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15 페이지 - History of Architecture in all COUNTRIES, from the Earliest Times to the Present Day.
233 페이지 - Alexander's successes, is one of the most remarkable facts in the history of the human race, and one of those most pregnant with important consequences.
357 페이지 - Lectures on the History of Rome, from the Earliest Times to the Fall of the Western Empire.
193 페이지 - ATHENS: ITS RISE AND FALL : with Views of the Literature, Philosophy, and Soc-.ial Life of the Athenian People. By Sir LYTTON BULWER, MP, MA 2 vols.
533 페이지 - Agrippina. see. her son upon the throne, led her on at last to crime of the deepest dye. She took advantage of her position to poison the unhappy Claudius in the sixty-fourth year of his age, and the fourteenth of his reign. In the reign of Claudius several useful and important works were constructed ; the empire received further consolidation ; and in one direction its bounds were considerably extended. Of the ' works,' the most remarkable were the ' Aqua Claudia ' and the
20 페이지 - Vol. II., No. 2374. The Fasti Capitolini (discovered at Rome on the site of the ancient Forum, partly in the year 1547, partly in 1817 and 1818, and still preserved in the Museum of the Capitol), a list of the Roman magistrates and triumphs from the commencement of the Republic to the end of the reign of Augustus. Best edition of the fragments discovered in 1547, the second of Sigonius, Venet.

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