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National energy policies --- for development of low cost energy

N74-18592 LOJAR BIVIRONABIT Industrial evolution and revolution in the cislunar space, 1980 - 2010 (ASTRONAUT-PB-32)

Scientific and administrative activities at the

Lunar Science Institute
( NASA-CR-137081)

Scientific and administrative activities at the

Lunar Science Iostitute
( NASA-CR-1370811



The background to propeller airplane noise

( SÃE PAPER 740361 )

Limestone and dolonite

Hydrogen - Make-sea se fuel for an American

supersonic transport
( AIA. PAPER 74- 163)

474-19353 LITBI00 Lithiua, cesiun, and rubidius: The rare alkali aetals

N 74-15249
À multi-project scheduling progran for the 4950th

Test Wing
( AD-778874)


Integrated logistics support and acquisition

sanagement /ILS-AN/ panel for aviation-crev
systens equipaent changes

174-23549 Logistic support for the Guiana Space Center

A74-38399 Avionics cost reduction through iaproved tests --in rilitary systems naintenance

Crew interface specifications development

functions, phase 3A
(NASA-CR- 134 147)

174-12531 A con pa rative econonic analysis of a

lighter-than-air logistics syster
( AD-769205 )

Major Iten Special Study (NISS), CH-474 rotary

ving head PUD
( AD-773718 ]

174-19691 Kajor Iten Special Study (NISS), CH-471

alternating generator --- product quality
control and cost savings
( AD-7737201

174-19712 Major Iten Special Study (AISS), CH-471 rotary

ving blade

G-200 bearing: An analysis concerning the

reliability of an inexpensive part and its
effect on depot level repair coats
(AD-7756 91 )

N74-26 152
Substitution of JP-5 aviation fuel for DP-2 diesel

under field conditions
[ AD-7770471

Major Item Special Study (NISS), AH-16 gas turbine

engine (T53-L-13B) --- cost savings through
quality and design iaprovenents

Supply support of NASA tracking networks

174-28733 Handbook for the aviation rear specialist (AD-779172)

Executive suonary report on quality and command

program assessments --- analysis of CH-54
helicopter logistics and maintenance support
( AD-779518)

Bxecutive sunary report on CH-548 assessRent and

cou parative fleet evaluations

Space shuttle program: Shuttle Avionics

Integration Laboratory. volue 7: Logistics
Ranagement plan
(NASA-CR-134 363)

174-32400 Major Iten Special Study (AISS), OH-6A vain rotor

[ AD-7815071

174-32457 Hajor Iten Special Study (HISS), 08-6A tail rotor

transiission assembly
CAD-782926 )

Economical usage of long range navigation ---
Loran C superiority

174-30358 LOUTERS Louvres for satellite thernal control ES RO-CR-208)

TADPOLE satellite --- low cost synchronous orbit

satellite to evaluate shall nercury bonbardaent
ion thruster applications


The impact of conversion to the setric reasurenent

systes on aircraft maio tenance at base level
(AD-769186 )

N74-15733 Coaparative technological systems study on outside

data processing for the production with
aumerical controlled tooling machines

N74-16 143 Design of a classification schene for nechanical

parts centered on fabrication group technology (CRIP-AC-49)

N74-22154 Nachine tools and fixtures: A coapilation (NASA-SP-5910 (05))

N74-30964 Nunerically controlled industrial equipment:

Progress and problens
[ B-1403891

Aagnesian refractories

N74-15250 NAGIBIIC SUSPENSION The Geraan magnetic transportation program

Avionics design for maintainability - Ace ve

gaining or losing
(SAE PAPER 730882)

con parison of denonstrated and achieved
equipment naintainability

A74-20928 Porcing functions integrate R&N into design

DOD TACAN procurenent policy on reliability and naintainability

A74-20932 Integration of R&N into the design process --electronic equipient reliability and naintainability program

A74-20933 Computer software synergisa integrates R/N desiga

--- reliability and naintainability pacaneters integration in data base files

A74-20935 NAINTBTICE Relating factory test failure results to field

reliability, required field aaintenance, and to total life cycle costs

A74-14309 Allocating time to repair distributions

474-20927 Avionics cost reduction through isproved tests --in rilitary systems maintenance

