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National energy policies for development of low cost energy

Industrial evolution and revolution in he

cislunar space, 1980 - 2010

Scientific and administrative activities at the

Lunar Science Institute

Scientific and administrative activities at the

Lunar Science Institute
( NASA-CR-137081 ]


The background to propeller airplane noise

(SAE PAPER 740361 )

Limestone and dolonite


Hydrogen - Make-sen se fuel for an Anerican
supersonic transport
(AIA PAPER 74-16 3]

Lithiun, cesiun, and rubidius: The rare alkali

174-15249 LOGISTICS A multi-project scheduling program for the 4950th

Test Wing
( AD-778874 )


Integrated logistics support and acquisition

Banagement (ILS-AN/ panel for aviation-crev
systeus equipaent changes

174-23549 Logistic support for the Guiana Space Center

A74-38399 Avionics cost reduction through inproved tests in military systeas naintenance

Crev interface specifications developaeat

functions, phase 3A
(NASA-CR- 134 147 )

174-12531 A coa parative economic analysis of a

lighter-than-air logistics syster
[ AD-769205)

Bajor Iten Special Study (NISS), CH-47A rotary

wing head PUD
(AD-773718 )

Kajor Iten Special Study (NISS), CH-474

alternating generator product quality
control and cost savings
( AD-773720 ]

174-19712 Major Ites Special Study (NISS). CH-471 rotary

ving blade
[ AD-776419)

G-200 bearing: An analysis concerning the

reliability of an inexpensive part and its
effect on depot level repair coats
( AD-775691 )

N74-26 152
Substitution of JP-5 aviation fuel for DP-2 diesel

under field conditions
[ AD-77704 7)

Major Iten Special Study (NISS), AH-16 gas turbine

engine (T53-L-13B) --- cost savings through
quality and design inprovenents
( AD-776939)

Supply support of NASA tracking networks

174-28733 Handbook for the aviation rear specialist ( AD-779172)

Executive suanary report on quality and connaad

progran assessments --- analysis of CH-54
helicopter logistics and maintenance support
( AD-779518)

Bxecutive suanary report on CH-541 assessaeat and

cou parative fleet evaluations
( AD-779517)

Space shuttle prograr: Shuttle Avionics

Integration Laboratory. volue 7: Logistics
sana gerent plan
(NASA-CR-134363 )

174-32400 Major Iten Special Study (HISS), OH-62 sain rotor

( AD-781507)

174-32457 Hajor Iten Special Study (HISS), 08-6A tail rotor

traasoission assembly
( AD-782926 )

Economical usage of long range navigation
Loran c superiority

174-30 358 LOOVERS Louvres for satellite therial control ( ES RO-CR-208 ]

TADPOLE satellite low cost synchronous orbit

satellite to evaluate small mercury bonbardient
ion thruster applications


The impact of conversion to the metric reasurement

systen on aircraft ma ia tenance at base level
(AD-769186 )

N74-15733 Coaparative technological systeas study on outside

data processing for the production with
punerical controlled tooling nachines

N74-16 143 Design of a classification schene for mechanical

parts centered on fabrication group technology (CRIP-NC-49 )

N74-22154 Machine tools and fixtures: A compilation (NASA-SP-5910 (05) ]

Nunerically controlled industrial equipment:

Progress and problens

Nagaesian refractories

N74-15250 AAGIBTIC SOSPENSION The Geraan magnetic transportation program

474-45133 MAINTAINABILITI Avionics design for maintainability Are ve

gaining or losing
(SAB PAPER 730882)

A74-17531 A con parison of denonstrated and achieved equipment aaintainability

A74-20928 Porcing functions integra te REN into design

DOD TACAN procurement policy on reliability and naintainability

A74-20932 Integration of R&N into the design process

electronic equipuent reliability and
naintainability program

Computer software synergisa integrates R/N desiga

-- reliability and naintainability paraneters integration in data base files

A74-20935 HAINTBTA ICE Relating factory test failure results to field

reliability, required field aaintenance, and to total life cycle costs

A74-14309 Allocating tine to repair distributions

A74-20927 Avionics cost reduction through isproved tests --in ailitary systeas saintenance

