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are prepared to show the functional requirements for the areas of investigation.


(5) social impacts the distribution of benefits and disbenefits by social group. including the fraction of travelers in high, medium-, and low-income groups: the proportion of business and nonbusiness travelers: the fraction of those exposed to excessive noise by race and income group.


N74-34349# Societe Nationale Industrielle Aerospatiale. Cannes (France) LOUVRES FOR SATELLITE THERMAL CONTROL P. Croiset and L. Leroy Paris ESRO Dec. 1973 110 prefs In FRENCH; ENGLISH summary (Contract ESTEC-1190/70) (ESRO-CR-208) Avail: NTIS HC $8.50

Design, development, and qualification testing of a louver array for active satellite thermal control was carried out. Performance predictions for the array were established by means of computer programs and then verified experimentally on a mockup and on a prototype. The system behavior in the launching environment was verified by mechanical and acoustic tests.

Author (ESRO)

N74-34428# Committee on Finance (U. S. Senate).
Washington GPO 1973 583 p rets Hearings before the
Subcornm. on Energy of Comm. on Finance, 93d Congr., 1st
Sess., 27, 28 and 29 Nov. 1973
(GPO-25-047) Avail: SOD HC $4.05

The formation of a financial base for a total energy policy whose scope includes both measures for reducing present energy consumption habits, and research support for the development of new sources of energy in order to relieve the U. S. of its almost complete dependence on fossil fuel. was the subject of a series of hearings before Congress. Both public and private sector measures are discussed, including the establishment of a national energy trust fund supported by a tax on energy consumption, the creation of incentives for the production of energy by private industry, and a variable import levy on foreign energy to protect and encourage domestic investment in energy technology.


N74-34420# Commerce Dept., Washington, D.C.
14 Mar. 1974 94 p
Avail: SOD HC $1.30

The finances and activities of the Department of Commerce are outlined. Reported are managerial details, economic and scientific developments for industry and business, and ocean shipping data.


N74-34423# Committee on the Judiciary (U. S.. Senate). COMPETITION IN THE ENERGY INDUSTRY Washington GPO 1974 408 p refs Hearings before Subcomm. on Antitrust and Monopoly of the Comm, on the Judiciary (Pursuant to S. Res. 56, Section 4, Gasoline and Fuel Oil), 93d Congr., 1st Sess., 8, 11 and 12 Jun, 11 and 27 Jul. 1973 (GPO-24-334) Avail: SOD HC $3.00

A Congressional investigation was conducted to determine the situation within the petroleum industry and the competition which exists between various segments of the gasoline and fuel oil production facilities. Testimony was submitted by selected representatives of the industries involved to show the manner of operation and the impact of the oil crisis. Examples of legislation to control and promote improvements in the gasoline and fuel oil industries are provided. Projections concerning increasing energy requirements and possible areas of shortage are analyzed.


N74-34429# Committee on Finance (U. S. Senate). FISCAL POLICY AND THE ENERGY CRISIS, PART 2. APPENDIXES TO PART 1 Washington GPO 1973 338 p rets Hearings before Subcomm. on Energy of Comm. on Finance, 93d Congr., 1st Sess., 27, 28 and 29 Nov. 1973 (GPO-25-047) Avail: SOD HC $2.40

Planning criteria relative to a national research, development, testing, and evaluation program directed to the enhanced recovery of crude oil and natural gas was submitted during discussions before Congress of fiscal policy and the energy crisis. A definition of the energy problem is provided which considers the implications of the crisis on the national economy and balance of payments, fiscal incentives on the supply side and fiscal disincentives on the demand side, as well as U. S. trade policy concerning importation and exportation of energy resources. Federal energy research and development funding is also outlined. A.A.D.

N74-34430# Committee on Finance (U. S. Senate). FISCAL POLICY AND THE ENERGY CRISIS, PART 3 Washington GPO 1974 440 p rets Hearings on S. 2806 before Subcomm. on Energy of Comm. on Finance, 93d Congr.. 1st and 2d Sess., 27, 28 and 29 Nov 1973; 23, 24, 25, 28 and 29 Jan. 1974 (GPO-28-243) Avail: SOD HC $3.15

The removal of price controls over the energy sector and the regulation of natural gas prices, as well as tax measures aimed at increasing energy supplies, decreasing residential energy consumption, and discouraging excess profits was the focus of a Congressional hearing whose pur ose was to discuss fiscal policy in relation to the crisis. Energy reserves and the production of energy on nonpublic lands are discussed, along with proposed administration of a trust fund to support energy research and development.


