Mobilizing a Great Commission Church for Harvest: Voices and Views from the Southern Baptist Professors of Evangelism Fellowship

Thomas P. Johnston
Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2011. 5. 23. - 230페이지
Mobilizing a Great Commission Church for Harvest addresses practical aspects of evangelism in the local church, with the voices and views of nineteen current Southern Baptist professors of evangelism. They address important topics to local church evangelism, such as "Invitations with integrity" and "Preparing for Spiritual Warfare." Key leaders and professors write in their areas of expertise. For examples, Alvin Reid writes on "Mobilizing Students," David Wheeler on "Servant Evangelism," Josef Solc on "Sports Evangelism," and Darrell Robinson on "The Evangelist." In addition, the book begins and ends with two different applications of Matthew's Great Commission.

Mobilizing a Great Commission Church for Harvest is a gold mine of information for both pastor and deacon, as it is for students considering the importance of evangelism to local church ministry. It is fresh, new, and true--as all of its authors teach at SBC-affiliated schools and are grounded in the Bible as the inerrant Word of God!

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The Pastor as Key to a Great Commission Church
Considering approaches to a Great Commission Church
How to Develop a Great Commission Church
building a Great Commission Denomination
Keys to benefiting from a Revival Meeting
invitations with integrity
Preparing for spiritual Warfare in Evangelism
Practical Principles for Perennial Personal Evangelism
servanthood Evangelism as a bridge to the Gospel
Effective outreach through sports Evangelism
Effective Methods for Reaching College students
Preserving the Fruit of Evangelism

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Thomas P. Johnston is Associate Professor of Evangelism at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of Examining Billy Graham's Theology of Evangelism (Wipf & Stock, 2003), Charts for a Theology of Evangelism (2007), Evangelizology (2010), and A Historical Theology Duo: Inquisition and Martyrdom + Chronological Theology (2010).

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