A74-38584 A realistic approach to syster life cycle cost --

of Ginbaled Electrostatic Gyro Aircraft
Navigation Systen

A74-38585 Continuous naintenance and autonatic reconfiguration of systeas

A74-39011 G-200 bearing: An analysis concerning the

reliability of an inexpensive part and its
effect on depot level repair coats
( AD-775691)

N74-26 152 Bajor Iten Special Study (HISS), 08-62 gas turbine

engine (163-A-5A)
( AD-781506)

N74-33243 KSC aaintenance capability (laboratories and shops)

--- for space shuttle
( NASA-TK-1-70380 )


NAN QACHIIB SIST BAS Innovations in ATC connunication systeas since 1920's

A74-17984 Syster safety and human factors Sone necessary relationships

A74-20949 Hunan reliability in 1an-Rachine interactions

174-20963 Science support and managenent (JPRS-60509 ]

N74-12692 Biocybernetics: An interactive man-machine

interface hunan bioelectric phenomena in
control systems operation
[ AD-774 987)

N74-21765 Manipulator systea tan-machine interface

evaluation program --- technology assessaent
(NASA-CR-120218 ]

N 74-29459
Public science policy and administration

cooperation of government industry, foundations,
and educational institutions
(NASA-CR-136019 ]

N74-10878 Lockheed Aircraft Corporation case studies in

( AD-781865]

N 74-34436
Project aanagement Factors leading to success or

(AIAA PAPER 74-282)

A 74-18680 Science support and management (JPRS-60509)

N74-12692 Project Management in NASA: The system and the aen (NASA-SP-324 )

N74- 15692 Determinants of project success (NASA-CR-139407)

N 74-30392 Cost effectiveness model 1: Prototype selection

and trade-office analyses
[ AD-781947)

Managerent systems for operational processing of
launch vehicles

A74-16 111 Automated approach to the biological survey for pest management systems

A74-25398 A project information and siaulation system for aerospace management

A 74-30059 Information flows in control systems Russian book

A 74-38883 Experience in the utilization of the electronic

digital computer for historical-technological
analysis of specific forms of technology (The
example of coal mining combines)

N74-11751 Research in computer-assisted documentation of

Navy computer programs
( AD-766497)

N74-11990 Annual ADP planning document (NASA-TN-1-69298]

N74-14694 Portable terminal for data acquisition using a

cassette recorder and acoustic coupling for dial up to computer

N 74-22834 A nanagement information system model for program

management --- computerized systems analysis
[ NASA-TM-X-70230 )

N 74-30379 CARETS: An experimental regional information

system using ERTS data

N74-30 74 1 Preight transportation information systems and

their implications for Rand D policy
[ PB-231049/8)

N74-31408 Performance measurement at USACSC

N74-33690 Energy Information Act. Part 3: Appendix (GPO-29-910 ]

N74-35335 User's manual for COLMIS: A collection management

information system for solid waste management,
volume 1

N 74-35340 Users manual for COLMIS: A collection management

information system for solid waste aanagement,
Volone 2


Improving aircraft productivity We all have a

part of the action vide body jet production management

174-13976 Expeciaental payloads Inception to integration --- space shuttle payload nanagenent

474-14 104 Haplin - Management aspects autonation and passenger service

174-14512 Transport aerospace industry contributions to

modern problei solutions /. Rupert Turnbull
Lecture for 1973/

174-15045 Reliability program elements who needs thei --

Connunication enhancerents for interactive
progran effectiveness increase

474-20936 A cealistic project planning prediction technique

using PROSIN (project simulation) computer code

174-20982 Joint service agreements - A need for consolidation

management concept for life support and survival equipaent developrent

A74-23548 A discussion of effective manageaent of scientific

data processing in consideration of design
(ASNE PAPER 74-GT-151 )

A74-27490 organizing an R & D oriented computer activity

Management and control of an Independent
Research & Development Program

174-30942 Data management during the Navy performance test and evaluation of the P-14A airplane

A74-34857 P-14, A-6 assembly voes seen ea sing

A74-34929 Task kits help to speed F-14 deliveries assembly aanagement

A74-34 930 Design to cost requires connon understanding, clear direction

A74-38 298 Managenant of NASA's major projects ( NASA-CR-135989)