N74-34427# RAND Corp., Santa Monica, Calif. THE STAR METHODOLOGY FOR SHORT-HAUL TRANSPORTATION: TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM IMPACT ASSESS. MENT L. G. Chesler and B. F. Goeller Dec. 1973 77 p rets (Contract DOT-TSI-363) (R-1359-DOT) Avail: NTIS HC $7.00

This is a summary of a series of nine reports documenting one STAR methodology developed for performing R and D policy analysis studies of short-haul (50 to 500 miles) passenger transportation systems. The methodology, which allows comparison of air and ground modes, was developed to help analyzed the following range of impacts for alternative transportation systems. (1) service impacts door-to-door time and cost. passenger volumes, passengers diverted from existing facilities, (2) financial impacts system investments, operator profit and taxes, operating costs, annual subsidy required. (3) economic impacts changes in regional income and employment as a result of system construction. (4) community impacts - the amount of land taken, the number of households displaced, the number of households exposed to excessive noise, the amount of energy consumed, the changes in the amount of air pollution emissions.

N74-34431# Committee on Finance (U. S. Senate). FISCAL POLICY AND THE ENERGY CRISIS, PART 4 Washington GPO 1974 547 p refs Hearings on S. 2806 before Subcomm. on Energy of Comm. on Finance, 93d Congr.. 1st and 20 Sess., 27, 28 and 29 Nov. 1973; 23, 24, 25, 28 and 29 Jan. 1974 (GPO-28-243) Avail: SOD HC $4.45

Safety procedures are described which pertain to the use of nuclear materials for energy production, and information is presented regarding the development of coal gasification projects by the U. S. gas industry, for the purpose of informing Congress of ongoing energy research and development efforts to be considered in the formation of a total national energy policy based on fiscal responsibility. U. S. policy towards the Organization

of Petroleum Exporting Countries cartel is reviewed, and both commercial and natural resources are considered in an effort to evaluate the chances for American energy-sufficiency before 1985. Data which illustrate oil company profitability are provided, and the impact of solar energy applications on the economics of energy supply and demand is discussed. The range of fiscal proposals aimed at the alleviation of the energy crisis are assessed both by commercial and governmental interests. A.A.D.

M. Zaki El-Sabban May 1974 22 p rets
(AD-781947: AMSAV-D-74-14; USAAVSCOM-TR-74-23) Avail:

The report presents a methodology that would guide a Product/Project Manager in making an informed selection from among several single prototype aircraft, based upon cost and effectiveness considerations. Measures of effectiveness are defined and a cost-effectiveness index (effectiveness per dollar) is determined and recommended as a basis for selection. A numerical example is presented, demonstrating the application of this model.

Author (GRA)

N74-34436 Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey. Calif.
Landon G. Cox, Jr. Jun. 1974 40 p rets
(AD-781865) Avail: NTIS CSCL 05/1

Although the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation emerged from World War II with a reputation as one of the leading U. S. manufacturers of military and civilian aircraft, by 1971 Lockheed had amassed debts of over $700 million and claimed it would be forced into bankruptcy unless federal loan guarantees were granted to its creditors. The report consists of three independent case studies intended for use in the management curriculum in courses on general management but have other financial overtones. (Modified author abstract)


N74-34616# Office of the Assistant for Study Support, Kirtland AFB, N. Mex. MODELS AND METHODOLOGY FOR LIFE CYCLE COST AND TEST AND EVALUATION ANALYSIS Final Report Richard H. Anderson, Thomas E. Dixon, Robert F. Couch, Jr., and William H. Newhart, Jr. Jul. 1973 160 p refs (AD-782182; OAS-TR-73-6) Avail: NTIS CSCL 01/3

This report documents various models and methodology which were developed during the course of some analytical studies on life cycle cost and test and evaluation. These studies were conducted by the Office of the Assistant for Study Support (OAS) at the request of DCS/Development Plans, Headquarters AFSC. The objectives of the study were to: Investigate the present methods of subsystem reliability specification and identify limitations associated with these methods, investigate new and innovative techniques for subsystem reliability management and identity benefits to be derived in terms of higher performance/ lower costs; and, develop models and methodology applicable to life cycle cost and test and evaluation analyses. (Modified author abstract)