174-38584 A realistic approach to syster life cycle cost --

of Giubaled Electrostatic Gyro Aircraft
Navigation Systen

A74-38585 Continuous naintenance and automatic reconfiguration of systems

A74-39011 G-200 bearing: An analysis concerning the

reliability of an inexpensive part and its
effect on depot level repair coats

N74-26 152 Hajor Iten Special Study (AISS), OH-64 gas turbine

engine (163-A-5A)
( AD-781506)

N74-33243 KSC nainten ance capability (laboratories and shops)

--- for space shuttle


AAN QACHIJB SIST BUS Innovations in ATC Communication systeas --- since 1920's

A74-17984 Syster safety and human factors - Sone necessary relationships

A74-20949 Hunan reliability in 210-Bachine interactions

A74-20963 Science support and management (JPRS-60509 ]

N74-12692 Biocybernetics: An interactive man-machine

interface --- human bioelectric phenomena in
control systeas operation
[ AD-774 987)

N74-21765 Manipulator system ian-machine interface

evaluation program --- technology assessaent
(NASA-CR-120218 )

Public science policy and administration --

cooperation of govern dent industry, foundations,
and educational institutions

N74-10878 Lockheed Aircraft Corporation case studies in


Project aanagement - Factors leading to success or

(AIAA PAPER 74-28 2]

A74-18680 Science support and management (JPRS-605091

N74-12692 Project Management in NASA: The system and the aen (NASA-SP-324 ]

N74-15692 Deterninants of project success ( NASA-CR-1394071

Cost effectiveness model 1: Prototype selection

and trade-office analyses
( AD-7819471

Nanagerent systems for operational processing of
launch vehicles

A 74-16111 Automated approach to the biological survey for pest managerent systems

A74-25398 A project information and simulation system for aerospace management

A 74-30059 Information flows in control systems --- Russian book

A 74-38883 Experience in the utilization of the electronic

digital computer for historical-technological
analysis of specific forms of technology (The
example of coal Dining combines)

N74-11751 Research in computer-assisted documentation of

Navy Computer programs

N74-11990 Annual ADP planning document (NASA-TN-1-69298)

N74-14694 Portable terminal for data acquisition using a

cassette recorder --- and acoustic coupling for dial up to computer

N 74-22834
A sanagement information system model for program

management --- Computerized systems analysis

N 74-30379 CARETS: An experimental regional information

system using ERTS data

N74-30 741 Freight transportation information systems and

their implications for Raad D policy
( PB-231049/8)

N74-31408 Performance measurement at USACSC

N74-33690 Energy Information Act, Part 3: Appendix (GPO-29-910)

N74-35335 User's manual for COLNIS: A collection management

information system for solid waste management,
volume 1

N 74-35340 Users manual for COLMIS: A collection management

information system for solid waste management,
Volune 2


Improving aircraft productivity - We all have a

part of the action --- vide body jet production sanagement

174-13976 Experimental payloads - Inception to integration --- space shuttle payload sanagerent

174-14104 Baplin - Management aspects --- autoration and passenger service

474-14512 Transport aerospace industry contributions to

modern probler solutions 7. Rupert Turnbull
Lecture for 1973/

174-15045 Reliability progran elerents - Who needs then --

COMBUnication enhancements for interactive
program effectiveness increase

274-20936 A cealistic project planning prediction technique

--- using PROSIN (project simulation) computer code

174-20982 Joint service agreements - A need for consolidation

--- management concept for life support and
survival equipaent developient

474-23548 A discussion of effective manageaent of scientific

data processing in consideration of design
(ASKE PAPER 74-GT-151]

474-27490 Organizing an R & D oriented computer activity

Management and control of an independent
Research & Development Program

A74-30942 Data management during the Navy performance test and evaluation of the P-14 A airplane

A74-34857 P-14, A-6 assembly voes seen easing

A74-34929 Task kits help to speed F-14 deliveries --assembly aanagement

A74-34930 Design to cost requires conaon understanding, clear direction

A74-38 298 Managemant of NASA's major projects ( NASA-CR-135989)

