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pt. iv, D. S.,



Co.-Continued. New York State pavilion, Panama Reclining figure for pylon, Fest Pacific exposition; by Charles B. hall; by Sherry E. Fry. [Statu Meyer. [Front view of long building nude reclining man partly suppoi with portico at central entrance.) © himself on left elbow with right 1 1 c. Jan. 21, 1914; G 45671.

resting on thigh.] © 1 c. Jan.

1914; G 45681. Official flag; by R. J. Taussig. [Oblong flag with light triangle at each

Scintillator and locomotive, Pan: end having point directed toward

Pacific international exp. 1915; drawing of battleship in center.) ©

J. W. Gosling. [Drawing sho 1 c. Jan. 21, 1914; G 45670.

large locomotive on wharf and stre

of light bursting from building a Oil field in Mines building; by D. H. lake.] © 1 c. Feb. 25, 1914; G 4 Hilliker. [Drawing of interior of

Suggested lighting fixtures, enti large building showing small hill. to California building; by J. W. dotted with oil wells, sloping down to

ling. (Three draped girls, each barbor where steamer is lying at

large globe in hands, standing on wharf.] © 1 c. Feb. 25, 1914; G

pedestal.] © 1 c. Feb. 25, 191 46078.

46082. Oregon State building; by Edward Summer ; by Furio Picc T. Foulkes. (Large building in style [Sculptured group showing man s of Greek temple surrounded by col- by shrubbery with back turned onade.] © 1 c. Jan. 21, 1914; G 45674. woman holds up baby for her hus

to kiss. ] © 1 c. Jan. 21, 191 Palace of fine arts; by D. H. Hilli

45682. ker, [Long building, in classic Roman style with large round central

Swedish building; by F. Robey. dome, surrounded by shrubbery, on

regular building with large clockbank of lake.] © 1 c. Jan, 21, 1914;

and flagpole at side.] © 1 c. Fe G 45676.

1914; G 46083.

Swedish building, San Fran Panels for Fine arts building, A; by 1915; by Ferdinand Robey. [ Bruno L. Zimm. [Bas-relief panel

gambrel roofed building with showing three musicians followed by

tower at left.) © 1 c. Feb. 25, lion, man leading horse, boy, and three

G 46081. draped women.] © 1 c. Jan. 21, 1914; G 45662.

Tympanum over door of Vari

dustries building; by A. Hum B; by Bruno L, Zimm. (Bas- (Woman seated holding bunch of relief panel showing man in chariot and sickle in lap, with man and w drawn by four horses, accompanied by kneeling on each side.] © 1c two men, two women, girl and two 21, 1914; G 45679. small boys with wreaths in arms.] ©

Water, A; by Frank Bran 1 c. Jan. 21, 1914; G 45663.

[Group of men drawing in net Pirate (The); by Allen Newman,

others seated on bank of rive [Statue of man standing with robe

fishing with hook and line.] thrown back over shoulders, pistol in

Jan. 21, 1914; G 45664. belt and rope in hands.) © 1 c. Feb.

B; by Frank Brangwyn. 4, 1914; G 45769.

and women carrying water jai Primitive man, by Albert Weinert.

urns from stream where child ai [Statue of nude man, with fish in each

flamingoes are standing.) © 1 hand, standing astride a pelican.) ©

21, 1914; G 45665. 1 c. Feb. 25, 1914; G 46079.

Water, one of the elements; b

ert I. Aitken. (Statue of nud Rainbow City; by Sydney Armer.

seated in water along shore wi [Bird's-eye view showing exposition

swimming over feet.) © 1 c. F buildings, grounds and harbor.) © 1

1914; G 46085. c. Feb. 25, 1914; G 46080.

Women's board room, Cal Reclining figure for Festival hall; building; by T. H. F. Burditt by Sherry E. Fry. (Statue of reclin- terior of large bright room wit1 ing girl partly supporting herself on a long each side and around lon right elbow, with left hand resting on in center.] © 1 c. Feb. 4, 19 thigh.] © 1 c. Jan. 21, 1914; G 45680. 45766.

Do. 1, 1914


PARKER (CHARLES S.) Boston. [279 PERRY (JULIETTE E.) Eastham, Mass. Bathing girl. [Half-length statue of

[295 girl in bathing suit.] © 1 c. Feb. 19, Sign o' the cod; by Gladys D. 1914: G 46004.

Weekes. Pen and ink drawing of fish

that spells in relief the words, Cape PERBY (C. E.), New York. [280-294

Cod. © 1 c. Jan. 10, 1914; G 45745. Alberta; by M. F. Lent. (Right three quarter view bust portrait of PETTIT (HARRY M.) Chicago. [296 girl with bat tied under chin and um

Chicago. Bird's-eye view drawing brella in right hand.]

of the city and water front. © 1 c. Alice; by M. F. Lent. [Right three. Feb. 2, 1914; G 45733. quarter view bust portrait of girl wearing hat trimmed in ribbon with PHOENIX (LAUBOS MONROE), Minne large bow of ribbon on shoulder.


