Travels in Europe, Asia Minor and Arabia

T. Cadell and W. Davies ; and Peter Hill, Edinburgh, 1805 - 396페이지


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352 페이지 - Our usual mode of proceeding was to set out about two o'clock in the morning and continue travelling till nine, ten, or eleven, when an encampment was formed for the day ; but it several times occurred that We were obliged to go on until five or six o'clock in the evening; and the fatigue of those days is not easy to be described.
127 페이지 - Sirat. which they say is laid over the midst of hell, and described to be finer than a hair, and sharper than the edge of a sword...
375 페이지 - MohafFah arrived. I flew with a bowl full of water to my friend; who drank but little of it, and in great haste. Alas! it was his last draught! His lovely child, too, eagerly moistened her mouth of roses, blistered by the noxious blast...
323 페이지 - ... as he could perceive no marks of violence. He therefore judiciously concluded he had been delivered by an angel ; and eagerly spread the report, to avoid the reprehension he merited. The old man, on the other hand, asserted the same thing to his disciples, and preached his doctrine with more earnestness than ever.
353 페이지 - Two small coffee-pots are employed ; in one is boiled the water, generally mixed with the remaining coffee of a former meal; in the other is put the fresh powder, which is sometimes placed near the fire, to become heated before the boiling water is added to it. The mixture is then boiled two or three times, taking care to pour a few drops of cold water upon it the last time, or to place a cloth dipped in cold water over it; then it is allowed to subside, and afterwards poured into the coffee-pot...
372 페이지 - The dear child slept soundly from fati.?Tie ; and the departure of the caravan, which we hastened as much as in our power, was a moment of joy. LITTLE conversation took place between my companion and myself : he was very ill ; and we both dreaded the return of noon, when in general the heated air began to affect us, and travelled ori in silent hope of speedy relief.
353 페이지 - They also use a preparation from the husks, called cafe a la sultane, which is made by pounding and roasting them, and is esteemed an excellent beverage. The greatest care is taken of the powdered coffee, which is kept closely pressed down in a wooden box, and the quantity required for use is scraped from the surface with a wooden spoon. Two small pots are often used ; in the one the water is boiled (generally mixed with the remains of the preceding meal) ; into the other is put the fresh coffee,...
323 페이지 - In this reverse of fortune, his situation excited the pity of a girl who was slave to the gaoler, and she determined to give him his liberty. An opportunity soon offered to effect her design. One day, when the gaoler was gone to bed intoxicated, and in a profound sleep, she gently took the keys from under his pillow, and after opening the door to the old man, returned them to their place unperceived by her master. The next day, when .the gaoler went to visit his prisoner, he was extremely astonished...
324 페이지 - before his setting, turning their faces towards Jerusalem ; and let them say " three times, God Almighty ! God Most High ! God Most Great ! Let them " observe only the second and third festival : Let them fast but two days annu" ally : Let them not wash the prepuce, nor drink beer, but as much wine as " they think proper : And, lastly, let them abstain from the flesh of carnivorous
372 페이지 - I soon observed an afflicting change had taken place in the countenance of my friend. It was now that, in aggravation of all my sufferings, I foresaw the impossibility of his long resisting the violently burning blasts which, with little intermission, continued to assail us.

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