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DO. 1, 1914


moutb open.

Hodgsos (CASPAR W.)-Continued. HOWARD-SEVERANCE CO.—Continued. and three-quarter view of those on Triumphal entry; by F. Della Bruna. each side.] © 1 c. Jan. 27, 1914; G (Multitude of people, with garments 45710.

and palms spread in the road, praising

Jesus as he passes on an ass.) HOLST (EMMA A.) Santa Barbara, Cal. © 1 c. each Feb. 16, 1914; G 45938–

(137 45949. Barbara (Santa. [Statue of draped HUDSON (GRACE) Ukiah, Cal. Woman standing with branch in right

(152, 153 hand.] © 1 c. Feb. 13, 1914; G 45926.


Xa-ko-sa. [Right three

quarter view of Indian girl standing HORSHAN (E. I.) co., New York. with woven basket under arm and

[138, 139

dipper on shoulder.) © 1 c. Jan. 3, Drowsy Dick; by Helen F. Trow- 1914; G 45495. bridge. Plastic bust of child with eyes Ma-ka, the pilferer. [Small Indian closed. © 1 c. Jan. 16, 1914; G 45544. child standing with bird's nest in

Helen; by Helen F. Trowbridge. hands.) ©1 c. Feb. 11, 1914; G 45858. Plastic bust of child with eyes and

JACOBS (MICHEL) New York. (154 ©1 c. Jan. 16, 1914; G 15345.

Rich of all nations. Sculptured bust

of baby crying. © 1 c. Feb. 18, 1914; HOWARD-SEVERANCE CO., Chicago.

G 45954.
JEHLEN (A.) Paris.

[155-161 Barnabas introducing Paul to the disciples; by A, M. Willard. [One

Anges gardiens, dessin 1; de Edouard

Detaille. man in oriental garb introducing an

[Drawing of priest with other to group of men and women.]

handkerchief in left hand and right

holding to angel's wing.) Boy Jesus in the temple; by A. M. Willard. [Small boy standing, talking

2; de Edouard Detaille. [Army

officer seated at table, with right hand to group of old men seated.]

on bottle of wine, listening to angel Childhood of Timothy; by A. M. Wil

playing harp at his back.] lard. hand talking to small boy standing at ber side.)

man with cane seated, lighting his pipe

from lamp held by angel.) Conversion of Lydia ; by A. M. Wil. lard. (Group of women seated under

4; de Edouard Detaille. (Angel tree listening to man preaching.)

holding halo above head of old man

seated, with eyeglasses on nose and Easter morning; by A. M. Willard. (Jesus appearing to woman kneeling

pipe in mouth, reading newspaper.] on hillside.)

5; de Edouard Detaille. (Army

officer saluting angel with harp.) Jesus and John the Baptist; by F. Deila Bruna. (John standing, watch

6; de Edouard Detaille. [Two

angels carrying old soldier ing his two disciples bowing before

with Jesus.)

wooden leg.)

7; de Edouard Detaille. [Angel Jesus at the cross; by F. Della

kneeling by man lying on ground. ] Bruna. [Jesus bearing his cross on

© 1 c. each Feb. 3, 1914; G 45754Golgotha surrounded by soldiers and

45760. the multitude.] Joseph teaching Jesus to read; by

JORDAN (KATE) New York. (162, 163 F. Della Bruna. [Man seated with Happifat (The), 1. Statuette of roscroll in lap teaching small boy at his tund figure of little girl. © 1 c. Feb. knees.)

2, 1914; G 45732. Joseph telling his dream; by A. M.

2. Statuette of rotund figure of Wiliard. (Young man standing, talk

little boy. © 1 c. Feb. 7, 1914; G ing to group of older men.)

45838. Miracle at Cana; F. Della Bruna. KAESS (LOUIS) New York. (164 [Jesus standing at end of table where

N. Y. tercentenary celebration seal. men are pouring wine into urns.) [Medallion with lettered circle around

Paul at Athens; by F. Della Bruna. scene showing group of Indians on (Two men standing and two seated shore looking across harbor at New listening to man, with right hand York City.) © 1 c. Feb. 3, 1914; G raised, preaching.)


