Maryland and Virginia Medical Journal, 3권


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239 페이지 - It was first recommended as a remedy for stomach disorders in 1820, by Dr. Elliotson, in a paper entitled " Numerous Cases Illustrative of the Efficacy of the Hydrocyanic or Prussic Acid, in Affections of the Stomach ; with a Report upon its Powers in Pectoral and other Diseases in which it has been already recommended.
424 페이지 - If there be a total, permanent want of reason, it will acquit the prisoner. If there be a total temporary want of it when the offence was committed, it will acquit the prisoner ; but if there be only a partial degree of insanity, mixed with a partial degree of reason; not a full and complete use of reason, but a competent
219 페이지 - investigating the data of a particular doctrine. My father, when Professor of the Practice of Medicine in the Royal College of Surgeons, directed his attention very much to the subject of contagion. He was a strong advocate of the doctrine of contagion. Perhaps he went too far in his belief in the exclusiveness of the doctrine of contagion.
424 페이지 - It is not every kind of frantic humour or something unaccountable in a man's actions, that points him out to be such a madman as to be
56 페이지 - has established, by interesting calculations, that grain furnishes a sufficient supply of phosphate of lime for the reparation of bone, but not for other essential functions of the economy. From the curious fact that there is a constant proportion between the temperature of animals, and the amount of phosphate of lime contained in their blood,
178 페이지 - And notwithstanding all the pains I have heretofore taken, I have reason to praise God, in that it hath pleased Him to call me to that branch of Medical practice commonly called Surgery, which can neither be bought by gold nor by silver, but by industry alone and by long experience.
416 페이지 - a white precipitate, which is insoluble in nitric acid, but soluble in ammonia; hence the fluid contains hydro-chloric acid. 5. Lime water, kali nitricum, and the other alkalies, form no other precipitate with the fluid, either when submitted to cold or heat. 6. A solution of the
164 페이지 - four ounces of powdered aconite root in half a pint of alcohol, for twenty-four hours; then pack it in a displacer, and add alcohol gradually until a pint of tincture has passed. Distil off twelve fluid ounces, and evaporate the residue until it measures twelve fluid drachms. To this add two fluid drachms
72 페이지 - tincture of iodine over adherent portions of the lung, are also of great utility. If, added M. Piorry, any useful therapeutical facts have been brought out in the preceding essay, I would observe that science and humanity are indebted for them to the progress of accurate diagnosis. After this memoir was read, Dr. Londe observed that
419 페이지 - containing some curious details relative to a class of people who are habitual arsenic-eaters. In some countries of lower Austria and of Styria, especially in the mountains which separate these parts from Hungary, there exists among the peasantry the singular habit of eating arsenic. They purchase it under the name of hedri

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