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I know the lady, and her friends, and means, Mam. But wilt thou, Ulen,
The original of this disaster. Her brother Be constant to thy promise?
Has told me all.

Face. As my life, sir.
Sur. And yet you never saw her

Mum. And wilt thou insinuate what I am, and Till now?

praise me, Mam. Oh, yes! but I forgot : I have, believe And say I am a noble fellow? it,

Face. Oh, what else, sir? One of the treacherousest memories, I do think, And that you'll make her royal, with the stone, Of all mankind.

An empress, and yourself king of Bantam. Sur. What call you her brother?

Mam. Wilt thou do this? Mam. My lord

Face. Will I, sir ! He will not have his name known, now I think Mam. Lungs, my Lungs ! on't.

I love thee. Sur. A very treacherous memory!

Face. Send your stuff, sir, that my master Mam. Omy faith!

May busy himself about projection. Sur. Tut, it you ha' it not about you, pass it, Alam. Thou hast witched me, rogue ! Take, Till we meet next.

go. Mum. Nay, by this hand, 'tis true :

Face. Your jack and all, sir. He's one I honour, and my noble friend,

Mam. Thou art a villain— I will send my jack, And I respect his house.

And the weights too. Slave, I could bite thine ear! Sur. Heart! can it be,

Away; thou dost not care for me. That a grave sir, a rich, that has no need,

Face. Not I, sir. A wise sir, too, at other times, should thus, Mam. Come, I was born to make thee, my With his own oaths and arguments, make hard good weasel;

Set thee on a bench, and have thee twirl a chain, To gull himself!

With the best lord's vermin of them all.

Face. Away, sir.
Enter Face.

Mam. A count, nay, a count-palatine-
Face. Here's one from captain Face, sir,

Face. Good sir, go.

[To Surly. Alam, Shall not advance thee better; no, nor Desires you to meet him in the Temple Church,


[Exit Mammox. Some half hour hence, and upon earnest busi

Enter SUBTLE and Dol. Sir, if you please to quit us now, and come

Sub. Has he bit ? [He whispers Mammon. Face. And swallowed too, my Subtle. Again within two hours, you shall have

I have given him line, and now he plays, i'faith. My master busy examining of the works ;

Sub. And shall we twitch him ! And I will steal you in unto the party,

Face. Through both the gills. That

you may see her converse. Sir, shall I say A wench is a rare bait. You'll meet the captain's worship?

Sub. Dol, my lord What’shum's sister, you Sur. Sir, I will.

[Erit Face. Now, I am sure it is a bawdy-house;

Bear yourself stately. I'll swear it, were the marshall here to thank me; Dol. Oh, let me alone. The naming this commander doth confirm it. I'll not forget my race, I warrant you. Don Face! why 'tis the inost authentic dealer I'll keep my distance, laugh, and talk aloud : In these commodities—The superintendant

Have all the tricks of a proud scurvy lady, To all the quainter traffickers in town.

And be as rude as her woman. Him will I prove, by a third person, to find Face. Well said, Sanguine, The subtleties of this dark labyrinth;

Sub. But will he send his andirons ? Which, if I do discover, dear sir Mammon, Face. Ilis jack too; You'll give your poor friend leave, though no And’s iron shoeing-horn; I have spoken to him. philosopher,

Well, To laugh; for you that are, 'tis thought, shall I must not lose my wary gamester, yonder. weep.

Sub. Oh, monsieur Caution, that will not be

gulled? Enter Face.

Face. Ay; if I can strike a fine hook into him, Face. Sir, he does pray, you'll not forget. Sur. I will not, sir.

The Temple Church, there I have cast mine angle. Sir Epicure, I shall leave you.

(Exit. Well, pray for me; I'll about it. [One knocks. Mam. I follow you, straight.

Sub. What, more gudgeons ? Face. But do so, good sir, to avoid suspicion : Dol, scout, scout! stay, Face, you must go to the This gentleman has a parlous head.


[Erit Facr.


must now


Pray Heaven it be my Anabaptist. Who is't, If you coagulate, it is coagulated;

If you make it to fly, it flieth.
Dol. I know him not. He looks like an end Sub. Enough.

[Erit Face. of gold and silver-man.

This is heathen Greek to you-
Sub. God's-so ! 'tis he; he said he would send— What are you, sir ?
What call you him?

Ana. Please you, a servant of the exiled breThe sanctified elder, that should deal

thren, For Mammon's jack and andirons—Let him in. That deal with widows' and with orphans' goods, Stay,

And make a just account unto the saints; And help me off with my gown-Away,

A deacon. Madam, to your withdrawing chamber. Now, Sub.

