Black's picturesque guide to North Wales


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25 페이지 - Edited by JAMES C. WILSON, MD, Professor of the Practice of Medicine and of Clinical Medicine in the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia.
5 페이지 - On the Progress of Mathematical and Physical Science since the Revival of letters in Europe.
30 페이지 - SCOTLAND. By PF TYTLER, Esq. Enlarged and Continued to the Present Time, by the Rev. JAMES TAYLOR, DD, and adapted to the Purposes of Tuition by ALEX. REID, LL.D. Sixth Edition. 12mo, price 3s.
30 페이지 - HISTORY OF PALESTINE, from the Patriarchal Age to the Present . Time ; with Introductory Chapters on the Geography and Natural History of the Country, and on the Customs and Institutions of the Hebrews. By JOHN KITTO, DD, Author of" Scripture Daily Readings," " Cyclopaedia of Biblical Literature,
140 페이지 - William, a sea captain and an eminent poet, who received his education at Oxford. Thomas, the fourth son, became lord mayor of London, and founder of the family of Chirk Castle. The speculative genius of Hugh...
120 페이지 - Towyn, which having arrived at, we quitted the road, and began our ascent at the first step of this lofty mountain. When we had surmounted the exterior ridge, we descended a little to a deep clear lake, which is kept constantly full by the numerous tributary torrents that fall down the surrounding rocks ; hence we climbed a second and still higher chain, up a steep but not difficult track, over...
12 페이지 - Chester, exercise this petty sovereignty, until the death of Earl John Scot, in 1237, when Henry III. took the earldom, with all the powers annexed to it, into his own hands ; and from that period to the present it has been held by the English Crown. '' The title of Earl of Chester was conferred by Henry upon his eldest son, afterwards Edward I. It has ever since been vested in the reigning monarch's eldest son, and is now enjoyed by His Royal Highness Albert Edward, Prince...
191 페이지 - The upper one rushes over three projections of dark rocks, which rise like steps one above another, into a deep black basin, rendered still darker by the shadowing precipices, intermingled with huge, protruding stony masses; while the darkness and solitude of the place are increased by the sadcoloured foliage of the trees overhanging the rapid stream from each of its banks. A few yards lower down, a bold columnar rock, called Hugh Lloyd's Pulpit, rises from the bed of the river ; passing which, and...
4 페이지 - MEMOIR OF EDWARD FORBES, FRS Late Regius Professor of Natural History in the University of Edinburgh. By GEORGE WILSON, MDFRSE and ARCHIBALD GEIKIE, FRSE FGS of the Geological Survey of Great Britain.
39 페이지 - COCKBCRN, late one of the Senators of the College of Justice. With Portrait after Raeburn. Demy 8vo. 14s. " This posthumous volume requires no introduction to the public at our hands. Valuable as a contribution to the history of one part of the kingdom during a portion of the last and of the present century, sketched by a contemporaneous pen of great acuteness, felicity, and humour, it has also taken its place as one of the pleasantest fireside volumes which has been published of late years.

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