(297 Anna; by M. F. Lent. (Left three

Minnehaha. Mural painting in three quarter view of girl in drooping straw

panels, with forest scene on each side lat, holding umbrella in left hand.)

of center panel which shows old In

dian standing near large waterfalls, Beth; by M. F. Lent. (Front bust watching young Indian lead girl away. portrait of girl wearing wide-brimmed © 1 c. Jan. 14, 1914; G 45534. straw hat trimmed with flowers.) Brook through the woods. (Brook

PRETONIUS-SCHURZ-DAENZER MEMORIAL running over small rocks shaded by ASSN., St. Louis.

[298 tall trees. ]

Pretonius - Schurz - Daenzer monuClarice; by M. F. Lent. [Right pro

ment. Monument with sculptured fig.

ure of nude woman, The naked truth, file bust portrait of girl wearing ruffled collar and hat turned up at back.)

seated on step at base, with arms out

stretched, holding lamp in each hand. Glorious sunset; by A. Von Beust. © 1 c. Feb. 26, 1914; G 46094. (Sunset view of stream with dense foliage on each bank.)

PRICHARD (SIDNEY) Cohasset, Mass.

[299, 300 Home at dusk; by H. Ward. [Shepherd driving flock of sheep along coun

First parish church, Cobasset, Mass. try road near small clump of trees. ]

[Bas-relief panel of frame building

with clock tower at end and small Searing home; by E. Herdle. (Man annex at side.) © 1 c. Jan. 22, 1914; driving flock of sheep down country G 45688. road near farmhouse.]

St. Stephen's church, Cohasset, Mass. Road by the brook; by L. Robert- (Bas-relief panel of large church buildson. (Woodland stream with canoe ing in ell shape with large tower at drawn up to left bank along which corner.) ©1 c. Feb. 16, 1914; G 45951. ruas country road.]

PROVIDENCE Ruth: by M. F. Lent. (Right pro

co., Providence, R. I.

(301-307 file bust portrait of girl, with imbrella in right hand, wearing hat Barren fig tree and the defiled temturned up at back.]

ple. Jesus driving out of temple the Shaded brook; by L. Robertson.

money changers and man with crates [Brook shaded by thick clusters of

of doves. trees on each side.]

Day of questions. Three men in Shady pastures; by N. Briganti. background watching Jesus who is [Flock of sheep grazing in pasture showing coin to group of men. along edge of woods.]

Greatness through service. Jesus Shrinking: by M. F. Lent. (Little talking to two men and a woman who girl in bathing suit, on beach, looking is kneeling. down at water.)

Judgment of the nations. Child in Winter sunset; by A. Von Beust. (Snow-covered country road with pond

doorway offering bowl to woman seatou right and stream on left spanned by

ed on bench with child in lap. arched stone bridge near farmhouse in Laborers in the vineyard. Man cluster of trees.] © 1 c each Jan. 20, talking to two men in foreground, 1914; G 45577-45586, 45604, 45612- | while in background others are at 45615.

work around table.



pt. iv, n. s.


Pounds and the talents. Two men, Style 603 A; by Chas. D. Mit one seated, the other standing with Man wearing straw hat, with left coins in each hand.

in coat pocket and cane in right, st Wicked husbandmen. Men and ing by lady. women gathering fruit in vineyard and Style 604 A ; by Chas. D. Mit watching young man on donkey ap- Man with cane behind back star proach.

op beach near girl in bathing © 1 c. each Jan. 15, 1914; G 45535– seated on boat. 45541.

Style 605 A; by Chas. D. Mit RANDALL (LAWRENCE CALVIN) Colum

Man with bat in left hand talki bus, O.


lady seated in automobile. Khora ssan, land of the sun. Draw- Style 606 A; by Chas. D. Mit ing showing two men on camels cross- Man in three button sack suit, ing desert at sunset, with double cres- cane in right hand and hat in cent and tiger's head in left corner. © talking to lady. 1 c. Jan. 7, 1914; G 45512.

Style 607 A; by Chas. D. Mit RATHBONE (EDITH KATE) New York. Man and lady looking at tige

(309 cage. Book end. Little boy seated on one

Style 608 A; by Mortimer I side of bench and little girl on the

Man with pipe in left hand car other. © 1 c. Jan. 26, 1914; G 45701.

bag of golf-sticks on right sho REIS (ROBERT) & co., New York. [310 Style 609 A; by Chas. D. Mit

Reis Manhattan union suit; by Ben Man in two button sack suit and Harvey. Plaque modeled in plaster hat holding dog with left hand. showing young man in union suit standing. © 1 c. Feb. 11, 1914; G

Style 610 A; by Chas. D. Mi 45853.