N74-10879 Legislative authority of Pederal agencies with respect to fuels and energy: A staff analysis

N74-15686 Energy conservation, part 1

N74-15690 Network Ranagement survey (NBS-TN-805 ]

N74-18850 Rezote control systems --- application of

telea echanics to electric power, gas industry, and railroad systems

N74-19877 Outline of an approach to management standards [EQL-MEMO-13]

R and D management: Methods used by Federal


N74-22607 Management of the space segment of application satellite systems

N74-226 16 Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP)

N74-26817 The project management role in safety ( NASA-TN-X-64764 )

N74-28442 Perspectives on quality software

N74-31651 The Saturn management concept [ NASA-CR-1290291

N74-32401 Technology evaluation of control/aonitoring

systems for MIUS application --- utility
services management

Cost - The energing aerospace technology ---

applications to gas turbine engines
(AIAA PAPER 73-13271

A74-11318 The growing importance of costs and ways to

maintain cost control on a large program in
today's competitive environment

A74-11535 Maplin - Management aspects --- automation and passenger service


An optimur organizational structure for a large earth-orbiting multidisciplinary Space Base

A74-16108 Developeent of requirements for, and evaluation

of, nanufacturer advanced design aircraft (SAB PAPER 730 948)

A74-1754 1 An evaluation of some methods for determining the R&D budget

A 74-19568 Life cycle system/cost effectiveness --- models for decision making

A 74-20931 The determination of realistic probability levels for project completion dates

A74-23597 Application of remote sensing to leisure resource planning and management

A74-25395 Compatibility planning for inproved spectrum use

--- Federal telecomunication electromagnetic
spectrue management
(AIAA PAPER 74-432)

A 74-27804 Managerent problems in European projects with regard to the geographical distribution of tasks

A74-28501 One of a kind spacecraft designed to a cost

A74-28675 Organization and management of large-scale

research facilities in the USA, France, and Great Britain

A 74-29 106 Mariner Venus/Mercury '73 - A strategy of cost control

A 74-32320 cost effectiveness as a pplied to the Viking Lander systems-level theraal development test program

A 74-36017 Helicopter reliability testing (AHS PREPRINT 860)

A 74-36600 Avionic equipment reliability and low life cycle cost

A 74-38583 A design to cost overview

A 74-45001 Iaplementation of the design to cost concept from the contractual point of view

A 74-45002 Selecting design to cost goals requires realism and flexibility

A74-45004 Relevance of ERTS to the State of Ohio --

Ranagement and planning of state resources [E74-100241

N74-11159 Totes One Program --- for improving productivity

of Washington in providing citizen services (PB-222 346/9]

N74-11802 Planning applications in east central plorida --

resources management and planning, land use, and lake algal blooms in Brevard County from Skylab imagery (E74-10064 )

N74-12131 An integrated study of earth resources in the

State of California based on ERTS-1 and
supporting aircraft data, volume 1 --- vater
resources, crop identification, computer
programming, land use, and vegetation
(E74-10065 )

N74-12132 An integrated study of earth resources in the

State of California based on ERTS-1 and supporting aircraft data, volume 2 --- river nea aders, environmental changes, digital processing, agriculture, education, and mapping salt effected soils [E74-10066 )

N74-12133 Punctional requirements for onboard management of

space shuttle consumables, volume 1 (NASA-CR-134 144]

N 74-13589 functional requirements for onboard management of

space shuttle consumables, voluze 2. (NASA-CR-134 145 )

N74-13590 SRDS technical program document, fiscal year 1974. Engineering and development programs

N74-13682 Aircraft force projection model. Volume 1: Users

guide to AFPM --- computer program to determine aircraft inventory and operating requirements (AD-767946 ]

N 74-13751 AD integrated study of earth resources in the

state of California using remote sensing

techniques --- planning and nanagement of water
(874-10136 )

N74-14006 Definition of earth resource policy and managerent problems in California

N74-14007 User requirements for the application of renote

sensing in the planning and management of water resource systems --- California

N74-14008 The comparative evaluation of ERTS-1 inagery for resource inventory in land use planning -o- Oregon (B74-10 1961

N74-15000 Assessment of geothermal energy resources

N74-15661 Research and education in management of

large-scale technical prograns (NASA-CR-136563)

N74- 15671 NASA/Drexel prograi --- research effort in

large-scale technical programs managerent for application to urban problems

N74-15672 BUILD: A connunity development simulation gare, appendix a

N74-15673 The connunity development workshop, appendix B.

