Wisconsin Journal of Education, 7권

The Association, 1863

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228 페이지 - But religion, morality and knowledge, being essentially necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of instruction shall forever be encouraged by legislative provision, not inconsistent with the rights of conscience.
81 페이지 - And children from their mothers knees are pulling at the weeds, And learning how to reap and sow, against their country's needs; And a farewell group stands weeping at every cottage door, We are coming. Father Abraham, three hundred thousand more.
329 페이지 - University shall be to provide the inhabitants of the state with the means of acquiring a thorough knowledge of the various branches of literature, science and the arts.
232 페이지 - ... instruction, we seek, as far as possible, to purify the whole moral atmosphere; to keep good sentiments uppermost, and to turn the strong current of feeling and opinion, as well as the censures of the law and the denunciations of religion, against immorality and crime. We hope for a security beyond the law, and above the law, in the prevalence of an enlightened and well-principled moral sentiment.
104 페이지 - There is no office higher than that of a teacher of youth; for there is nothing on earth so precious as the mind, soul, character of the child. No office should be regarded with greater respect. The first minds in the community should be encouraged to assume it. Parents should do all but impoverish themselves, to induce such to become the guardians and guides of their children.
109 페이지 - W. on a square piece of paper, and perhaps think that the United States are about as large as the paper they learn from. When I was in the College of Neufcha'tel, I desired to introduce such a method of teaching geography. I was told it could not be done, and my request to be allowed to instruct the youngest children in the institution was refused. I resorted to another means, and took my own children — my oldest a boy of six years, and my girls, four and a half and two and a half years old —...
253 페이지 - An appalling chapter might be written on the evils, the almost inevitable results of neglecting to provide these indispensable appendages to school houses in our State.
81 페이지 - You have called us, and we're coming, by Richmond's bloody tide To lay us down, for Freedom's sake, our brothers' bones beside, Or from foul treason's savage grasp to wrench the murderous blade, And in the face of foreign foes its fragments to parade. Six hundred thousand loyal men and true have gone before: We are coming, Father Abraham, three hundred thousand more!
193 페이지 - Oriel, in which it was predicted that, if Mr. Arnold were elected to the head-mastership of Rugby, he would change the face of education all through the public schools of England.
110 페이지 - Natural History, I have already said, should be taught from objects and not from books, and you see at once that this requires teachers who know these objects, and not merely teachers who can read and see whether the lesson set has been committed faithfully to memory. The teacher must know these objecte before he can teach them.

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