Brainwashed* and Miracles**: *The Perceived Mind-Set of the Secular Elite Re Darwin-Evolutionism! **To Believe in Them - Have Faith - in Science and Logic!

AuthorHouse, 2008 - 244페이지
No rational mind - given the evidence of buttons and buttonholes in an article of clothing - would deny that both "intelligence" and "design" played roles in the fabrication of such a garment, but - mystery of mysteries - the brightest and most educated in our culture, reject such considerations for all the infinitely more complex living organisms, insisting (dogmatically) that they somehow "evolved" by haphazard, sequential, random mutations. A challenge is therefore, proposed - to anyone anti-"Intelligent Designer," who believes he has not been "brain-washed," but who has at least a "hair-line crack" to open-mindedness - to refute the material herein - the non-factuality and astronomical improbabilities of pure random-chance-mutations of individual elements (among the multi-billions in the DNA helix) as a credible belief system in explaining: u the spider, butterfly, or bacterium flagellum (Pajaro Dunes Micro-Biology Conference - scientists challenging Darwinism); u male-female sexuality feelings: irresistible sex-drive before; gratification after - evoking propagation and proliferation of mammalian species; u the (simple, yet ever so complex) umbilical cord concept for mammals - from kittens to humans? This book is a scholarly review (in layman terms) of all pertinent aspects of Science versus Bible in all applicable fields: Archaeology, Astronomy, Biology, Cosmology, Egyptology, Paleontology, Physics, etc., with over 300 references to the arcane writings of world-class scientists, historians, mathematicians and adventurers.

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From DarwinEvolutionism to Intelligent Design Inevitably
B Challenges to DarwinEvolutionism by Eminent Scientists
Comparative Analysis What do facts and logic say?
Our LifeFriendly Planet Earth Are We One and Only?
B Archaeology
Adventurism in Egypt Saudi Arabia Confirms Exodus
g Summation The Exodus Story Miracles?
B The Mathematical Value of Prayer 21st Century Quantum Theory
B Have Miracles Occurred When Needed for Jews or Israel?

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