174-15674 NASA Ranagement technology, appendix C

N74-15675 The NASA planning process, appendix D --- as useful planning approach for solving urban problems

N74-15676 Urban simulation and gaaing: Preliminary experience and perspectives, appendix F

N74-15678 Science leadership for tomorrov: The role of

schools of public affairs and universities in
meeting needs of public science agencies

N74-15683 A noise exposure forecast evaluation of the

Monterey Peninsula Airport (AD-769814 )

N74-15951 Planning applications in east central florida --

Brevard County (374-10248]

N74-160 10 Principles for long-term development of academy's research netvork --- Huagarian Academy of Science

N74-16649 Pederal Energy Organization: A staff analysis

N74-16669 Translations of South and East Asia, no. 450 [JPRS-61035]

N74-16682 Problems encountered in implementing design to a

cost in najor Air Force weapon system
acquisition programs
( AD-769912]

N74-17692 General aviation cost impact study. Volume 1:

Executive Summary ( AD-771603]

N74-17779 General aviation cost impact study. Volume 2:

Research nethodology ( AD-771606)

N74-17780 General aviation cost inpact study. Volure 3:

Planning guide ( AD-771759)

N74-17781 water supply studies --- management and planning of water supplies in California

N74-18027 Water demand studies

central and southern California regions

N74-18028 The system of observations for the first worldwide GARP experiment

N74-18271 Application of Earth Resources Techaology

Satellite data to urban developaent and regional planning: Test site - County of Los Angeles (E74-10365 )

N74-18974 Management of natural resources through automatic

cartographic inventory --- France ( 874-10378)

N74-18987 Aerospace test planning and conduct disciplines --- application to system level spacecraft test

N74-19 128 Report on current research at the Instituto de

Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE-235-RI/033)


Legal and institutional analysis of aircraft and

airport noise and apportionnent of authority bet veen Federal, State, and local governments (PB-225 149/4GA)

N74-19898 Development of a technology assessment and

advanced technology transfer program for the
Department of the Army, part 1
( AD-772087)

N74-20631 A Dassault Dossier: Aircraft acquisition in France [ AD-774598)

374-20681 planning applications in east central Florida

Brevard County ( E74-10448)

N74-21973 ERTS-1 data user investigation of the use of ERTS

i na gery in reservoir management and operation
--- New England
( 874-10453)

N74-21978 Relevance of ERTS to the State of Ohio (374-10483)

N74-22007 Application of remote sensors to ar y facility


N74-22621 Use of ERTS-A, Skylab, and supporting aircraft to

enhance resource management (374-10498]

N74-22949 Review of the management structure and acquisition

plan of the SANGUINE system --- research project for developent of naval commun ication system (AD-776257]

N74-25712 Investigation of Skylab inagery for regional

[E74- 10522)

N74-25844 Energy Reorganization Act of 1973 (GPO-25-108 )

N74-27442 Draft of proposed legislation to promote aore

effective management of certain related
functions of the Executive Branch

N74-27454 Planning applications in east central Florida (874-10623)

N74-28862 Executive sundary report on quality and connand

program assessments --- analysis of CH-54 helicopter logistics and maintenance support ( AD-779518)

N74-29408 Executive summary report on CH-54A assessient and

comparative fleet evaluations (AD-779517)

N74-29409 Design and operation of National Environmental Research Center

N 74-29609 Guidelines for energy conservation for immediate

implementation; small business and light
(FPC/OC E/1)