N74-34439 Abcor, Inc., Cambridge, Mass. Walden Research
Report, Feb. 1973 · Mar. 1974
Josette C. Goldish, Franklin D. Trowt, John R. Ehrenfeld, Khee
M. Chng, and Richard Stockdale Mar. 1974 139 p refs
(Contract EPA-68-02-1067)
(PB-232209/7: EPA-450/3-74-021) Avail: NTIS HC $10.00

Methods were developed for the routine determination of distillate and residual oil consumption by industrial, commercial. and residential consumers, as well as for gasoline and diesel fuel consumed by light and heavy duty motor vehicles. The resulting data are allocated to counties for input and storage in the National Emissions Data System (NEDS) area source format. In addition, seasonal fluctuations of fuel oil use by consumer category and geographic region, and references for determining sulfur content of fuel oils on a county basis, were analyzed. The report summarizes the methodologies that were developed and describes the computer processing techniques for reporting the data.


N74-34619# Bell Helicopter Co., Fort Worth. Tex. R/M DATA ANALYSIS OF THE UH-1/AH-1 TAIL ROTOR SYSTEM Final Roport George E. Knudsen and Patricia V. Carr Apr. 1974 384 0 (Contract DAAJO2-72-C-0028; DA Proj. 1F1-62205-A-11) (AD-782858: USAAMRDL-TR-74-11) Avail: NTIS CSCL 01/3

The report provides reliability, maintainability, and cost analysis of historical data reported on the UH-1/AH-1 tail rotor subsystems. The objectives of this analysis are to develop benchmark maintenance and logistic support data for the design of future helicopter anti-torque systems and to put into better perspective the cost of tail-rotor-system-associated mishaps. (Modified author abstract)


N74-34440# Harvard Univ., Cambridge, Mass. TASSIM: A TRANSPORTATION AND AIR SHED SIMULA. TION MODEL VOLUME 1: CASE STUDY OF THE BOSTON REGION Final Report, 1 Apr. 1973 - 31 May 1974 Gregory K. Ingram and Gary R. Fauth May 1974 107 p refs (Contract DOT-OS-30099) (PB-232933/2; DOT-OS-30099-5) Avail: NTIS HC $4.50 CSCL 13B

The TASSIM model integrates an urban transportation planning model, vehicle emission factors and simple air diffusion models in a simulation framework that can be used to analyze the air quality effects of transportation policies. The model is spatially disaggregated, and it is compatible with data sources available in many metropolitan areas. This volume briefly describes the structure of the model and then analyzes several model applications that simulate for Boston the air quality effects of transportation control land use, and stationary source policies. The transportation control policies are evaluated in a cost effectiveness framework. The final sections consider possible extensions of the model and outline the model's computational aspects.


N74-34626# Army Aviation Systems Command, St. Louis, Mo. MAJOR ITEM SPECIAL STUDY (MISS), OH-6A TAIL ROTOR TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY Interim Roport, 1 Jan. 1964 · 1 Jul. 1973 Jul. 1974 22 p rets (AD-782926: USAAVSCOM-TR-74-34) Avail: NTIS CSCL 01/3

The report is designed to illustrate cost savings which would result from specific efforts in the areas of product improvement in quality and design. For the purpose of this study the cost savings produced in the area of product improvement are based on total elimination of a certain failure mode or modes. Appropriate modes are chosen because of their proportion of the total removals or their proportion in combination with other similar modes. These eliminated removals are then assumed to follow the distribution of the remaining removal modes. The actual cost savings are determined from the increase in the mean time to removal based on the new removal distributions. The data used and methods involved are described.


N74-34443# Army Aviation Systems Command, St. Louis, Mo.
Systems Analysis Office.

