut Behind T. De Witt Talmage. xii. 96

Country's Greatest Etii, The Henry Wilton. xiL 124

Centennial Oration Henry Armilt Brown, xii. 172

Dead Light-house Keeper, The J. R. Ware. lx. 109

Death of Henry Clay Rev. Dr. Butter, xi. 110

De Pint wid Old Pete x'i- 64

Death of Dora Charlet Diekens. xii. 136

Elocution If. H. Gillespie, lx. 10

Eva's Death H. B. Slowe. ix. 78

First and Last Dinner, The lx. 147

"FatContributor" on Insurance Agents, The ..A. Minor Grisvotd. ix. 155

Father Phil's Collection JSamuel Lover, x. 128

Fabdaff's Boasting Shaktpeart. xi. l95

Good-night, Papa. - *• 41

Good Reading the Greatest Accomplishment. ..John S. Bart, Lin. xii. 9

HowMr.CoyilleCountodtheShinglesonhisHouse....j:Jli'.Bii>J*y. lx. 33

"Hcz" and the Landlord !*• 49

Hole in the Carpet, The 160

Harp of a Thousand Strings, The lx. 170

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