N74-30384 Third Earth Resources Technology Satellite-1

Symposiua. Volume 1: Technical Presentations,
section A

N74-30705 ERTS-1 Role in land management and planning in


N74-30731 Evaluation of ERTS-1 data for acquiring land use

data of northern Megalopolis New England ( PAPER-L5)

N74-30 733 The application of ERTS-1 data to the land use

planning process --- Wisconsin ( PAPER-L8 )

N 74-30736 Impact of ERTS-1 inages on managenent of New

Jersey's coastal zone (PAPER-L12)

N74-30 740 Third Earth Resources Technology Satellite-1

Sya posiun. Volume 1: Technical présentations, section B (NASA-SP-351-VOL-1-SECT-B ]

N74-30 774 Economic aspects of prototyping

N 74-31461 Creative advanced design: A key to reduced life-cycle costs

N74-31462 Operations planning siaulation: Kodel study (NASA-CR-120429 ]

N74-32404 Nuaer ically controlled industrial equipment:

Progress and problems (B-140389)

N74-32922 PEDSIN status report

N74-33698 Data analysis techniques applied to performance Beasurement data


Apollo experience report: Apollo lunar surface

experiaents package data processing system
( NASA-TN-D-7781)

N74-34318 The star nethodology for short-haul

transportation: Transportation systea iapact
ass es sient
(R-1359-DOT )

N74-34427 TASSIN: A transportation and air shed sinulation

model. Volune 1: Case study of the Boston region (PB-232933/2]

N74-34440 An evaluation of the utility of ERTS-1 data for

napping and developing natural resources of Iran ( 874-10758)

N74-34734 NANI GBBENT SYSTEMS DOD's Space Test Program procedures for payload nanagement

A 74-32319 An approach to evaluation of a computer aided Ban agerent systea

A74-38568 Managenant of NASA's major projects ( NASA-CR-135989)

N74-10879 HANGAN BSB Manganese

Hanipulator system aan-aachine interface

evaluation prograa technology assessient
( NASA-CR-120218 ]

MSPC Skylab Orbital workshop, volume 5

Role of nan in flight experiment payloads, phase

1, appendices 1 and 2 --- Spacelab project
( NASA-CR-120398-APP-1-2 )

174-31579 AANPONER Physics in perspective. Volune 2, part C:

Statistical data (auxiliary material collected
by the staff and soue reabers of the data panel)
( AD-772540 )

N74-22327 A Markovian model for assessient of personnel

hiring plans
( NA SA-TN-D-7640 ]

Nanufacturing exercise involved in the redesign of
the Hawker Siddeley Trident /tri-jet/ fuselage

A74-16445 World technological level and how it is deterained

N74-11752 Investigation of technological development according to patent aaterials

N74-11756 Building and motivating a manufacturer's rep organization

N74-12584 The design, development, and presentation of a

pilot seninar called technology and opportunity:
A nev approach for ninority business
(NASA-CR-139641 ]

A statement of policy for inplerenting the

requirenents of the 1972 Pederal Water Pollution Control Act Amnendnents and certain requirerents of the 1972 Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act

N74-31393 NARIJER VBIOS-HERCORI 1973 Mariner Ven us/Mercury '73 - 1 strategy of cost control

Design of a ground control systes to operate

donestic and aaritine satellites
(AIAA PAPER 74-483 )

A74-28613 The ESRO HA ROTS programae naritine satellite

A74-44328 HARKBT RBS BA RCI 0.5, aerospace industry at the crossroads response to European coupetition

A74-116 10 Development of requirements for, and evaluation

of, manufacturer advanced design aircraft (SAB PAPER 730948 ]

A74- 17541 Concorde - Testing the market --- passenger utilization prognosis


The point-of-sale narket

174-12585 Point-of-sale: An idea becones an industry

An approach to developing the narket for space

shuttle payloads: Business/public policy issues
and international narketing considerations

174-33413 DARKBTING The Aer italia-Lockheed agreenent - The package

also includes the Lancer --- G-222 and p-104
military aircraft narketing

174-23877 Those Concorde econonics again

474-35668 The 197'3 WESCON technical papers, voluae 17 --

nanufacturing and narketing of electronic

Evaluating the marketplace

174-12581 How to plan varketing strategy --- buying process aodel

N74-12582 Successful narketing and nev product introduction --- for electronic equipment

