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me; this

Clo. I can't, upon my soul, sir; allons ! now we 1 Brav. Nay, then, by your leave, old gentleshall come to a right understanding. [They fight. man.So, bring him along. Sero. Help! murder ! help!

D. Lew. Aw, aw, aw ! Clo. Allons! to our better acquaintance, sir [They gag him, and carry him head and heels. Ah, ha! [Don Duart falls.] he has it! Never

[Exeunt. pushed better in my life, never in my life, split me!

SCENE IV.-A chamber. Serv. Oh, my master's killed! help, ho! murder! help!

Elvira and her Servants, with lights. Clo. Hey! why, faith, child, that's very true, Elo. Is not my brother come home yet? as thou sayest; and so, the devil take the hind Serv. I have not seen him, madan.

[Exit Clodio.

Elo. Go and seek him; go, all of ye, every

where—I'll not rest 'till your return; take away Enter Officers.

your lights too; for my devotions are written in 1 Offi. Ilow now! Who's that cries murder? my heart, and I shall read them without a taper. Sero. Oh, my master's murdered! some of you

[Exeunt Servants. follow

way he took; let's after himhelp! murder! help!


Enter Clodio, stealing in. 2 Offi. Tis Don Duart.

Clo. Ah, poor Clody! what will become of 1 Offi. So, pride has got a fall; he has paid thee? Thy condition, I'm afraid, is but very infor't now; you have met with your match, faith, different-Followed behind, stopped before, and sir. Coine, let's carry the body to the good lady, beset on both sides! Ah, pox o'my wit ! I must his sister, Donna Elvira; you pursue the mur be bantering, must I? But let me see—where derer. I'll warrant him some civil gentleman; ye am I?-An odd sort of a house, this—all the need not make too much haste; for, if he does doors open, and nobody in't; no noise, no whisescape, 'tis no great matter Come along. per, no dog stirring ! [Ereunt with the body. Elo. Who's that?

Clo. Ha! a woman's voice!
Enter Carlos and Don LEWIS.

Elv. Who are you? Who waits there? SteD. Lew. Come along, Charles; I'm sure 'tis phano ! Julia ! she, by their description; and, if that brawny Clo. Gadso ! 'tis the lady of the house : she dog, the captain, has played her no foul play, can't see my unfortunate face, however. Faith, she shan't want ransom, if all my state can pur- I'll e'en make a grave speech, tell her my case, chase it.

and beg her protection. Car. Now, fortune guide us. [Ereunt. Elv. Speak! what are you?

Clo. Madam, a most unfortunate young genEnter JAQUES and Bravoes, with a chair. tleman. Jaques. That's he, the tallest-be sure you Elo. I am sure you are a man of most ill spare his person-only force him into this chair, manners, to press thus boldly to my private and carry him as directed.

chamber. Whither would you ? What want 1 Brav. What must be done with the old fel- you? low?

Clo. Gracious madam, hear me ; I am a Jaques. We must have him, too, lest he should stranger most unfortunate, and my distress has dog the other, and be troublesome. If he won't made me rudely press for your protection : if come quietly, bring him any how-Follow softly; you refuse it, madam, I am undone for ever, by we shall snap them as they turn the corner. -I say, madam, I am utterly undone—'Twas [Ereunt afier them. coming, faith!

[ Aside.

Elo. Alas! his fear confounds him. What A noise of follow, &c.Enter Clodio hastily is it pursues you, sir ? from the other side.

Cio. An outcry of officers; the law's at my Clo. Ah, pox of their noses ! the dogs have heels, madam, though justice I'm not afraid of. smelled me out! What shall I do! If they take Elv. How could you offend the one and not me I shall be hanged, split me-Ha! a door the other? open! faith, I'll in, at a venture. [Erit. Clo. Being provoked, madam, by the inso

lence of my enemy, in my own defence, I just Re-enter Bravoes *with Carlos in a chair ; some

now left him dead in the street. I ain a very hauling in Don Lewis.

young man, madam, and I would not willingly D. Lew. Oh, my poor boy, Charles !-Charles! be hanged in a strange country, methinks; which --belp! murder

I certainly shall be, unless your tender charity 1 Brav. Hold your peace, fool, if you'd be protects me -Gad, I have a rare tongue! I have well used.

a rare tongue, faith!