[Woman seated with roll in "*2*3; de Edouard Detaille. [Old


pt. IV, n. S., v. 9



Forrard away; by Cecil Aldin. Pack Treat (A); by Henry Hintermeister. of hounds in full gallop followed by Man and two women sitting at table huntsmen some of whom are leaping eating ice cream. © 1 c. Feb. 11, a fence. 1914; G 45860.

Meet at the Swan; by Cecil Aldin. KENDALL (SERGEANT), New Haven,

Gathering of huntsmen and hounds Conn,


outside of Swan inn, with small boy

in foreground carrying basket and : Cross-lights. Semi-nude child kneel

pulling dog. ing on table before long mirror. © 1 c. Jan. 28, 1914; G 45721.

Nearing the end; by Cecil Aldin.

Huntsmen following pack of hounds KNIGHT (CHAS. K.), New York. [167

on scent of fox which is running under Polar bear book end. Bear sitting

cover of hedge. © 1 c each Feb. 3, on ice with fore-foot raised. © 1 c.

1914; G 45736-45741. Dec. 13, 1913; G 46005.

LEE (ALFRED), San Francisco. (180 Knox (SUSAN RICKER), New York.

Panama-Pacific international expo

(168 sition. Bas-relief panel showing Young mother. Right profile of

bird's-eye view. © 1 c. Jan. 14, 1914;

G 45529. young woman seated holding baby in reclining position on her knees. © 1 c.

LEE (GEORGE M.) Boston.

(181 Feb. 21, 1914; G 46014.

Bull-dog. Side view of bull-dog sitKOPTA (EMRY), Polacca, Ariz.

ting on cushion labeled with letter Y.

(169, 170 ©1 c. Feb. 24, 1914; G 46018. Hopi Indian. Terra cotta bust. ©

LESSER (ELIZABETH) New York. (182 1 c. Feb. 9, 1914; G 45810.

1914 girl. [Sculptured design of Hopi squaw. Terra cotta bust. ©

girl in up-to-date costume standing.) 1 c. Feb. 9, 1914; G 45841.

©1 c. Feb. 7, 1914; G 45837. LANDRUM (MABEL RIVERS), Chicago.

LIBBY (HORATIO AYERS JOSEPH), Mel. (171 rose, Mass.

[183 Book end. Statuette of child seated

Cross (The) [Spear and reed with in open book holding up leaves with left hand. © 1 c. Feb. 24, 1914; G

sponge on cross which is lying by hole

in ground. ] © 1 c. Jan. 26, 1914; 46015.

G 45708. LAPORTE (G.), Paris.


LUNN (MORRIS A.) Rosebank. (184 Disciples d'Emmaus. [Jesus stand

Our beverages, tea, coffee and cocoa. ing before two men seated at table.)

[Drawing of pods, berries and leaves © 1 c. Feb. 3, 1914; G 45753.

of tea, coffee and cocoa.) © 1 c. Jan. LAUBER (JOSEPH), Baltimore. [173

13. 1914; G 45620. Faith. Stained glass window design MACBETH GALLERIES, New York. [185 showing draped woman with lamp in

Yellow room; by Frederick C. hand, walking on rock bound shore.

Frieseka. [Front view of woman in © 1 c. Jan. 28, 1914; G 45720.

evening wrap standing by dressing LAWRENCE & JELLICO., LTD., London.

table in small room.] © 1 c. Jan. 27, [174-179

1914; G 45709. Brook (The) ; by Cecil Aldin. MCCLYMONT (JOHN INGLIS), Colorado Huntsmen urging their horses towards Springs, Col.

(186 brook into which one huntsman and Mother's helper. Scotch interior horse have fallen.

showing young girl rocking baby in Dinner at the hall; by Cecil Aldin.

cradle near open fireplace while dog Huntsmen seated at table drinking

watches. © 1 c. Jan. 6, 1914; G 45507. toast in banquet hall, while servant

MANACEA WATER CO., New York. (187 standing by ice tub sniffs at bottle of wine.

Try one more good dinner; by A. R.

Momand. Man sitting at table filled Find in the gorse; by Cecil Aldin. with edibles and bottle while waiter Huntsmen riding down slope of hill approaches with extra dishes. © 1 c. partly covered with shrubbery.

Feb. 4, 1914; G 45761.

