Commercial Relations of the United States with Foreign Countries, 2권


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805 페이지 - Ulster, contains the counties of Antrim, Armagh, Cavan, Donegal, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry, Monaghan, and Tyrone, comprising an area of 5,430,952 acres and having a population of 1,619,804.
722 페이지 - ... contribution as such, but one striking thing is that in all parts of the country Christians are in leading positions in the organizations bearing the burden of relief of suffering, and Christian institutions and personnel are carrying a large share of the actual work. This is the more remarkable when it is borne in mind that the members of the Protestant churches number only one out of each thousand of the population.
777 페이지 - A pilot vessel of such a class as to be obliged to go alongside of a vessel to put a pilot on board may show the white light instead of carrying it at the masthead, and may, instead of the colored lights above mentioned, have at hand, ready for use, a lantern with a green glass on the one side and a red glass on the other, to be used as prescribed above.
747 페이지 - American meat is often sold as English; indeed the choice cuts of American beef are preferred by many of the large butchers to the best English cuts. Experts say that English cattle are depreciating in value and quality, one reason being that animals are now being slaughtered at 2 years old instead of 4 years as formerly. Not only is the trade in chilled beef increasing to vast dimensions, but there is a large and increasing trade in fresh chilled pork. It is a fact not generally known here to those...
778 페이지 - ... a general warning, and the pilot jack will also be hoisted on the flagstaff at Mount Wise for the same purpose; and all other vessels, craft, and boats of every description, under way in Hamoaze or in the narrow waters of the sound, shall keep out of the way of the said ship flying the union jack; provided always that the said ship shall be navigated with due care and at a moderate speed, and that she shall, so far as is practicable, be kept on the side of the fairway which lies on her own starboard...
637 페이지 - Not only is there a saving of several weeks' time in the delivery of a machine by having a place to fit it up here, but it also gives the opportunity to a possible customer to see machines in actual operation, and is the very best advertisement possible. As screw machines are usually fitted with special tools made to fit models furnished by the customer, it is necessary, of course, where there is...
604 페이지 - ... the principal markets of Turkey and Greece would be supplied with American flour. The articles mentioned are only a few of the American products which would find a ready market here, if the shipping and freight conditions were only moderately improved. The marked difference of cost in this market and in the American market of many articles and products which are rarely seen here, except of foreign manufacture, compels the inference that they might be profitably introduced under present conditions...
653 페이지 - multipress" printing machine and some paper, and the order was sent to New York. The paper was late in getting to the steamer, so that the machinery came by one steamer and the paper followed by the next. The press was duly passed through the customs, but the webs of paper were detained by the customs authorities at the Albert Docks. Mr. Stone, the managing director of the Condor Agency, went down to the docks and was informed that before the customs would release the webs of paper they would have...
778 페이지 - Small fishing boats, and all other boats, sailing or rowing, in any part of Plymouth Sound at night, shall have ready at hand a white light, and shall exhibit the same on approaching, or being approached by, any vessel or boat under way. Vessels to keep clear of Her Majesty's Ships.
696 페이지 - They only ship 300,000 cwts. per year from Canada, but they get top prices for that. Let us see how. In the first place, their packers demand a hog that costs more to produce than ours; so they pay more for it, paying a premium on the best — say $4.75 (per 100 pounds) for a pig under 160 pounds, and $4 for one over that weight.

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