[Aside. D. Lex. Sir, I will not hold my peace; dogs! Elv. Poor wretch, I pity him! rogues! villains! help! murder !

Clo. Madam, your house is now my only sanc

make you.

tuary, my altar; therefore, I beg you, upon my fairly in a storm at sea again ! for I'm plaguily knees, madam, take pity of a poor bleeding afraid thou were not born to be drowned. victim.

[Retires. Elo. Are you a Castilian?

Elo. Stand off; my sorrows will have way. Clo. No, madam, I was born in-in-in-Oh, my unhappy brother ! such an end as this, what d'ye call'um-in

thy haughty mind did long since prophesy; Elv. Nay, I ask not with purpose to betray and to encrease my misery, thy wretched sister you; were you ten thousand times a Spaniard, wilfully must make a breach of what she has vowthe nation we Portuguese most hate, in such dis- ed, or thou fall unrevenged. tress, I yet would give you my protection.

Enter Governor and Servant. Cío

. May I depend upon you, madam ? Am I safe?

Gov. Where's this unhappy sight ? --Alas ! Elo. Safe as my power, my word, or vow can he's gone past all recovery. Reproof comes Enter that door, which leads you

now too late. to a closet; should the officers come, as you

Elo. It shall be so; I'll take the lighter evil of expect, they owe such reverence to my lodyings, the two, and keep the solemn vow, to which they'll search no further than my leave invites just Heaven was witness: the wounds of perthem.

jury never can be cured ; but justice may again Clo. D’ye think, madam, you can persuade o’ertake the murderer, when no rash vows prothem?

tect him. Elo. Fear not; I'll warrant you; away! Gov. Take comfort, niece. Clo. The breath of gods, and eloquence of

Elv. O forbear! Search for the murderer, angels, go long with you.

(Erit. and remove the body at your discretion, sir, tó Elv. Alas ! who knows but that the charity I be interred, while I shut out the offensive day, afford this stranger, perhaps my brother, else and here, in solitude, indulge my sorrow; therewhere, may stand in need of ? How he trembles ! fore, I beg my nearest friends, and you, my I hear his breath come short, hither. Be of com Jord, for some few days, to spare your charitafort, sir; once more I give you my


ble visits. mise for your safety.

Gov. I grieve for your misfortune, niece; but

since you'll have it so, we take our leaves. FareEnter Servant and Officers with Don Duarr's well bring forth the body. body.

[Ereunt Governor, Servants, 8c. Serv. Here, bring in the body-Oh, madam! Clo, Hey! what, are they gone away withmy master's killed !

out me, and by her contrivance, too !-Gadso! Elv. What sayest thou?

Elo. Whoe'er thou art, to whom I've given Serv. Your brother, madam, my master, young

means of life, to let thee see with what reDon Duart, is dead! he just now quarrelled with ligion I have kept my vow, come fearless forth, a gentleman, who unfortunately killed him in the while night's thy friend, and pass unknown!

Clo. If this is not love, the devil's in it. Elt. Ah, me!

[Aside. 1 Offi. We are informed, madam, that the Elo. Fly with thy utmost speed, where I may murderer was seen to enter this house, which never see thee more. made us press into it, to apprehend him.

Clo. Ay, that's her modesty. [Aside. Elo. Oh!

[Faints. Eld. And let that charitable faith, thou hast Serv. Help, ho! my lady faints !

found in me, persuade thee to atone thy crime Off. Give her air; she'll recover.

by penitence.

Clo. Poor soul! I may find a better way to Clo. Hey !Why, what the devil ! Am I thank thee for it. safer than I would be now ?—Exactly--I have Elv. You are at the door now; farewell for nicked the house to a hair-Just so I did at

[Exit Elvira. Paris, too, when I took a lodging at a bailiff's, Clo. Which is as much as to say, what would that had three writs against me - This dam- I give to see you again !--All in good time, child — ned closet, too, has ne'er a chimney to creep

[Erit. out atdh, poor Clody! would thou wert





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with me.


Enter JAQUES, and Servant, with a banquet, Enter Lovisa and JAQUES.

wine, and lights. Lou. Were they both seized?

Car. More riddles yet; I dreami sure ! Jag. Both, madam, and will be here im (JAQUES compliments Don Lewis to take his mediately. I ran before, to give your ladyship chair) notice.