N74-10879 Legislative authority of Pederal agencies with respect to fuels and energy: A staff analysis

N74-15686 Energy conservation, part 1

N74-15690 Net work ranagement survey (NBS-TN-805 ]

N74-18850 Reaote control systers application of

telemechanics to electric power, gas industry,
and railroad systems

N74-19877 Outline of an approach to management standards [EQL-MEMO-13)

N74-22582 Rand D management: Methods used by Federal

[R-1156-HEW )

N74-22607 Management of the space segment of application satellite systems

N74-226 16 Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP)

N74-26817 The project management role in safety ( NASA-TM-X-64764 )

N74-28442 Perspectives on quality software

N74-31651 The Saturn management concept [ NASA-CR-129029]

N74-32401 Technology evaluation of control/monitoring

systems for MIUS application utility
services management
( NASA-TM-X-58135 )

Cost - The energing aerospace technology

applications to gas turbine engines
(AIAA PAPER 73-1327]

A 74-11318 The growing inportance of costs and ways to

maintain cost control on a large program in
today's competitive environment

A74-11535 Maplin - Management aspects automation and passenger service



An optioun organizational structure for a large earth-orbiting multidisciplinary Space Base

A74-16108 Development of requirements for, and evaluation

of, manufacturer advanced design aircraft (SAB PAPER 730 948 )

A 74-17541 An evaluation of some methods for determining the R&D budget

A 74-19568 Life cycle systen/cost effectiveness --

-- sodels for decision making

A 74-20931 The determination of realistic probability levels for project completion dates

A74-23597 Application of remote sensing to leisure resource planning and sanagement

174-25395 Compatibility planning for inproved spectrum use

--- Federal telecommunication electronagnetic
spectrum management

A 74-27804 Nanagerent problems in European projects with regard to the geographical distribution of tasks

A 74-28501 One of a kind spacecraft designed to a cost

A74-28675 Organization and management of large-scale

research facilities in the usa, France, and Great Britain

A74-29 106 Mariner Venus/Mercury '73 A strategy of cost control

A 74-32320 cost effectiveness as applied to the Viking Lander systers-level thermal development test program

A74-36017 Helicopter reliability testing [AHS PREPRINT 860 )

A 74-36600 Avionic equipment reliability and low life cycle cost

A 74-38583 A design to cost overview

A 74-45001 Iaplementation of the design to cost concept from the contractual point of view

A74-45002 Selecting design to cost goals requires realism and flexibility

A74-45004 Relevance of ERTS to the State of Ohio

management and planning of state resources (E74-10024 ]

N74-11159 Totes One Program for improving productivity

of Washington in providing citizen services (PB-222 346/9]

N74-11802 Planning applications in east central plorida

resources management and planning, land use, and lake algal blooms in Brevard County from Skylab ina gery ( 874-1006 4 )

N 74-12131 An integrated study of earth resources in the

State of California based on ERTS-1 and
supporting aircraft data, volume 1 --- water
resources, crop identification, computer
programming, land use, and vegetation
( 874-10065 ]

N74-12132 An integrated study of earth resources in the

State of California based on ERTS-1 and supporting aircraft data, volume 2 --- river sea aders, environmental changes, digital processing, agriculture, education, and mapping salt effected soils ( 874-10066 )

N74-12133 Punctional requirements for onboard aanagement of

space shuttle consumables, volume 1 ( NASA-CR- 134 144 )

N74-13589 Functional requirements for onboard management of

space shuttle consumables, volume 2. (NASA-CR- 134 145 )

N74-13590 SRDS technical program document, fiscal year 1974. Engineering and development programs

N74-13682 Aircraft force projection model. Volume 1: Users

guide to AFPM --- computer program to determine aircraft iaventory and operating requirements [ AD-767946 )

N74-13751 An integrated study of earth resources in the

state of California using remote sensing

techniques planning and nanagenent of water resources (374-10136 ]

N74-14006 Definition of earth resource policy and managerent problens in California

N74-14007 Oser requirements for the application of remote

sen sing in the planning and management of water resource systems --- California

N74-14008 The con pa rative evaluation of ERTS-1 inagery for

resource inventory in land use planning Oregon [274-10 196]

N74-15000 Assessment of geothermal energy resources

N74-15661 Research and education in management of

large-scale technical programs (NASA-CR-136563)

N74-15671 NASA/Drexel program --- research effort in

large-scale technical prograas nanagenent for application to urban problems

N74- 15672 BUILD: A comunity developaent simulation gare, appendix A

N74-15673 The community development workshop, appendix B.