N74-34673*# National Aeronautics and Space Administration. John F Kennedy Space Center, Cocoa Beach, Fla. KSC MAINTENANCE CAPABILITY (LABORATORIES AND SHOPS) 5 Sep. 1974 105 p (NASA-TM-X-70380: KSC-GP-1037) Avail: NTIS HC $8.25 CSCL 14B

A summary of laboratory and shop facilities at Kennedy Space Center that are available to provide a baseline to the offline maintenance requirements for the space shuttle program is provided


N74-34543# Committee on Science and Astronautics (U. S.
Washington GPO Nov. 1973 71 p refs Rept. Prepared for
Subcomm. on Energy of Comm. on Sci. and Astronaut., 93d
Congr., 1 st Sess., 30 Nov. 1973 Prepared by the Library of
Congr., Sci Policy Res. Div.
(GPO-25-572) Avail: Subcomm on Energy

Current economic analyses indicate that the processing of oil shale is within or near the range of economic feasibility. Environmental acceptability remains to be tested on a large-scale basis Advances in environmental control technologies, for example, revegetation and chemical processing of effluents, are said to reduce some of the harmful environmental impacts resulting from development of this resource. This paper discusses proposed legislation concerned with the development of oil shale which would establish a cooperative Government industry corporation to construct models of an oil shale processing plant to demonstrate the economic feasibility and environmental acceptability of different technological methods, and, if deemed feasible, construct a commercial sized plant.


N74-34680# Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and
Development, Paris (France),
Aug. 1974 46 p rets
(AGARD-AR-70) Avail: NTIS HC $5.50

The Second Report of the Large Windtunnels Working Group of the AGARD Fluid Dynamics Panel is presented. The group confined its further considerations to the need for and definitions of a large transonic windtunnel in Europe. The engineering studies on the proposed four options for the tunnel drive system are reviewed: engineering of all four appears to be feasible but at higher cost than anticipated. The Group still cannot recommend a preferred option technical grounds, but recommends that following further work a selection should be made before the end of 1975 The program of further work necessary to provide the information needed for selection of a preferred option is defined, together with recommendations on how it should be shared between National Programs and on indepedent Technical Project Group. with coordination as required by the MiniLaWs Group of the Fluid Dynamics Panel. It is concluded that the reasons given on the need for a large European transonic windtunnel still apply, and no change is required in the standard specification of the windtunnel.


N74-34544# Committee on Public Works (U, S. Senate). THE FUEL SHORTAGE AND THE CLEAN AIR ACT Washington GPO 1973 113 p Hearing on S. 2680 before Subcomm. on Air and Water Pollution of Comm. on Public Works, 93d Congr., 1st Sess., 12 Nov. 1973 (GPO-25-885) Avail: Subcomm. on Air and Water Pollution

Variances from clean air requirements are requested to deal with the fuel shortage for a limited duration. Changes in the clean air act implementation plans are intended to give affected utilities and industries the necessary time to install available stack gas emission controls.


N74-34652# Army Aviation Systems Command, St. Louis, Mo. MAJOR ITEM SPECIAL STUDY (MISS), CH-47A AUXILIARY POWER UNIT (T62-T-2A) Interim Roport, 1 Jan. 1984 1 Jan. 1973 Jul, 1974 20 p refs (AD-782927. USAAVSCOM-TR-74-35) Avail: NTIS CSCL 01/3

Major Item Special Study (MISS) reports are performed on DA Form 2410 reportable components. These are time change items and certain condition change items selected because of high cost or need for intensive management, Basically, the MISS reports are concerned with analyzing reported removal data presented in the Major Item Removal Frequency (MIRF) report. The failure modes reported for each removal are examined and grouped into categories which are intended to clarify the intent of the data reporting from this data, removal distribution can be plotted and an MTR (mean time to removal) can be calculated The MISS reports then investigate possible cost savings based on total elimination of selected failure modes. These modes are chosen because of the percentage of failure modes These modes are chosen because of the percentage of failures they represent and/or because they appear to be feasible Product Improvement Program (PIP) areas. Author (GRA)

N74-34685# Pereira (William L) Associates. Corona del Mar. Calif DULLES URBAN CENTER CONCEPTS Ronald D Allum, Gregory D. Billingham, Frank Dimster. Chuck Grein, and Larry J Hurlbut 1 Aug 1973 132 p refs (Contract DOT.FA72WA-2279) (AD-777991) Avail NTIS CSCL 13/2

The report presents a multidisciplinary study to determine the feasibility of developing a unique urban center to be located in the vicinity of the Dulles International Airport property. utilizing transportation, urbanization and aviation concepts developed in the planning concepts study. The investigation includes alternative programs, locations and land uses, vehicular circulation and parking concepts, pedestrian circulation, economic objectives and analyses, building types. massing. volume. site studies, methods of financing. operation, ownership and the role of government agencies, as well as the private sector. GRA

N74-34630# National Bureau of Standards, Washington, D.C.
Systems and Software Div
Selden L. Stewart, ed Nov. 1974 18 p
(NBS Proj. 6401129)
(NBS-TN-832; LC-74-600091) Avail SOD HC $0.70 as
C13.46 832

The need, coverage, and audience for a proposed software engineering handbook are discussed.