Oh, you are sent from master Wholsome,

[Erit Dou. Your teacher? In a new tune, new gesture, but old language. Ana. From Tribulation Wholsome, This fellow is sent from one negociates with me Our


zealous pastor. About the stone too; for the holy brethren

Sub. Good. I have Of Amsterdam, the exiled saints, that hope Some orphans' goods to come here. To raise their discipline by it. I must use him Ana. Of what kind, sir? In some strange fashion now, to make him ad Sub. Pewter and brass, andirons and kitchenmire me.


Metals that we must use our medicine on;
Enter Face and ANANIAS.

Wherein the brethren may have a penn'orth, Where is my drudge ?

For ready money. Face. Sir.

Ha' you brought more money, Sub. Take away the recipient,

To buy more coals? And rectify your menstrue from the phlegma.

Ana. No, surely. Then pour it o' the sol, in the cucurbite,

Sub. No! How so? And let them macerate together.

Ana. The brethren bid me say unto you, sir, Face. Yes, sir;

Surely, they will not venture any more, And save the ground?

Till they may see projection. Sub. No; terra damnata

Sub. How ! Must not have entrance in the work.

Ana. You have had

[Erit Face. For the instruments, as bricks, and loam, and Who are you?

[To ANANIAS. glasses, Ana. A faithful brother, if it please you.

Already thirty pounds; and for materials, Sub. What's that?

They say, some ninety more : and they have Or what is homogene, or heterogene?

heard since, Ana. I understand no heathen language, truly. That one at Heidelberg made it of an egg, Sub. Heathen, you knipper-doling ! Is ars sa

And a small paper of pin-dust.

Sub. What's your name? cra, Or chrysopeia, or spagyrica,

Ana. My name is Ananias. Or the pamphysick or panarchick knowledge,

Sub. Out! the varlet A heathen language?

That cozened the apostles ! Hence, away! Ana. Heathen Greek, I take it.

Flee, mischief! Had your holy consistory Sub. How ! Heathen Greek?

No name to send me of another sound Ana. All's heathen but the Hebrew.

Than wicked Ananias? Send you your elders

Hither, to make atonement for you, quickly, Enter Face

And give me satisfaction; or out goes Sub. Sirrah, my varlet, stand you forth, and The fire, and down the alembicks, and the furnace, speak to him

If they stay threescore minutes. The acqueity, Like a philosopher : answer i' the language, Terreity, and sulphureity, Name the vexations, and the martyrizations Shall run together again, and all be annulled, Of metals in the work,

Thou wicked Ananias! (Erit ANANIAS. Face. Sir, putrefaction,

This will fetch them, Solution, ablution, sublimation,

And make them baste towards their gulling more. Cohobation, calcination, ceration, and

A man must deal like a rough nurse, and fright Fixation.

Those, that are froward, to an appetite.
Ana. Oh, oh!
Sub. This is heathen Greek to you still. What is

Enter Face and Drugger.
Your lapus philosophicus ?

Face. He's busy with his spirits; but we'll Face. 'Tis a stone, and not A stone; a spirit, a soul, and a body;

Sub. How now? What mates, what baiards Which, if you dissolve, it is dissolved;

have we here?

upon him.

A poor

Face. I told you he would be furious. Sir, Drug. And physic too, sometimes, sir; for here's Nab,

which she trusts me Has brought ye another piece of gold to look with all her mind. She's come up here of puron.

pose (We must appease him. Give it me.) and prays To learn the fashion. you,

Face. Good; on, Nab. You would devise-What is it, Nab?

Drug. And she does strangely long to know Drug. A sign, sir.

her fortune. Face. Ay, a good lucky one; a thriving sign, Face. God'slid, Nab, send her to the doctor doctor.

hither. Sub. I was devising now.

Drug. Yes, I have spoken to her of his worFace. 'Slight, do not say so;

ship already : He will repent he gave you any more.

But she's afraid it will be blown abroad,

(Aside to SUBTLE. And hurt her marriage. What say you to his constellation, doctor?

Face. Hurt it! Tis the way The Balance?

To heal it, if 'twere hurt; to make it more Sub. No, that way is stale and common. Followed and sought. Nab, thou shalt tell her A townsman born in Taurus, gives the bull,

this: Or the bull's head; in Aries, the ram;

She'll be more known, more talked of; and your device. Come hither, Abel.

widows No, I will have his name

Are ne'er of any price till they be famous ; Formed in some mystic character, whose radii, Their honour is the multitude of suitors. Striking the senses of the passers by,

Send her, it may be thy good fortune. What, Shall, by a virtual influence, breed affections, Thou dost not know? That may result upon the party owns it :

Drug. No, sir, she'll never marry As thus

Under a knight. Her brother has made a vow. Drug. I don't understand it.

Face. What, and dost thou despair, my little Face. Nab!

