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Eldad, with Medad, encouraged to undertake the em.

ployment assigned them , 234

Elders, seventy, the appointment of them ibid.

Elim, when the Israelites went thither 79

Like a place described by Strabo , ibid.

Enchantments, heathen, for tho cure of the bitings

of serpents, of what kind 323

Used by Balaam, of what sort ,.. 347

Eratosthenes, his character and writings 26b

Eusebius Pamphilus, when he flourished 281

His Chronicon, see Chronicon.

His account of Prometheus 165

Ezra, in what manner he might add to the books of

Scripture 500

FABULISTS, their story of Hercules' killing the

eagle which preyed upon Prometheus' liver 168

Faith, mankind not easily brought to the obedience of it 195

GAMES, public, how managed in the most ancient times 181

Gerizim, see Ebal.

Gibeonites, their stratagem to obtain a league with

Israel considered 438

Girgashites, whether they fled from Joshua into Africa 488

God of Israel, who the person so called 100

Greece, its cities chose their gods '. 150

Greeks, the names of their gods and heroes from Egypt 167

HARMONIA, wife of Cadmus, whose daughter'..'.. 155

Ha/or city, burnt by the Israelites 469

Halirrothius, son of Neptune, killed by Mars, when 151
Heathen writers mention bitter waters in the parts

where the Israelites travelled 65

Thought it impossible to see Gon 99

Their philosophical notions of their gods 102

Their newer theology, whence its rise .... 103

Miracles recorded by them, not so well attested

as those of Moses , , 384

Hercules, an old Egyptian hero, so called .., 16S

Herodotus M'rote before Manetho 264

Horeb the same, or a contiguous mountain to, Sinai . 81
Hobab, son of Jethro, journeys with the Israelites . 232
Hur assists Aaron to hold up Moses' hands, whilst'the
Israelites were in battle 86



He and Aaron hare the charge of the people 99

Did not probably outlive the sin of the golden calf. 176
Hyginus, hit account of Prometheus 103

JABIN, king of Hazor, conquered by the Israelites 46fl

Ida, a mountain both of Crete and Phrygia 173

Jcthro visits Moses and the camp of the Israelites ... 90
Invites Aaron and the ciders of Israel to his sacrifice 91,
His advice to Moses about the government of the

people considered .•. ibid.

Jordan, whether the Israelites could have passed it

without a miracle 418, 421

Josephus, his account of the cure of the waters at

Marah 68

His opinion about the gathering of the Manna .. 73

His citations from Manetho considered 269

Joshua, his behaviour at the return of the spies from

searching Canaan 238

Appointed by God to lead the Israelites at the

death of Moscs 366

Takes the command of the people 410

Sends the spies to Jericho '. 411

Sets up the stones in Gilgal 416

Revives the use of circumcision 421

Cannot be supposed to have revived it without a

special command of Gob for so doing 427

Conquers the five kings of Canaan 455

His relation of the miracle of the sun and moon's

standing still considered 457, &c.

Hpw long engaged in war with the Canaanites ... 471

Prepares to divide Canaan ibid.

His inheritance, what and where 485

His admonitions to the Israelites before he died 492, &c.

His death '494

1 Whether ho wrote the book called by his name.. 495
Indians, their itinerant enchanters, who cured the

bitings of serpents 325

Israelites, their murmurings at Marah (53

March to Elim , 70

Distressed with want in the wilderness of Sin . . 71
Relieved by a miraculous supply of quails and manna ib.

< ' ' Want water at ilephidim 77

• 1 Their march to Sinai, when 97


Forced Aaron to make the calf , 175

Whether I hey danced naked at their games...... 186

Whether they, set up the calf in imitation of the

Hgyptian sacra 192

Upon what principle they fori, into the idolatry

of the <»lf jfls

How taxed to erect the tabernacle 21 j

Left Sinai, when .'...%•."* 1«... ,v... 232

Will not march, when required to go up to enter

Canaan ....... .• v 238

What punishment was denounced against them for >

this ■>!>*.;in.Itv ■ „ 1230

Attempt Canaan, but are defeated ;ibid.

'Their murmurings at Kadesh 311

Their encampments from Punon to Fiagah...... 333

Conquer Sihon, king of the Amoritcs 334

Reduce the kingdom of Uashan 335.