N74-34734*# Imperial Government of Iran. Tehran. AN EVALUATION OF THE UTILITY OF ERTS-1 DATA FOR MAPPING AND DEVELOPING NATURAL RESOURCES OF IRAN Final Report K Ebtehad). Principal Investigator Jul 1974 211 p refs Sponsored by NASA Onginal contains color imagery. Original photography may be purchased from the EROS Data Center, 10th and Dakota Avenue. Sioux Falls, S. D. 57198 ERTS (E74.10758: NASA-CR-139998) Avail: NTIS HC $13.75 CSCL 08B

The author has identified the following significant results Results are reported in structural mapping leading to tectonic interpretation in surficial deposits mapping: in analysis of salt diapınsm in southwest Iran, in updating and correcting existing hydrological maps; in monitoring fluctuations of water in some intermittent lakes, in the delineation of wetland areas and the study of fluvial suspended load of the head of the Persian Gulf in relation to the fishing industry. in exercises in soil mapping: in range and agricultural surveys and inventory using multistage sampling methods, and in the computer analysis of ERTS- 1 digital tapes for urban land use the completion of a 1:1,000,000 false color photomosaic of Iran is also discussed.

(Contract NAS8-28989) (NASA-CR-120148: FR-6011-Vol-3-Pt-2) Avail: NTIS HC $9.25 CSCL 21H

Transportation requirements are considered during the engine design layout reviews and maintenance engineering analyses. Where designs cannot be influenced to avoid transportation problems, the transportation representative is advised of the problems permitting remedies early in the program. The transportation representative will monitor and be involved in the shipment of development engine and GSE hardware between FRDC and vehicle manufacturing plant and thereby will be provided an early evaluation of the transportation plans, methods and procedures to be used in the space tug support program. Unanticipated problems discovered in the shipment of development hardware will be known early enough to permit changes in packaging designs and transportation plans before the start of production hardware and engine shipments. All conventional transport media can be used for the movement of space tug engines. However, truck transpon is recommended for ready availability, variety of routes, shon transit time, and low cost.


N74-34827# Geodynamics Committee, Washington, D.C.
Nov. 1973 238 p
(PB-232662/7: ISBN 0-309-02211-8) Avail: NTIS MF $2.25:
National Academy of Sciences, Printing and Publishing Office,
2101 Constitution Ave., Washington, D. C. 20418 HC $3.25

The Geodynamics Project spanning the year 1971-1979 is an international program and intensive effort to study the basic mechanism of earth deformation. Now the report is available for the benefit of all those involved in geoscience at any level. It sets forth the background of the program. states why geodynamics studies are timely, reviews the objectives of the U.S. program, describes the scientific scope of geodynamics problems, and suggests the kinds of research that should be pursued toward solution of these problems. The focus of the proposed U.S. Program is on the plate-tectonics model because its ability to explain and predict appears to be greater than any previous or alternative model.


N74-35265*# Alabama Univ., Huntsville. IDENTIFICATION AND EVALUATION OF EDUCATIONAL USES AND USERS FOR THE STS. EDUCATIONAL PLANNING FOR UTILIZATION OF SPACE SHUTTLE ED-PLUSS Final Research Report Harry A. Engle and David L. Christensen Sep. 1974 131 p refs (Contract NAS8-30737) (NASA-CR-120514) Avail: NTIS HC $9.75 CSCL 22A

A planning and feasibility study to identify and document a methodology needed to incorporate educational programs into future missions and operations of the space transportation system was conducted. Six tasks were identified and accomplished during the study. The task statements are as follows: (1) potential user identification, (2) a review of space education programs, (3) development of methodology for user involvement. (4) methods to encourage user awareness. (5) compilation of follow-on ideas, and (6) response to NASA questions. Specific recommendations for improving the educational coverage of space activities are provided.