N74-15674 NASA management technology, appendix c

N74-15675 The NASA planning process, appendix D --

useful planning approach for solving urban problems

N74-15676 Urban simulation and garing: Preliminary experience and perspectives, appendix F

N74-15678 Science lea dership for tonorrov: The role of

schools of public affairs and universities in
neeting needs of public science agencies
(NASA-CR-136589 ]

N74-15683 A noise exposure forecast evaluation of the

Monterey Peninsula Airport (AD-769814 )

N74-15951 Planning applications in east central plorida

Brevard County (274-10248]

N74-16010 principles for long-term development of acadeay's research netvork --- Hungarian Acadeay of Science

N74-16649 Pederal Energy Organization: A staff analysis

N74-16669 Translations of South and East Asia, no. 450 [JPRS-61035 )

N74-16682 Problems encountered in implementing design to a

cost in major Air Force weapon system
acquisition programs
( AD-769912)

N74-17692 General aviation cost iapact study. Volume 1:

Executive sungary ( AD-771603)

N74-17779 General aviation cost inpact study. Volume 2:

Research nethodology [ AD-771606)

N74-17780 General aviation cost inpact study. Volune 3:

Planning guide [ AD-771759)

N74-17781 Water supply studies management and planning of water supplies in California

N74-18027 Water demand studies --- central and southern California regions

N74-18028 The system of observations for the first worldwide GARP experiment

N74-18271 Application of Earth Resources Technology

Satellite data to urban development and regional planning: Test site - County of Los Angeles (E74-10365)

N74-18974 Management of natural resources through autovatic

cartographic inventory --- France (874-10378)

N74-18987 Aerospace test planning and conduct disciplines application to system level spacecraft test

N74-19128 Report on current research at the Instituto de

Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE-235-RI/033)


Legal and institutional analysis of aircraft and

airport noise and apportionnent of authority between Pederal, State, and local governments (PB-225 149/4GA )

N74-19898 Developnent of a technology assessment and

advanced technology transfer program for the
Department of the Army, part 1
( AD-772087)

N74-20631 A Dassault Dossier: Aircraft acquisition in France [AD-7745 98 )

N74-20681 Planning applications in east central plorida

Brevard County (E74-10448 )

N74-21973 ERTS-1 data user investigation of the use of ERTS i na gery in reservoir managenent and operation

New England (374-10453)

N74-21978 Relevance of ERTS to the State of Ohio (374-10483]

N74-22007 Application of remote sensors to arny facility

(AD-7754 07 )

N74-22621 Use of ERTS-A, Skylab, and supporting aircraft to

enhance resource management (374-10498 )

N74-22949 Review of the management structure and acquisition

plan of the SANGUINE system --- research project for development of naval communication system ( AD-776257]

N74-25712 Investigation of Skylab imagery for regional

(E74- 10522]

N74-25844 Energy Reorganization Act of 1973 (GPO-25-108 )

N74-27442 Draft of proposed legislation to promote more

effective management of certain related
functions of the Executive Branch

N74-27454 planning applications in east central Florida (874-10623)

N74-28862 Executive summary report on quality and command

program assessaents --- analysis of CH-54 helicopter logistics and maintenance support ( AD-779518)

N74-29408 Executive summary report on CH-54A assessient and

comparative fleet evaluations ( AD-779517 )

N74-29409 Design and operation of National Environmental Research Center

N 74-29609 Guidelines for energy conservation for immediate

implementation ; small business and light

N74-30384 Third Earth Resources Technology Satellite-1

Sya posiun. Volume 1: Technical Presentations,
section A

N 74-30705 ERTS-1 Role in land management and planning in


N74-30 731 Evaluation of ERTS-1 data for acquiring land use

data of northern Megalopolis New England (PAPER-L5)