DO. 1, 1914


MANSHIP (PAUL) New York. (188-192 MOHLTÉ (J. A.) Brooklyn. (201

Centaur and dryad. Sculptured Trophy of the chase. Three old men group of centaur embracing a dryad. seated at table in garden looking to.

Lyric muse. Statue of nude girl | ward two young men approaching, kneeling with lyre in left hand, sing

with foxes tail in hand, followed by

hounds. © 1 c. Jan. 2, 1914; G 45194. Portrait of a baby. Sculptured bust

MORAHAN (EUGENE H.) Brooklyn. of baby on pedestal in shallow niche.

[202 Vase-Scheberezade. Vase decorated

Elk (The). Statue of elk standing with figure of oriental woman dancing. with head raised and turned slightly

Yawning. (Statue of nude woman to left. © 1 c. Jan. 6, 1914; G 45502. seated on rock with right hand behind bead and mouth open.]

MORI (PLACIDO) New York. (203 © 1 c. each Feb. 21, 1914; G 46009 Cutie. (Grotesque statuette of man 46013.

wearing bathing suit, tie and collar,

standing with hands clasped.) © 1 c. JAYEB (L. C.) Astoria, N. Y. (193 Jan. 14, 1914; G 45533.

Man reading; by Giglio. Man seated with open scroll on his knees.

MURRAY (HENRY) co., Boston. [204 1 c. Jan. 10, 1914; G 45523.

Memorial seats cut in Westerly, R. I.,

granite; by Helen R. Martin. (Two MAZZOLINI STATUARY CO., Cleveland.

large stone seats, one on each side of

[194 short column surmounted by bust of Electric light fixture; by Andy Oji- woman.] © 1 c. Jan. 12, 1914; G dos. Round plate decorated with 45624. leaves. © 1 c. Jan. 28, 1914; G 45719.


[205 Spring time; by Paul Hey. Two United States relief map. emblem; groups of children playing under trees by Bela L. Pratt. Relief map of on right of stream which flows past United States with eagle standing at country home in background. © 1 c. each end stretching wings above top Jan. 9, 1914; G 45518.

thereof. © 1 c. Jan. 22, 1914; G 45707. Summer time; by Paul Hey. Wo. man with baby in arms, accompanied

NEWONEER (LOUIS) Detroit. [206 by group of children, walking through

Modern stork. [Drawing of child meadow in front of house on hill. © with nursing bottle sitting in toy au1 c. Jan. 9, 1914; G 45519.

tomobile.) © 1 c. Feb. 4, 1914; G


(197, 198


Milwaukee. Roosevelt (Theodore); by Juno

[207 Jusko. Portrait medallion study of Water nymphs; by Gustav Kaber. head of Roosevelt upon conventional Two mermaids on rock in sea holding background. © 1 c. Feb. 10, 1914; G aloft a festooned bottle. © 1 c. Feb. 45551.

7, 1914; G 45839. Wilhelm II; by Juno Jusko. Por

OSBORNE CO., Newark, N. J. [208, 209 trait medallion study of head of emperor Wilhelm II upon conventional Beatrice; by A. Asti. Left profile background. © 1 c. Feb. 10, 1914; G bust portrait of young girl with robe 45852.

a round shoulders and hair flowing

loose. © 1 c. Feb. 7, 1914; G 45850. MILAI (AMOHAMED) Pittsburgh. (199 Baptism of Christ. (John baptizing

Sisters (The); by N. v. d. Waay. Jesus in river Jordan while the multi

Little Dutch girl watching older sister, tude on each bank look on.) © 1 c.

with tray in hands, coming through Feb. 2, 1914; G 45735.

doorway. © 1 c. Jan. 5, 1914; G 45524. MINNEAPOLIS GENERAL ELECTRIC


OSTOBLE (CAMILLE) New York. [210 Minneapolis.

[200 Suffragette's medal. [Medallion Ornamental lamp post; by Edmond with relief bust of Emmeline PankJ. Le Blond. Fluted cylinder and post, hurst on obverse, and on reverse a with conical base, surmounted by globe. scene of women feeding her in prison.) © 1 c. Feb. 19, 1914; G 46006.

© 1 c. Feb. 10, 1914; G 45933.