Man saying goodbye to girl on ste

gang-plank. RICE (ELEANOR) Beatrice, Neb. (311 Style 611 A ; by Chas. D. Mi

Sir Knight jr. Drawing of little child Man with watch in hand passing wearing Knights Templar hat, belt steps where little girl is playing and sword. © 1 c. Jan. 16, 1914; G blocks. 45546.

Style 612 A; by Mortimer

Man standing before mirror RICHARDS (E. E.) New York. (312

hands behind his back. Child's head. Right three-quarter view bust portrait of little boy with

Style 613 A; by Mortimer curley hair hanging over shoulders.

Man standing at desk with left © 1 c. Feb. 24, 1914; G 46016.

in pants pocket and fountain

right. RIDGWAY'S, INC., New York. [313

Style 614 A; by Mortimer Afternoon tea; by A. B. Conkwright. Man with hat in left hand tall Young couple seated in tete-a-tete girl in riding habit. chair drinking tea. C 1 c. Jan. 19,

Style 615 A; by Mortimer 1914; G 45574.

Two ladies in background look ROLT-WHEELER (CHRISTINE) New

man with cane in left hand. York.

(314 Style 616 A; by Mortimer Aristotle the Stagirite. Bas-relief

Man standing at entrance to plaque showing profile bust of old man

building with watch in right ha with beard and small cap. © 1 c. Jan. 2, 1914; G 45494.

Style 617 A; by Mortimer

Man with hat under arm tall ROSENTHAL (Louis) Baltimore. [315 lady sitting on bench in park,

Flirtation (A). Sculptured book Style 618 A: by Mortimer ends showing man seated in chair look- Man with cane on river bank ing over shoulder at woman sitting be- ing two ladies paddle canoe to hind him while a cupid whispers to © 1 c. each Jan. 17, 1914; G each. © 1 c, Jan, 7, 1914; G 45509. 45566.

no. 1, 1914


RUNGIUS (CARL) Brooklyn. [332, 333 SCRIBNER'S (CHARLES) Sons-Contd.

Alarmed. Bull and cow moose in Coffee room, Georges inn; by F. forest near small pool. © 1 c. Jan. 7, Hopkinson Smith. Interior of long 1914; G 45510.

room with large windows and three Good head. Large bull moose walk | compartments containing tables at ing into shallow stream in forest. © right and newspapers on long table 1 c. Jan. 7, 1914; G 45511.

at left; here Mr. Pickwick first met

Sam Weller. SALCEDO (SEVERO) & Buxxe (John)

Corner of Wellington and York New York.

(334 street off the Strand; by F. HopkinBunny (John). Statuette of fat son Smith. Street crossing with man seated in chair holding glass in rounded building at right where Dickone hand and cigar in the other. © ens edited All the year round. 1 c. Feb. 12, 1914; G 45925.

Covent Garden market; by F. HopSUHTELS (RALPH GUERSEY) East

kinson Smith. Several horses hooked

to wagons backed up to market stalls, Orange, N. J.


where Tom Pinch and his sister Ruth April fool. School girl holding small

bought vegetables. doll on which is paper hat marked with letter D. © 1 c. Jan. 12, 1914; G

Dickens' grave, Westminster Abbey. 45527.

Scene in Poets' corner showing long

slab in floor with inscription, Chas. SAUNDERS (CLIFTOX FREDERICK) Stam- Dickens. ford, Conn.

[336, 337

Foster's (John) house in Lincoln Cristobal, Colon. (Large star em- Inn Fields. Front entrance to stone bellished with figure of man standing building with balustrade on each side by balf-nude girl in center.] © 1 c. of doorway and two large windows at Jan, 2, 1914; G 45486.

left behind which Dickens in 1814 read Panama coat of arms and seal of The chimes to Foster, Maclise, CarCanal Zone. [Drawing of ship passing lyle, Jerrold, Fox, et al. through canal. on lettered disk at left, Fountain in Fountain court; by F. and eagle with scroll Aying over canal, Hopkinson Smith. Large round founat right.) © 1 c. Jan. 2, 1914; Gtain with building at right and small 45455.

trees at left, where Ruth Pinch met SAWYEB (EDMUND JOSEPH) Watertown,

her lover. N. Y.

(338, 339 Gadshill place; by F. Hopkinson Pair of Virginia rails. Two game

Smith. Front view of three-story birds in marshy haunt on bank of

house, with dormer-windows and coy. stream. © 1 c. Jan. 3, 1914; G 45496. ered in vines, where Dickens lived and Pair of wood ducks. Male and fe

died. male duck standing in edge of stream. George inn; by F. Hopkinson Smith. 1 c. Jan. 3, 1914; G 45497.