N74-30 733 The application of ERTS-1 data to the land use

planning process Wisconsin (PAPER-L8 )

N 74-30736 Impact of ERTS-1 inages on management of New

Jersey's coastal zone (PAPER-L12)

N 74-30740 Third Barth Resources Technology Satellite-1

Symposium. volune 1: Technical presentations, section B (NASA-SP-351-VOL-1-SECT-B]

N 74-30 774 Economic aspects of prototyping

N 74-31461 Creative advanced design: A key to reduced life-cycle costs

N74-31462 Operations planning simulation: Model study (NASA-CR-120429 )

N74-32404 Nuner ically controlled industrial equipment:

Progress and problems (B-140389)

N74-32922 PEDSIM status report

N74-33698 Data analysis techniques applied to performance measurement data


Apollo experience report: Apollo lunar surface

experiments package data processing system
( NASA-TN-D-7781 )

N74-34318 The star nethodology for short-haul

transportation: Transportation systea inpact
(R-1359-DOT )

N74-34427 TASSIN: A transportation and air shed sinulation

model. Volune 1: Case study of the Boston region (PB-232933/2)

N74-34440 An evaluation of the utility of ERTS-1 data for

napping and developing natural resources of Iran (874-10758)

N74-34734 HANA GBABNT SISTENS DOD's Space Test Program procedures for payload napagenent

A74-323 19 An approach to evaluation of a computer aided aan agerent systea

A74-38568 Managenant of NASA's major projects ( NASA-CR-135989)

N74-108 79 MANGAN BSB Nanganese

Manipulator system aan-nachine interface

evaluation progras technology assessient
( NASA-CR-120218 ]

NSPC Skylab Orbital workshop, volue 5

Role of aan in flight experiment payloads, phase

1, appendices 1 and 2 --- Spacelab project
( NASA-CR-120398-APP-1-2)

174-31579 AANPONER Physics in perspective. Volune 2, part C:

Statistical data (auxiliary naterial collected
by the staff and some reabers of the data panel)
(AD-772540 )

N74-22327 A Markovian model for assessRent of personnel

biring plans
( NASA-TN-D-7640 ]

Manufacturing exercise involved in the redesigo of
the Hawker siddeley Trident /tri-jet/ fuselage

A74-16445 World technological level and how it is deternined

N74-11752 Investigation of technological developaent according to patent materials

N74-11756 Building and notivating a aanufacturer's cep organization

N74-12584 The design, development, and presentation of a

pilot senioar called technology and opportunity:
À new approach for ninority business
( NASA-CR-139641)

A statenent of policy for iaplesenting the

requirements of the 1972 Federal water pollution Control Act Anaendaents and certain requirerents of the 1972 Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act

N74-31393 HARIJER VBIOS-ABRCURI 1973 Mariner Venus/Mercury '73 - A strategy of cost control

474-32320 HARITINE SATELLITBS Design of a ground control systes to operate

domestic and maritine satellites
(AIAA PAPER 74-483)

A74-28613 The ESRO MA ROTS programne uaritine satellite

A74-44328 HARKBT BBSBA RC & U.S. aerospace industry at the crossroads response to European coupetition

A74-116 10 Development of requirements for, and evaluation

of, nanufacturer advanced design aircraft
[ SAB PAPER 730948 ]

474-17541 Concorde - Testing the market passenger utilization prognosis


The point-of-sale narket

174-12585 Point-of-sale: An idea becoues an industry

N 74-12586
An approach to developing the rarket for space

shuttle payloads: Business/public policy issues
and international narketing considerations
(NASA-CR-120420 ]

174-334 13 DARKETING The Aer italia-Lockheed agreenent The package

also includes the Lancer --- G-222 and 2-104
military aircraft narketing

174-23877 Those Concorde economics again

174-35668 The 197'3 WESCON technical papers, volune 17 --

nanufacturing and narketing of electronic

174-12580 Evaluating the narketplace

174-12581 How to plan narketing strategy buying process aodel

N74-12582 Successful narketing and new product introduction for electronic equipment