9 40093–14 -2


pt. iv, 1.


PANAMA PACIFIC INTERNATIONAI co., San Francisco. [211-278 Co.-Continued. Abundance; by Charles R. Harley.

2; by John Bateman. [C [Statue of nude woman seated in in form of sculptured male figure chariot with cornucopia and various basket of fruit on head.] ©10 fruits on each side.) © 1 c. Feb. 25, 25, 1914; G 46071. 1914; G 46067.

Cortez (Hermando); by O Air, A; by Frank Brangwyn. [Man

Niehaus. [Sculptured group of 1 with basket on head, followed by man,

armor, with banner in hand,

horse.] © 1 c. Feb. 25, 1914; G 4 woman and children, passing old Dutch windmill.] © 1 c. Jan. 21,

Earth, A; by Frank Bran 1914; G 45660.

[Man giving water to workmen

near two men dancing while B; by Frank Brangwyn. [One are carrying baskets.] © 1 c. J man peering around tree in forest

1914; G 45666. while two others with bows and arrows are about to shoot.] © 1 c. Jan.

- B; by Frank Brangwyn. 21, 1914; G 45661.

and women in orchard gathering

in basket.] © 1 c. Jan. 21, 19 Air, one of the elements; by Robt. 45667. I. Aitken. [Statue of nude female

Earth, one of the four elemen figure partly reclining on left elbow Robt. I. Aitken. (Statue of nu with right hand to ear listening to two

seated on ground with head ir doves flying by.] © 1 c. Jan. 21, forward resting against left arn 1914; G 45684.

1 c. Jan, 21, 1914; G 45686. American pioneer ; by Solon H. Bor- Figure for attic, Fine arts by glum. [Equestrian statue of man, with 1; by Elric H. Ellerhusen. [ gun and ax in hand, riding horse.] of woman draped in gauze, with © 1 c. Feb. 25, 1914; G 46089.

raised, standing in cylindrical Arch light standard, 1; by J. W.

© 1 c. Feb. 4, 1914; G 45770. Gosling. [Flower decorated stem sur

2; by Elric H. Eller mounted by bowl embellished with gar

[Statue of man, with clinche lands of flowers. ] © 1 c. Feb. 25,

pressed against his breast, stan, 1914; G 46088.

cylindrical niche.] © 1 c. I

1914; G 45771. 2; by J. W. Gosling. (Standard with small stem surmounted by five

Figure for front of pylons, F lamps arranged in triangle.] © 1 c.

hall; by Sherry E. Fry. [Sta Feb. 25, 1914; G 46087.

draped girl standing with garl

flowers and leaves across bad 3; by J. W. Gosling. (Octago- 1 c. Feb. 4, 1914; G 45772. nal stem with bowl shaped top sur- Figures on frieze columns mounted by large ball.] © 1 c. Feb. trance to Machinery hall, A; b 25, 1914; G46056.

Patigian. [Back view of nud 4; by J. W. Gosling. [Lamp with pair of tongs in left har post with ornate base, surmounted by

right arm raised above head.] nine lights arranged in shape of tri

Jan. 21, 1914; G 45656. angle.] © 1 c. Feb. 25, 1914; G 46068. B; by Haig Patigian. California building, sketch; by T. H.

nude man standing with both F. Burditt.

raised holding circular plat [Front view of large

head.] © 1 c. Jan. 21, 1914; G building with three arched entrances and large double central tower.] ©

C; by Haig Patigian. 1 c. Feb. 4, 1914; G 45765.

view of half nude man standing

ing large chain in each hand.] Canadian palace; by Charles Free | Jan. 21, 1914; G 45658. [Large oblong building with

D; by Haig Patigian. colonade on front and sides, and porti

view of nude man standing with cos at entrances.] © 1 c. Feb. 25,

hammer in left hand and rig 1914; G 46069.

above head.] © 1 c. Jan. 21 Caryatides for Horticultural build-G 45659. ing, 1; by John Bateman. [Column


A; by Frank Bra in form of sculptured female figure [Group of men and women ! carrying basket of fruit on head.] © fire in forest.] © Jan, 21, 1 1 c. Feb. 25, 1914; G 46070.



no. 1, 1914



CO.--Continued. ---B;

by Frank Brangwyn. -4; by Isidore Konti. [Profile of [Workmen firing a furnace.) © 1 c. two groups of women and two buglers Jan. 21, 1914: G 45669.

facing each other, in bas-relief.] © Fountain of Ceres, Court of the four

1 c. Feb. 25, 1914; G 46076. seasons; by Evelyn Beatrice Longman.