Could not bo deceived in tlie miracles recorded by

Moses to have been written before them 384

At no time disposed to an implicit belief of, or

dependence upon, Moses 387

Their miraculous passage over Jordan >. 415

Besiege and tako Jericho 431

Defeated at Ai 433

Whether they were commanded absolutely to de-
stroy the inhabitants of Canaan 439

Whether they could make any league with those

nations 445

Whethor justifiable in their treatment of the Gi-

beonitcs ...'. 454

Their embassy about the altar of Jordan 487

Jupiter of Crete contemporary with Moses 110

Succeeds his father in the kingdom of Crete - 110

Marries his sister Juno , 120

His other wives and children ibid.

How many generations he lived before the Trojan

war .4 • .••■ 1*81

11 is politics and improvements of his country . .. 141
Who the persons were that acted with him, and

what employments thoy had under him 143

How he and his ministers came to be rnoru highly

thought of in after ages than all other heroe*.. 145
His tiroes, why called the silver age • 146

• •' Page.

Whatoppositionhemetwith,and from whom, vb.& seq.

Who were his allies ;148

Travels from Crete into other countries 149

Said to travel all over the world ibid.

Was a useful instructor of, and benefactor to,

foreign kingdoms 150

In Arcadia, when 151

Worshipped the lights of heaven 153

Was not himself worshipped by Lycaon ....... ibid.

Was at Cadmus' wedding 155

In love with Semele 155

How it came to pass that we should have no ac-
count of his death 156

The new scenes of life opened by him 160

Severe in his punishment of Prometheus, and why 162
Temple of the Arcadian Jupiterra fanGy about it 241
Children of Jupiter did not succeed him in his

Crctau dominions 160

Justin Martyr misquotes Diodorus Siculus 40<i

KINGS of Canaan, how many conquered by Joshua 469

LACEDEMONIANS of the stock df Abraham ... 107

Their kings 109

Laws, no word in Homer for a written law 402

Some of Moses' laws considered 403

League, what the sense of that word 450

Lelcx, his age 106

An Israelite 107

Settlements made by him ibid.

Levites appointed to the service of the tabernacle. . . . 229
Aur«', who so called when nations were first formed.. 160

Lucian, his ridicule of the fable of Prometheus 164

Lupercalia, when instituted 153

Lycaop, king of Arcadia, his family, character, and

manners 151

Entertains Jupiter, is killed by him ibid.

Did not think Jupiter a god 153

Said to be turned into a wolf, why 152

Lycaeus, Jupiter so called, an altar erected to him... 153
Lycurgus, his opinion of written laws 397

MANNA miraculously given.to the Israelites 71

What it was ibid.

Whence its nam* 72

How to be gathered ibid.

An onier of it laid up in a pot for future ages ... 76

Ceased, when 427

Manetho, who, his character 259

His books, their nature and composition, and

contents 261, 265

His view and design in them 261

Mark, St. a monkish fable concerning his festival ... 241

Marah, no place so called by profane writers 65

Marsham, Sir John, account of his Canon Chronicus 293
His account of the brazen serpent considered 318, 319
Marsi, their supposed abilities to cure the bitings of

serpents 323

Minerva, her difference with Neptune about the Athe.

nians 151

Minos, his family, genealogy, and time of life 128

Miriam and Aaron oppose Moses 236

Her death 311

Mneves, the Egyptian, who 401

Governed his people by unwritten laws 403

Moabites ensnare the Israelites into idolatry k.. 353

Monceius, his account of Aaron's making the Israelites ■

naked 185

Moon and sun, the miracle of their standing still,

the word of Joshua considered 456, &c.

Moses leads the Israelites into the wilderness of Shur. 63
, Perhaps not led to Marah by the pillar of the

cloud 64

How tried and proved at Marah 65

Smites the rock at Rephidim 77

His hands holden up give victory to the Israelites 86
With Nadab, Aaron, and Abihu, sees the God

of Israel 99

In the mount forty days and nights ibid.

Finds the Israelites at their idolatrous games .... 176
Melts and reduces to powder the golden calf.... ibid.
Expostulates with Aaron the idolatry of the people ibid.

Goes the second time up the mount 214

Exhorts the Israelites in the last month of his life 366

Delivers his book to the Levites ibid.

His death N 367

Where buried . , ibid.

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