D. Lew. For me? Sir, your most humble serLou. You know my orders; when they are vant : [Sits.] Charles, sit down, boy. Ha, ha, entered, bar all the doors, and, on your lives. ha! a parcel of silly dumb dogs ! Is this all the let every one be mute, as I directed-1 must re-business? Puppies? did they think I would not tire a while.

(Ereunt. come to supper, without being brought neck and

leels to it? Enter Bravoes, who let Carlos out of the chair,

Car. Amazement all! What can it end in? while others throw down Don Lewis, gagged D. Lew. Never trouble thy head, prithee; pox and bound.

of questions : fall to, man -Delicate food truCur. So, gentlemen, you find I've not resistentlyMereDumb! prithee give's a glass of wine, you--but now, pray, let me know my crime? to wet the way a little. Come, Charles, here's, Why have you brought me hither? Where ain here's--honest Dumb's health to thee: [Drinks.] 1? If in prison, look in my face; perhaps you Dumb's a very honest fellow, faith. have mistaken me for another [JACQUES

[Claps JAQUES on the head, holds up his lanthorn, nous and exit with the Car. What harmony's this? A flourish. rest.] You seem to know me, sir-All dumb D. Lew. Rare music, indeed ; let's eat, and and vanished! my fortune's humorous; she sports hear it. [Music here.) Mighty fine, truly

have not made a heartier meal a great while. D. Lew. Aw, aw !

[Here Jaques offers a night-cap and gown to Car. Do you speak no other language ? Don Lewis.} Well, and what's to do now, lad? D. Lew, Aw, aw aw !

[Louder. For me, boy? Odso, we lie here, do we mighty Car. Nay, that's the same.

well that again, faith; (for I was just thinking to D. Lew. Oh!

(Sighing: o home, but that I had ne'er a lodging :) nay, I Car. Poor wretch! I am afraid he wouid always said honest Dumb knew how to make his speak, if he could.

friends welcome -Well, but it's time enough

yet; sha’nt we crack a bottle first? Charles is Re-enter JAQUES, and Servants with lights, who melancholy. [JAQUES shakes his head. What, release Don LEWIS.

that's as much as to say, if I won't go, I shall be Sure they think I walk in my sleep, and won't carried—Sir, your hunble servant. (Puts on the speak, for fear of waking me.

gown.] Well, Charles, good-night, since they D. Lew. Sir, your most humble servant; and won't let me have a mind to stay anv longer. now my tongue's at liberty, pray, will you do I'd give a pistole, though, to know what this will me the favour to shew me the way home come to ! Dumb, come along. again? What a pox ? are you all dumb!

s Ereunt Don Lewis and JAQUES, (Ereunt mute.] Well, sir, and pray what are

Car. I am buried in amazement-[Music is Charles ! ah! my dear boy!

heard.] Ha, more music? I could almost say,

{Kisses him. 'twere welcome now, Car. My uncle! Nay, then, my fortune has [Music again. Don Lewis appears above. not quite forsaken me. How came you hither, D. Lew. So, at last I have groped out a winsir?

dow, that will let me into the secret; now, if D. Lew. Faith, like a corpse into a church, boy, any foul play should happen, I am pretty near with my heels foremost ; but, prithee, how didst the street, too, and can bawl out murder to the thou come?

watchBut, mum, the door opens.
Car. You saw the men, that seized us; they
forced me into a chair, and brought me.

D. Lexo. Well, but a pox playue them, what is Hey! ah! what dull rogues were we not to sus-
all this for? What would they have?

pect this before !Dumb's a sly dog : 'tis she, Car. That we must wait their pleasure to be faith-tum, dum, dum - here will be fine informed of; they have indeed alarmed my rea work presently, toll, dum di, dum-Now, I son, not my conscience; that's still at rest, fear-shall see what mettle the boy's made of; tum, less of any danger.

dum, dum. D. Lew. The sons of whores won't speak nei Lou. You seem amazed, sir. ther. Hey day! what's to be done, now? Car. Your pardon, lady, if I confess it raises

Vol. II.