Two carriages in front of three-story

building with double balcony where SCENTSALL CO., Philadelphia. (340

the maid asked Sam Weller for No. Liberty Bell, Plaster cast model of 10's boots. disk with Liberty Bell in relief. © 1 c. Feb. 25, 1914; G 46066.

Georges and Vulture ta rern; by F.

Hopkinson Smith. Front entrance to SCEIBNER'S (CHARLES) soxs, New York.

stone building with lamp over doorway

[341-362 and arched window on each side, from Angel place leading to Bermondsey;

which Mr. Pickwick and party set out by F. Hopkinson Smith. Officer walk

on their journey by stage coach to

Rochester. ing past push-cart in narrow street which is part of site of Marshalsea Grewgious" (Mr.) office in Staple jail where Dicken's father was im- inn; by F. Hopkinson Smith. Office prisoned for debt.

room with two tables and chairs on Ball rooms of the Bull hotel; by left side and large window at end. F. Hopkinson Smith. Interior of large Lant street borough; by F. Hopkinroom, with small balcony over son Smith. Narrow street with team trance, fireplace at right and row of of horses coming out of stable at right chairs at left, where Jingle danced opposite house with round top door with Dr. Slammer's lady-love.

where Dickens went to school.



pt. iv, n. S.


London bridge; by F. Hopkinson Smith. View of city over wide bridge Red top; by Henry Hinterme full of pedestrians and carriages, over | Little boy in sailor suit climbing which Nancy crossed followed by Noah fence into wheat field. © 1 c. Jai Claypole.

1914; G 45526. No. 48 Doughty street, 1; by F. STEELE (JESSE GRANT) Minneapoli Hopkinson Smith. Large building having box-shaped one-story rear ex- Race for life. Three cowboys m tension, with large window, where ed following two grayhounds whic Dickens lived when writing last chap-chasing a rabbit. © 1 c. Jan. 5, ters of Pickwick papers.

G 45498. -2; by F. Hopkinson Smith. STEWART (LAWRENCE O.) Wild Front entrance to large building, with Ill. iron fence on each side of arched door

Westergard (Jess) [Statue of way, where Dickens boarded in 1837 and afterwards leased it and took his

in wrestling garb standing with wife there.

folded.] © 1 c. Jan. 31, 1914; G 4

TAFT (LORADO) Chicago. [36 St. John's church; by F. Hopkinson Smith. Church with four columns in Columbus. Statuette of mans front portico, steeple and clock above ing with bare head, and left entrance, standing at bend of street holding long mantle which down which Martha ran followed by loosely from shoulders. © 1 c. Peggotty and Copperfield.

13, 1914; G 45928.

Washington. Statuette of Wa St. Martins in the Fields; by F.

ton standing bare headed, with Hopkinson Smith. On left of street military coat hanging from sho near monument stands large church and both hands resting on swor having frostyle portico with double | 1 c. Feb. 13, 1914; G 45929. row of columns, on steps of which David found Peggotty in his search THOMAS (WALTER H.) Philadelp for Emily.

Stone cross laid horizontal; by Ship and shovel tavern opposite Million. [Sculptured cross deco Guys hospital; by F. Hopkinson Smith.

with bars and panels, and inscri Hospital building among trees in back- Natalie Taylor Thomas.] ©10 ground and three-story hotel beyond 4, 1914; G 45764. stone wall at left, one of Bob Sawyer's haunts.

TIFFANY STUDIOS, New York. Staircase of the Bull hotel at Roches- house with portico having

Mausoleum design. [Small ter; by F. Hopkinson Smith. Two

arches.] © 1 c. Jan. 9, 1914; G coats hanging under mantel on which is large bull's skull, at right of open TWARDOWSKA (ILSE VON) Rome. staircase up which Mr. Winkle stag- Brahms. [Sculptured bust o gered and Dr. Slammer challenged with full beard and mustache.] Jingle.

Feb. 20, 1914; G 46007. Thames between Southwark bridge TWELVETREES (C. H.) Brookly and London bridge; by F. Hopkinson

[3 Smith. View under iron bridge show- Four. [Small boy, in cap and ing arched stone bridge in distance pants, struck on nose by golf ba with several boats on river, where dropped stick and thrown ur Lizzie Hexam rowed her father's boat, hands.] Gaffer seated in the stern.

Knocking 1 out of go-f. [Le Vestry of St. George's church, file of small boy in patched to Southwark; by F. Hopkinson Smith. and large straw hat about to Interior of room with large window golf ball.] at left, long table in center and pew Our caddy. [Small boy in cushions in far corner where little sleeves and knee-pants standing Dorritt went to sleep. © 1 c. each hands in pockets and case o Jan. 21, 1914; G 45633-45654.

sticks over back.]

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