Nab, Sub. He shall have a bell, that's Abel. Knowing what the doctor has set down for thee, Drug. And so it is.

And seeing so many of the city dubbed ? Sub. And by it standing one whose name is One glass o' thy water, with a madam, I know Dee,

Will have it done, Nab. What's her brother? In a rog gown; there's D, and rug, that's Drug; A knight? And right anenst him a dog snarling er:

Drug. No, sir, a gentleman, newly warm in There's Drugger, Abel Drugger.

his land, sir. Drug. My name!

Scarce cold in his one-and-twenty, that does Sub. That's his sign.

govern And here's now mystery and hieroglyphic! His sister here, and is a man himself Face. Abel, thou art made.

Of some three thousand a year, and is come up! Drug. I do thank his worship.

To learn to quarrel, and to live by his wits, Face. Six o'thy legs more will not do it, Nab. And go down again, and die i' the country, What'st got there, Nab?

When he can't live any longer here. Drug. A pipe of tobacco.

Face. How! to quarrel ? Face. A pipe of tobacco ! Give it me.

Drug. Yes, sir, to carry quarrels, He has brought you a pipe of tobacco, doctor. As gallants do; to manage them by line. Drug. Yes, sir-Captain Face, captain Face, Face. 'Slid, Nab, the doctor is the only man your worship!

In Christendom for him, Face. What dost say, Nab?

Drug. Is he? Drug. I have another thing I would im Face. He has made a table, part

With mathematical demonstrations, Face. Out with it, Nab.

Touching the art of quarrels. Drug. Sir, there is lodged hard by me,

Drug. Has he? A rich young widow

Face. He will give him Face. Good; a bona roba !

An instrument to quarrel by. Drug. But nineteen at the most.

Drug. Will be Face. Very good, Abel.

Face. Go, bring them both, Drug. Marry, she's not in fashion yet; she wears Him and his sister. And for thee, with her A hood; but it stands acop.

The doctor haply may persuarle. Go to.
Face. No matter, Abel.

Sha't give his worship a new damask suit
Drug. And I do now and then give her a fucus- Upon the premises.
Face. What! dost deal, Nab?

Sub. Oh, good captain-
Sub. I did tell you, captain.

Face. He shall : Vol. II,


He is the honestest fellow, doctor- Stay not;
No offers ; bring the damask and the parties.

Drug. I'll try my power, sir.
Face. And thy will, too, Nab.
Sub. 'Tis good tobacco, this. What is't a

Drug. I'll sell your worship a hogshead of it.
Face. He'll send you a hogshead, doctor.

[Abel runs out, and Face brings him back. Sub. Oh, no!

Face. He will do't:
It is the goodest soul-Abel, about it.
Thou shalt know more anon. Away, begone.
Drug. I'll give him a pound.—'I'll give him
two pound.


Face. A miserable rogue, and lives with cheese, And has the worms. That was the cause, in

Why he came now. He dealt with me in pri-

To get a medicine for them.

Sub. And shall, sir. This works.
Face. A wife, a wife for one of us, my dear

Subtle :
We'll e'en draw lots,
But Dol must have no breath on't.

Sub. Mum.
Away you to your Surly, yonder; catch him.

Face. Pray Heaven, I have not staid too long.
Sub. I fear it.




From east to west; and whose tradition

Is not from men, but spirits.

Ana I hate traditions ; Trib. These chastisements are common to the I do not trust themsaints;

Trib. Peace. And such rebukes we of the separation

Ana. They are popish, all. Must bear with willing shoulders, as the trials I will not peace. I will notSent forth to tempt our frailties.

Trib. Ananias! Ana. In pure zeal,

Ana. Please the profane, to grieve the godly. I do not like the man. He is a Heathen,

I may not. And speaks the language of Canaan, truly.

Sub. Well, Ananias, thou shalt overcome. Trib. I think him a prophane person, indeed. Trib. It is an ignorant zeal, that haunts him, sir: Ann. Let us call on him, then.

But, truly, else, a very faithful brother. Trib. The motion's good,

Sub. Has he a competent sum there i' the bag, And of the spirit; I will knock first. Peace be To buy the goods within ? I am made guardian, within.

And must for charity and conscience sake,

Now see the most be made for my poor orphans : Enter SUBTLE.

Though I desire the brethren too, good gainers. Sub. Oh, are you come? 'Twas time. Your There they are within. When you have viewed three score minutes

and bought them, Were at the last thread, you see. Wicked A- And ta’en the inventory of what they are, nanias!

They are ready for projection; there's no more Art thou returned ? Nay, then, it goes down yet. To do; cast on the medicine, so much silver

Trib. Sir, be appeased; he is come to humble As there is tin there, so much gold as brass, Himself in spirit, and ask your patience, I'll give't you in by weight. If too much zeal bath carried him aside

Trib. But how long time, From the due path.