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you, sir.

to our sex.

much my wonder, why a stranger, friendless and fades (as time leaves none unvisited) what charm unknown, should meet, unmerited, such floods of shall then secure my love? Your riches? Nocourtesy : for, if I mistake not, once this day be an honest mind's above the bribes of fortune :fore, I've tasted of your bounty.

for, though distressed, a stranger, and in want, Lou. I have forgot that; but I confess I saw I thus returu them thankless. Be modest, and

be virtuous, I'll adınire you; all good men will Car. Why, then, was I forced hither? If you adore you; and, when your beauty and your forrelieved me only from a soft compassion of my tune are no more, will still deliver down your fortune, you could not think but such humanity name revered ages. might, on the slightest hint, have drawn me to Lou. If I appear too free a lover, and talk bebe grateful.

yond the usual courage of my sex, forgive me; Lou. I own I could not trust you to my for-I'll be again the fearful, softening wretch, that tune; I knew not but some other might' have you would have me : my wishes shall be dumb, seen you—beside, methought you 'spoke less kind unless my eyes may speak them: for pity speak, to me before.

for I confess your hard reproofs have struck upCar. If my poor thanks were offered in too on my heart ! Oh! say you will be mine, and plain a dress, (as I confess, I am little practised make your own conditions. If you suspect my in the rules of graced behaviour) rather think me temper, bind me by the most sacred tie, and let ignorant, than rude, and pity what you cannot my love, my person, and my fortune, lawfully be pardon.

yours. Lou. Fie, you are too modest-how could you Car. Take heed ! Consider yet, if even this charge yourself with such a thought? I scarce humility be not the offspring of your first unruly can think 'tis in your nature to be rude—at least passion : but since, at least, it carries something

a better claim to my concern, I'll be at once sinCar. 'Twere more unpardonable there. cere, and tell you, 'tis impossible that we should

Lou. Nay, now you are too strict on the other ever meet in love. side; for there may happen times, when, what Lou. Impossible! Oh, why? the world calls rudeness, a woman might be Car. Because my love, my vows, and faith, brought to pardon; seasons, when even modesty are given to another : therefore, since you find were ignorance -Pray be scated, sir-nay, I dare be honest, be early wise, and now release I'll have it so. Suppose a woman were reduced me to my fortune. to offer love; suppose yourself the man so loved; Lou. I cannot part with you. where could you tind, at such a time, excuses for Car. You must! I cannot with my reasonyour modesty?

Pray, let me pass! Why do you thus hang upon Cur. If I could love again, my eyes would tell my arm, and strain your eyes, as if they had powher; if not, I should not easily believe, at least, er to hold me? in manners, would not seem to understand her. Lou. Ungrateful! Will you go? Take heed !

Lou. Oh, they have such subtle ways to steal for you bave proved I am not mistress of my into a lover's heart! way, if she's resolute, not all temper. your strength of modesty can guard you : she'd Car. I see it, and am sorry, but needed not press you still with plainer, stronger proofs; her this threat to drive me; for still I dare be just, lite, her fortune should be yours : for, where a and force myself away.

[Erit Carlos. woman loves, such gifts as these are trifles. Thus, Lou. Oh, torture ! left! refused ! despised ! like the lazy minutes, would she steal them on, Have I thrown off my pride for this? Oh, insupwhich once but past, are quite forgotten. portable ! If I am not revenged, may all the [Gives him jewels. well.

(Walks disordered. Car. Is't possible! can there be such a wo D. Lew. What a pox! are all these fine man?

things come to nothing, then ?-Poor soul! she's Lou. Fie ! I could chide you now; you would in great heat, truly, -Ah, silly rogue ! -now, not, sure, be thought so slow of apprehension. could I find in my heart to put her into good hu

Cur. I would not willingly be thought so vain, mour again—I have a great mind, faith--Odd, or so uncharitable, to suppose there could be she's a hummer !

A strange mind, I ha'nt such a one.

had such a mind a great while-Hey! ay; I'll Lou. Nay, now, you force me to forsake my do't faith-if she does but stay now; ah, if she sex, and tell you plain-I cannot speak it-yet does but stay! [As he is getting from the balcon you must know-I am this creature so reduced ny, Louisa is speaking to JAQUES.]

Lou. Who waits there?
Cur. Monstrous !
Lou. What is't you start at?

Enter JAQUES. Car. Not for your beauty; though I confess Where's the stranger? you fair to a perfection, complete in all, that Jaq. Madam, I met him just now walking hasinay engage the eye: but, when that beauty tily about the gallery.

for you.

to fool away

Lou. Are all the doors fast?