N74-12583 Building and motivating a manufacturer's cep organization

N74-12584 Systens design opportunities

174-12587 The agent as a vehicle for export rarketing

174-12599 Technology transfer-transportation (NASA-CR-140049)

A Markovian nodel for assessient of personnel

hiring plans
( NASA-TN-D-7640 ]

Cost effectiveness as applied to the Viking Lander
systeas-level therial developnent test prograı

A74-360 17
Bilitary specification for weight control

procedural guide

TASSIN: A transportation and air shed siaulation

aodel. Volume 1: Ca se study of the Boston region (PB-232933/2)

N74-34440 HATBRILLS BANDLIIG Air transportation of hazardous naterials

A74-22640 Operational and accidental petroleur product losses and their control and prevention (2nd revised and enlarged edition/ --- Russiaa book

A74-36 137
Pailure analysis of belicopter external

cargo-handling systels
(AD-767254 )

174-13729 Study for identification of Beneficial Uses of

Space (BOS) (phase 2). Volune 1: Executive
(NASA-CR-120285 )

Directory of research activities on in-situ

( AGARD-8-609)

SSD test baseline sunary standardized test

procedures for acceptance testing and quality
control of aerospace vehicle components

174-19121 HATRBUATICAL MODELS Detersining an optinal set of research experiments

174-19569 Life cycle systei/cost effectiveness --- sodels for decision saking

A74-20931 A dyaanic Rodel of interacting comercial units

174-37655 The starship as an exercise in econonics

interstellar travel as function of national

174-40181 On soie net hods of technological forecasting


Mathematical methods of optimal planning

development and use of energy systems
(JPRS-60546 )

Econometric sodels: Their application to the

economic and energy sectors
(CE-BIB-220 ]

The administration of transportation sodeling

projects --- mana gement and decision nakiag
( PB-224846/6GA)

174-18631 A Markovian rodel for assessment of personnel

biring plans
( NASA-TN-D-7640 ]

Introductory cenarks to workshop on applications
of modeling and users needs

N74-35020 ABASURING INSTRUABITS Radio spect rui neasurement system Current applications, experience, results

174-43909 ABCHANICAL DRIVES Najor Iten Special Study (HISS), AH-16 nain

transoission assy, universal

Design of a classification schere for sechanical

parts centered on fabrication group technology (CRIP-NC-49]

N74-22154 ABDICAL ELECTRONICS Needs and trends in aedical electronics 1973: Session 13 overview

174-12600 ABDICAL BQUIPUBIT Skylab aedical technology utilization (AAS PAPER 74-175 )

A74-42111 clinical engineering and the aedical instrumentation Barkets

N74-12601 The Medical Instrunent Company assay: 24 carat or fool's gold?

174-12616 clinical engineering as a resource for new product developaeat

N74-12618 NEDICAL SCIBICE International aedical information systeus vith on-line computerized data nanagement

N74-27460 ABDICAL SERVICES Pacific satellite health infornation study ( PB-232 367/3)

174-33582 ABGA LOPOLISBS Evaluation of ERTS-1 data for acquiring land use

data of northern Negalopolis Nev Bagland

174-30733 IBRCURI (DBT IL) Mercury

N74-15252 ABTIL PITIGOB Risk analysis - prograı nanagement tool --- for environ nental problens and aircraft netal fatigue

A74-20987 JETIL PLITBS Advanced Metallic Air Vehicle Structure Prograi (AIAA PAPER 74-336 )

174-26651 ABTBOROLOGICAL PARAABTBRS The ABROS cocket prograi --- EUV and coi bined payloads for vertical aerononic paraleters

174-17162 A GARP Atlantic Tropical Bxperirent (GATE) international operations plan.

Part 2: Ship

174-33896 ABTBOROLOGICAL SERVICES At the sain adninistration of the hydrometeorological service

174-23180 ABTEOROLOGI Report of the 58th National Conference on Neights

and dea sures, 1973

User needs and applications for cenote sensing

174-25388 ABTROLOGI Netrication and planning to neet its den ands in

aerospace engineering and aanufacturing,
(SAE PAPER 730924 )


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