Dramatic Works of Sheridan and Goldsmith. With Goldsmith's Poems, 1권

W. Kent & Company, 1884 - 312페이지

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25 페이지 - But I say it is, miss; there is nothing on earth so easy as to forget, if a person chooses to set about it. I'm sure I have as much forgot .your poor dear uncle as if he had never existed — and I thought it my duty so to do; .and let me tell you, Lydia, these violent memories don't become a young woman.
212 페이지 - Cheeks of rose untouched by art ? I will own the colour true, When yielding blushes aid their hue. Is her hand so soft and pure ? I must press it, to be sure ; Nor can I be certain then, Till it grateful press again. Must I with attentive eye Watch her heaving bosom sigh ? I will do so — when I see That heaving bosom sigh for me.
28 페이지 - If he demurred, I knocked him down; and if he grumbled at that, I always sent him out of the room. Mrs. Mai. Aye, and the properest way, o' my conscience ! Nothing is so conciliating to young people as severity. Well, Sir Anthony, I shall give Mr. Acres his discharge, and prepare Lydia to receive your son's invocations ; and I hope you will represent her to the captain as an object not altogether illegible. Sir Anth.
55 페이지 - Ah ! few gentlemen nowadays know how to value the ineffectual qualities in a woman ! Few think how a little knowledge becomes a gentlewoman ! Men have no sense now but for the worthless flower of beauty ! Abs.
27 페이지 - Madam, a circulating library in a town is as an evergreen tree of diabolical knowledge. It blossoms through the year ! And depend on it, Mrs. Malaprop, that they who are so fond of handling the leaves will long for the fruit at last.
221 페이지 - Your charms would make me true. To you no soul shall bear deceit, No stranger offer wrong, But friends in all the aged you'll meet ; And lovers in the young.
27 페이지 - I would by no means wish a daughter of mine to be a progeny of learning; I don't think so much learning becomes a young woman; for instance, I would never let her meddle with Greek, or Hebrew, or algebra, or simony, or fluxions, or paradoxes, or such inflammatory branches of learning — neither would it be necessary for her to handle any of your mathematical, astronomical, diabolical instruments.
25 페이지 - You thought, miss! I don't know any business you have to think at all — thought does not become a young woman. But the point we would request of you is, that you will promise to forget this fellow — to illiterate him, I say, quite from your memory.
58 페이지 - Twould be a trick she well deserves; besides, you know the fellow tells her he'll get my consent to see her — ha! ha! Let him if he can, I say again. Lydia, come down here!
38 페이지 - Spoke like a man ! But pray, Bob, I observe you have got an odd kind of a new method of swearing Acres. Ha ! ha ! you've taken notice of it — 'tis genteel, isn't it ! — I didn't invent it myself though ; but a commander in our militia, a great scholar, I assure you, says that there is no meaning ii.

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