SCENE II.-Changes to another room. Jaq. All barred, madam. Lou. Put out all your lights, too, and on your

Enter ANGELINA with a light. lives let no one ask or answer him any question : Ang. I cannot like this house; for now, as but be you still near to observe him.

going to my rest, my ears were alarmed with the

[Erit Jaques. cries of one, that called for help. I've seen Ah!

(Don Lewis drops down. strange faces, too, that carry guilt and terror in D. Lew. Odso, my back!

their looks; and yet the officer, that placed me Lou. Bless me, who's this ? what are you? here, appeared of honest thought-what can this D. Lew. Not above fifty, madam.

mean? no matter what, since nothing but the Lou. Whence come you? What is your busi- / loss of him I love, can worse befal me! hark, ness?

what noise! is the door fast ? ah ! D. Lew. Finishing.

[Going to shut it. Lou. Who shewed, who brought you hither? D. Lew. Dumb, honest Dumb.

Re-enter Carlos and JAQUES, listening. Lou. Will you be gone, sir? I have no time Car. Ha, another lady! and alone !

Ang. Ha, that voice !

[Amazed. D. Lew. Yes, but you have; what ! don't I Car. Save me, ye powers! and give me strength know?

to bear this insupportable surprise of rushing joy! Lou. Pray, sir, who? What is't you take me Ang. My Carlos-oh! for?

Car. 'Tis she! my long lost love, my living D. Lew. A delicate piece of work, truly, but Angelina! Aot finished; you understand me?

[Embraces her. Lou. You are mad, sir !

Jaq. Say you so, sir? this shall to my lady. D. Lew. I say, don't you be so modest ; for

[Erit Jaques. there are times, do you see, when even modesty Ang. Oh, let me hold you ever thus, lest fate is ignorance, (pray be seated, madam—nay, l'il again should part us. have it so) ah!

Car. 'Twas death, indeed, to part; but from so [Sits down, and mimics her behaviour to Carlos.) hard a separation, thus again to meet, is life re

Lou. Confusion! have I exposed myself to stored. this wretch, too !- had witnesses to my folly! Ang. Ob! I were happy, blessed above my pay, I deserve it.

[Stunds mute. sex, could but my plain simplicity of love deD. Lew. So, so, I shall bring her to ternis pre- serve your kind endearnients. sently-you have a world of pretty jewels here, Car. Is't possible, thou miracle of goodness, madam--ay, these now-these are a couple of that thou canst thus forget the misery, the want, fine large stones, truly; but, where a woman loves, the ruin my unhappy love has brought thee to? such gifts as these are trifles. [Mimics again. Trust me, that stormy thought has clouded even Lou. Insupportable ! within there!

the very joy I had to see thee.

Enter JAQUES and Louisa at a distance. Enter Servants and Bravoes.

Jaq. They are there; from hence, your ladyD. Lew. Hey!

[Rising. ship may hear them. Ser. Did your ladyship call, madam?

Lou. Leave me. D. Lew. I don't like her looks, faith. [Aside.

[Erit JAQUES, and Louisa listens. Lou. Here, take this fool, let him be gagged, Ang. I cannot bear to see you thus: for my tied neck and heels, and locked into a garret; sake, don't despond; for, while you seem in hope, away with him !

I shall easily be cheerful. D). Leu. Dumb! Dumb ! help, Dumb! Dumb! Car. Oh, thou engaging softness ! thy courage stand by me, Dumb! a pox of iny finishing, awe ! has revived ine; no, we'll not despair; the guarawe!

[They gag him, and carry him off dian power, that hitherto has saved us, may now Lou. The insolence of this fool was more pro- protect, and fix us happy. voking than the other's scorn; but I shall yet find Lou. Ila! so near acquaintedways to measure my revenge. [Exit Louisa.


Car. And yet our safety bids us part this moRe-enter Los in the dark.

ment. How came you hither?

Ang. The other, that made me captive, proved Car. What can this evil woman mean me? a worthy man, and placed me here, as a compaThe doors all barred; the lights put out; the nion to the lady of this dwelling. servants mute, and she with fury in her eyes now Car. Ha, to what end? shot regardless by me. I would the worst would Ang. He said, to be the advocate of his sucshew itself! Ha! yonder's a light; I'll follow it, cessless love; for he confessed he wooed her toand provoke my fortune.

[Erit. nourably.

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