The New York Supplement

West Publishing Company, 1916
"Cases argued and determined in the Court of Appeals, Supreme and lower courts of record of New York State, with key number annotations." (varies)

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568 페이지 - ... This company shall not be liable under this policy for a greater proportion of any loss on the described property, or for loss by and expense of removal from premises endangered by fire, than the amount hereby insured shall bear to the whole insurance, whether valid or not, or by solvent or insolvent insurers, covering such property, and the extent of the application of the insurance under this policy or of the contribution to be made by this company in case of loss, may be provided for by agreement...
500 페이지 - County Courts shall have the powers and jurisdiction they now possess, and also original jurisdiction in actions for the recovery of money only, where the defendants reside in the county, and in which the complaint demands judgment for a sum not exceeding two thousand dollars.
513 페이지 - Thus we have the four unities: unity of interest, unity of title, unity of time, and unity of possession.
776 페이지 - There must be more than the mere fact of the possible existence of some small amount of unhealthiness to warrant legislative interference with liberty.
773 페이지 - ... inconvenience as possible, the general good. Though, in many respects, necessarily special in their character, they do not furnish just ground of complaint if they operate alike upon all persons and property under the same circumstances and conditions.
771 페이지 - No member of this State shall be disfranchised, or deprived of any of the rights or privileges secured to any citizen thereof, unless by the law of the land, or the judgment of his peers.
364 페이지 - An enumeration of the inhabitants of the State shall be taken under the direction of the Secretary of State...
87 페이지 - ... upon the premises or at the plant, or in the course of his employment away from the plant of his employer ; and shall not include farm laborers or domestic servants. 5. "Employment" includes employment only in a trade, business or occupation carried on by the employer for pecuniary gain.
548 페이지 - And every company whose railroad is or shall be hereafter intersected by any new railroad, shall unite with the owners of such new railroad in forming such intersections and connections, and grant the facilities aforesaid ; and if the two corporations cannot agree upon the amount of compensation to be made therefor, or the points and manner of such crossings and connections, the same shall be ascertained and determined by commissioners, to be appointed by the court as is provided in this act in respect...
755 페이지 - To divide, withdraw, or in any manner pay to the stockholders, or any of them, any part of the capital stock of the corporation ; or to reduce such capital stock without the consent of the legislature ; or 3.

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