N74-35020 Environmental Protection Agency. Washington, D.C.
Kay H. Jones In NATO Comm. on the Challenges of Mod.
Soc Proc. of the 4th Meeting of the Expert Panel on Air
Pollution Modeling 30 May 1973 10 p

A probe was made of the central problem area in the modeler-user relationship the communications gap. It was determined that the main problem is the user's lack of confidence in the modeler and his output. Several suggestions were made to help eliminate this problem and an effort was made to acquaint the user with the modeling process as a means of increasing his confidence in the finished product.


N74-35025 Ministerium fuer Arbeit, Gesundheit und Soziales,
Dusseldorf (West Germany).
Werner Figgen, ed In NATO Comm. on the Challenges of
Mod. Soc. Proc. of the 4th Meeting of the Expert Panel on Air
Pollution Modeling 30 May 1973 47 p

The cologne pilot scheme for establishing an inventory of atmospheric pollutants is discussed. Inventory data cover pollution from domestic heating, vehicles, and industrial sources. Pollution sources are classified according to geographical position and the conditions affecting their emissions: dimension of the source. quantity and temperature of waste gases, nature and quantity of pollution material, and frequency and duration of emission Inventory data are stored in an electronic data processing system


N74-36279*# Rockwell International Corp., Downey. Calif.
Space Div.
Contractor Report, Jun. 1972 · Mar. 1974
A F. Liu Aug. 1974 226 prets 3 Vol.
(Contract NAS3-16765)
(NASA-CR-134596; SD 73-SH-0171-1. Vol-1) Avail: NTIS
HC $14.50 CSCL 22B

A systematic approach for applying methods for fracture control in the structural components of space vehicles consists of four major steps. The first step is to define the primary load-carrying structural elements and the type of load, environment, and design stress levels acting upon them. The second step is to identify the potential fracture-critical parts by means of a selection logic flow diagram. The third step is to evaluate the safe-life and fail-safe capabilities of the specified part. The last step in the sequence is to apply the control procedures that will prevent damage to the fracture-critical parts. The fracture control methods discussed include fatigue design and analysis methods, methods for preventing crack-like defects, fracture mechanics analysis methods, and nondestructive evaluation methods. An example problem is presented for evaluation of the sale-crack growth capability of the space shuttle crew compartment skin structure,


N74-35198*# Pratt and Whitney Aircraft, West Palm Beach,
Fla. Research and Development Center
Final Report
W. C. Shubert 15 Dec. 1973 122 p

N74-35280*# Rockwell International Corp. Downey, Calif.
Space Div

subsidies and the revocation of environmental laws. The positions of the major oil interests are represented both by direct testimony. and by response to a questionnaire designed to reflect projected and actual supply/ demand balances and crude oil imports for the period 1971 through 1974.


VOLUME 2: ASSESSMENT OF FRACTURE MECHANICS TECHNOLOGY FOR SPACE SHUTTLE APPLICATIONS Contractor Report, Jun. 1972 - Mar. 1974 R. M. Ehret Aug. 1974 209 p refs 3 Vol. (Contract NAS3-16765) (NASA-CR-134597; SD73-SH-0171-2-Vol-2) Avail: NTIS HC $13.50 CSCL 22B

The concepts explored in a state of the art review of those engineering fracture mechanics considered most applicable to the space shuttle vehicle include fracture toughness, precritical flaw growth. failure mechanisms, inspection methods (including proof test logic). and crack growth predictive analysis techniques.


N74-35281*# Rockwell International Corp., Downey, Calif.
Space Div.
Contractor Report, Jun. 1972 · Mar. 1974
A. F. Liu and E. J. Mulcahy Aug. 1974 235 p refs 3 Vol.
(Contract NAS3-16765)
(NASA-CR-134598; SD 73-SH-0171-3-Vol-3) Avail: NTIS
HC $14.75 CSCL 22B

Engineering drawings are presented which represent the culmination of research efforts towards a space shuttle configuration with adequate fracture control properties.