Sir, must the saints expect yet? Sub. Why, this doth qualify.

Sub. Let me seeTrib. The brethren had no purpose, verily, How's the moon now? Eight, nine, ten days To give you the least grievance; but are ready

hence, To lend their willing hands to any project He will be silver potate; then, three days The spirit and you direct.

Before he citronise: some fifteen days Sub. This qualifies more.

The majisterium will be perfected. Trib. And for the orphans' goods, let them be Ana. About the second day of the third week valued,

In the ninth month? Or what is needful else to the holy work,

Sub. Yes. It shall be numbered. Here, by me, the saints Trib. What will the orphans' goods arise to, Throw down their purse before you.

think you? Sub. This qualifies most!

Sub. Some hundred marks: as much as filled Why, thus it should be; now you understand.

three cars Have I discovered so unto you of our stone, Unladen now; you'll make six millions of them. And of the good that it shall bring your cause? But I must ha' more coals laid in. Nature's miracle,

Trib. How? The divine secret, that doth fly in clouds

Sub. Another load,


And then we have finished. If the holy


Sub. I will send her to thee; Should, with this draught, fall low, and that the And but dispatch my brace of little John Leysaints

dens, Do need a present sum, I have a trick

And come again myself.
To melt the pewter you shall buy now, instantly, Face. Are they within, then ?
And, with a tincture, make you as good Dutch Sub. Numbering the sum.

Face. How much?
As any are in Holland.

Sub. A hundred marks, boy.

(Erit. Trib. Can you so?

Face. Why, this is a lucky day! Ten pounds Sub. Ay, and shall 'bide the third examination. of Mammon; Ana. It will be joyful tidings to the brethren. Three of my clerk; a portague of my grocer ; Sub. But you must carry it secret.

This of the brethren; beside reversions, Trib. Aye; but stay:

And estates to come i' the widow, and my count. This act of coining, is it lawful?

My share to-day will not be bought for fortyAna. Lawful! We know no magistrate; or if we did,

Enter DoL This is foreign coin.

Dol. What? Sub. It is no coining, sir;

Face. Pounds, dainty Dorothy-Art thou so It is but casting.

near? Trib. Ha ! you distinguish well :

Dol. Yes—say, lord general, how fares our Casting of money may be lawful. Ana. 'Tis, sir.

Face. This dear hour Trib. Truly, I take it so.

A dainty Don is taken with my Dol; Sub. There is no scruple,

And thou may'st make his ransom what thou Sir, to be made of it: believe Ananias;

wilt, This case of conscience he is studied in.

My Dousabel. Trib. I'll make a question of it to the breth Dal. What is he, general ? ren.

Face. An Adalontado,

[Knock without. A Grandee, girl. Was not my Dapper here yet? Sub. There is some to speak with me. Go in,

Dol. No.
I pray you,

Face. Nor my Drugger?
And view the parcels. That is the inventory.

Dol. Neither.
I'll come to you straight. [Ereunt TRIBULA Face. A pox on them!

TION and ANANIAS. Who is it? Face? They are so long a furnishing !

Enter FACE.

How now? Ha'


done ? How now? Good prize?

Sub. Done! They are gone. The sum Face. Good pox! Yond' costive cheater Is here in bank, my Face. I would we knew Never came on.

Another champion now would buy them outSub. How, then?

right. Face. I have walked the round

Face. 'Slid, Nab shall do it against he have Till now, and no such thing.

the widow, Sub. And have you quit him?

To furnish household. Face. Quit him! an' hell would quit him too,

Sub. Excellent well ght on.
he were happy.

Pray heaven he come!
’Slight! would you have me stalk like a mill-jade Face. I pray he keep away,
All day, for one, that will not yield us grains ? Till our new business be o'erpast.
I know him of old.

Sub. But, Face,
Sub. Oh, but to have gulled him,

How cam'st thou by this secret Don? Had been a mastery.

Face. A spirit Face. Let him go, black boy !

Brought me the intelligence in a paper here, And turn thee, that some fresh news may possess As I was conjuring yonder in my circle thee.

For Surly. I ha' my flies abroad. Your bath A noble count, a don of Spain,

Is famous, Subtle, by my means. Sweet Dol, Furnished with pistolets and pieces of eight, You must go tune your virginal : no losing Will straight be here, my rogue, to have thy O' the least time. And do you hear? His great bath,

Verdugoship has not a jot of language: (That is the colour) and to make his battery So much the easier to be cozened, my Dolly; Upon our Dol, our castle, our Cingue-port, He will come here in a hired coach, obscure, Our Dover-pier, our what thou wilt.

And our own coachman, whom I have sent to Where is the doxy?


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