N74-12583 Building and notivating a nanufacturer's rep organization

N74-12584 Systens design opportunities

N74-12587 The agent as a vehicle for export marketing

N74-12599 Technology transfer-transportation (NASA-CR-140049)


A Harkovian nodel for assessient of personnel

hiring plans
( NASA-TN-D-76401

Cost effectiveness as applied to the Viking Lander
systems-level thecual developent test prograi

A74-36017 BASS BALANCE silitary specification for weight control

procedural guide


TASSI A: a transportation and air shed sinulation

sodel. Volume 1: Case study of the Boston region (PB-232933/21

N74-34440 DUTERIILS HANDLIIG Air transportation of hazardous naterials

A74-22640 Operational and accidental petroleus product

losses and their control and prevention 2nd
revised and enlarged edition/ --- Russian book

A74-36 137
Pailure analysis of belicopter external

cargo-handling systers
(2D-767254 )

174-13729 Study for identification of Beneficial Uses of

Space (BUS) (phase 2). Volune 1: Executive
(NASA-CR-120285 )

Directory of research activities on in-situ

COD posites

174-17664 SSD test baseline sunary --- standardized test

procedures for acceptance testing and quality
control of aerospace vehicle components

174-19121 LATIBOATICAL AODELS Detersining an optinal set of research experirents

A74-19569 Life cycle systen/cost effectiveness --- models for decision saking

A74-20931 A dyaanic Rodel of interacting comercial units

174-37655 The starship as an exercise in econonics --

interstellar travel as function of national

174-40181 On sone rethods of technological forecasting


Mathematical methods of optimal planning

development and use of energy systems

Econometric nodels: Their application to the

economic and energy sectors

174-17660 The administration of transportation sodeling

projects --- Bana geaent and decision saking
( PB-224846/6GA)

974-186 31
A Markovian model for assessment of personnel
hiring plans

N74-28462 Introductory cemarks to vorkshop on applications of modeling and users needs

174-35020 ABASURING INSTRUABITS Radio spectrue reasurement systes - Current applications, experience, results

Najor Iten Special Study (HISS), AH-16 nain

transsission assy, universal
( AD-772983)

Design of a classification schene for pechanical

parts centered on fabrication group technology (CRIP-NC-49)

174-22 154 ABDICAL BL BCTRONICS Needs and trends in aedical electronics 1973: Session 13 overview

974-12600 ABDICAL BQUIPABIT Skylab aedical technology utilization TAAS PAPBR 74-175

A74-42111 clinical engineering and the aedical instrunea tation sackets

N74-12601 The Medical Instrument Company assay: 24 carat or fool's gold?

174-12616 clinical engineering as a resource for new product developaeat


International medical information systeis --- with
On-line Computerized data Ranagerent

Pacific satellite health information study
( PB-232 367/31


Evaluation of ERTS-1 data for acquiring land use
data of northern Negalopolis --- Nev Bagland

174-30733 IBRCURI (ABT IL) Nercury

N74-15252 UBTIL PITIGOB Risk analysis - A prograi nanagement tool --- for environnental problems and aircraft setal fatigue

A74-20987 UBTIL PLITBS Advanced Metallic Air Vehicle Structure Program (AIXA PAP BR 74-3361


The ABROS cocket prograi --- EOV and combined
payloads for vertical aeroponic paraneters

174-17162 A GARP Atlantic Tropical Bxperirent (GATE)

international operations plan. Part 2: Ship

174-33896 ABTBOROLOGICAL SERVICES At the main administration of the bydroneteorological service

174-23180 LTBOROLOGI Report of the 58th National Conference on Neights

and dea sures, 1973

(NBS-SP-3911 ARTHODOLOGI User needs and applications for renote sensing

174-25388 ABTROLOGI Netrication and planning to neet its demands in

a eros pace engineering and nanufacturing
( SAE PAPER 730924 )


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