Full size detail frieze for Pavilion [Statue of draped woman, with stalk

court of the sun and stars; by H. A. of grain in left hand and wreath in right, standing on ball supported by dancing, with nude woman standing at

MacNeil. (Woman in Greek costume large round base embellished with fig

her right and old man at left holding dres of women carrying fruit, in bas

an owl on each hand, in bas-relief.) relief.] © 1 c. Feb. 4, 1914; G 45767.

© 1 c. Jan. 21, 1914; G 45687. Four golds of California, citrus fruit; by Robert Read. (Nude woman,

Harvest; by August Jaegers. [Sculpwith branch in right hand, partly en

tured group showing half nude woman veloped in swirl of clouds above

seated, with boy seated at her left child.] © 1 c. Dec. 16, 1913; G 45273. holding bunch of fruit on shoulder,

and cornucopia at her right.] © 1 c. golden metal; by Robert Reid. Jan. 21, 1914; G 45683. Nude woman with flower in left hand and metal bar in right, floating Honduras building; by Philip in swirl of clouds above child.) © 1 c. Schwendt. [Front view of building Dec. 16, 1913; G 45295.

with three large arches at entrance.)

© 1 c. Jan. 21, 1914; G 45675. - poppies; by Robert Reid. [Nude woman, with branch in left hand and Humanities (The); by Arthur F. fruit in right, floating in swirl of Mathews. [Draped woman holding clouds.) ©1 c. Dec. 16, 1913; G 45294. arms outstretched standing, with man wheat; by Robert Reid. (Nude

on horse at right and man, two women woman in swirl of clouds, with lighted

and child at left.) © 1 c. Jan. 21, candle in left hand, floating above

1914; G 45678. small child.) © 1 c. Dec. 16, 1913;

Idaho State building, Panama PaG45285.

cific international exposition; by E. H. French Canadian; by Leo Lentelli. [Sculptured group of man, with gun

Dewey, R. C. Beach & F. R. Reed. il: right hand and left hand in pocket,

(Long two-story building with enriding horse. © 1 c. Feb. 25, 1914;

trance near each end.) © 1 c. Jan. 21,

1914; G45673. G 40072. Frieze for Pavilions court of sun

Illuminating figure typifying star; and stars; by H. A. MacNeil. (Sketch

by A. Sterling Calder. [Statue of model of half-frieze showing row of

girl draped in gauze standing on globe vartly nude dancing girls and old man

with hands clasped above her starwith two owls.) © 1 c. Jan. 21, 1914;

shaped cap.) © 1 c. Jan. 21, 1914; G 45655.

G 45685. Frieze for pedestal of Column of Main entrance, Palace of machinery ; progress, 1; by Isidore Konti. [Bas- by R. B. Maybeck. (Large building relief panel showing young man kneel. with three large arches having pillar ing before draped woman at left, man surmounted by statue on either side of rolling large ball, in center, and three each arch, and shrubbery in front.) men standing at right.) © 1 c. Feb. © 1 c. Jan. 21, 1914; G 45677. 25, 1914; G 46073. -2; by Isidore Konti.

Miner (The); by Albert Weinert. (Man,

[Statue of man standing with tongs with bundle on shoulder, followed by

over left shoulder and hanımer in right old man, youth, woman and two workmen, in bas-relief.] © 1 c. Feb. 25,

hand.] © 1 c. Feb. 4, 1914; G 45768. 1914; G 46074.

Mullgardt's tower and cascade; by -3; by Isidore Konti. [Man, D. H. Hilliker. [High tower in center woman and girl at right, and two of building with roof-garden on each workmen at left of young man stand- side and a small pool in front into ing with hands raised and eagle which water flows in two streamg perched on his shoulder, in bas-relief.] from building.) © 1 c. Jan. 21, 1914; © 1c. Feb. 25, 1914; G 46075.

G 45672.

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