N74-35335# Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs (U. S. Senate) ENERGY INFORMATION ACT. PART 3: APPENDIX Washington GPO 1974 453 p refs Hearings on S. 2782 before Comm. on Interior and Insular Affairs, 93d Congr. 2d Sess.. 15 Feb. 1974 (GPO-29-910) Avail: Comm. on Interior and Insular Affairs

Data were submitted to Congress which are relevant to a proposed bill for the establishment of a national energy information system, and for the authorization of the Department of the Interior to undertake an inventory of U.S. energy resources on public lands. The results of a national gas reserves study are provided. and a computerized decision making system designed to integrate social, economic, and environmental processes is proposed. A similar energy-based information classification system is also discussed.


145 p

N74-36286*# Aerospace Corp., El Segundo, Calif. Systems Planning Div. PAYLOAD DESIGN REQUIREMENTS ANALYSIS (STUDY 2.2). VOLUME 3. GUIDELINE ANALYSIS Final Roport T. Shiokari 5 Oct. 1973 469 p refs (Contract NA SW-2472) (NASA-CR-140585; ATR-7417332)- 1 - Vol-3) Avail: NTIS HC $26.50 CSCL 22B

Payloads to be launched on the space shuttle/ space tug/ sortie lab combinations are discussed. The payloads are of four types: (1) expendable. (2) ground refurbishable, (3) on-orbit maintainable, and (4) sortie. Economic comparisons are limited to the four types of payloads described. Additional system guidelines were developed by analyzing two payloads parameterically and demonstrating the results on an example satellite. In addition to analyzing the selected guidelines, emphasis was placed on providing economic tradeoff data and identifying payload parameters influencing the low cost approaches.


N74-35336# Committee on Government Operations (U. S.
Washington GPO 1974

Hearings pursuant to Section 4, S. Res. 46 before Subcomm on Investigations of Comm. on Govt. Operations. 93d Congr., 20 Sess., 23 Jan. 1974 (GPO-28-575-PT-4) Avail: SOD HC $ 1.40

Summaries of negotiations between major U.S. oil companies and Middle Eastern governments during the period from 1964 to 1974 were presented in a hearing before Congress which attempted to identify possible irregular procedures in foreign trade which may have contributed to the current energy crisis. The oil companies also submitted complete accounts of their inventories during the embargo period, and provided estimates of recoverable U.S. crude oil and natural gas reserves for 1973 and 1974.


N74-35332*+ National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Washington, D.C. SIGNIFICANT NASA INVENTIONS: AVAILABLE FOR LICENSING IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES 1974 81 p rets (NASA-SP-7038(02)) Avail: NTIS Avail: SOD HC $0.19 CSCL 131

Abstracts of NASA-owned inventions, which have been made available for patent licensing in foreign countries are presented.


N74-35337# Committee on Government Operations (U. S.
Washington GPO 1974 96 p Hearings pursuant to Section 4,
S. Res. 46 before Subcomm. on Investigations of Comm. on
Govt. Operations, 93d Congr., 1st Sess., 25 Jan. 1974
(GPO-29-547) Avail: SOD HC $1.00

The activities reported to Congress by the Federal Energy Office (FEO) include: (1) the formulation of a fivefold approach to energy policy: (2) the gathering of energy data from current information sources: (3) the development of computer based national energy information systems with comprehensive reporting systems; (4) public disclosure of up to date indicators of energy supply outlook and suggestions for conservation; and (5) the sponsorship of energy-related legislation. The interaction of the FEO with major oil companies, state agencies, and other Federal departments is discussed with specific examples. A.A.D.

N 74-36333# Committee on Government Operations (U. S.
Washington GPO 1974 166 pref Hearings pursuant to
Section 4. S. Res. 46 before Subcomm. on Investigations of
Comm. on Govt. Operations, 93d Congr., 20 Sess., 21 Jan.
(GPO-28-575-PT-2) Avail: SOD HC $1.50

The role of the domestic oil industry in dealing with the energy crisis was questioned in a Congressional hearing convened to gather information on the effects of oil import quotas, as well as to hear reliable data concerning charges that major oil companies have intended to eliminate price competition, and are hoarding production, to force both the adoption of new tax

N74-36338# RAND Corp., Santa Monica, Calif.
Peter A. Morrison May 1974 18 p refs
(P-5212) Avail: NTIS HC $4.00

Five aspects of the migration process related to demographic change and constraints are considered: (1) the concentration of migratory growth in only a few metropolitan areas: (2) migration's apparently one-sided economic wisdom, arising out of the weakness of economic push; (3) the potential for return migration, which derives from latent migratory predispositions coupled

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