Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 6권


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160 페이지 - A Course of Instruction in the Elements of the Art and Science of War, for the Use of the Cadets of the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY 12mo, cloth $1 .75 Field Fortifications.
152 페이지 - Twenty-fifth, twenty-sixth annual report to the council of the city of Manchester on the working of the Public Free Libraries.
27 페이지 - American islands, during the preceding two years, on Heat or on Light; the preference always being given to such discoveries as shall, in the opinion of the Academy, tend most to promote the good of mankind.
344 페이지 - Annual Report of the Regents of the University of the State of New York, on the Condition of the State Cabinet of Natural History Transmitted to the Legislature, April 15, 1863.
151 페이지 - List of Fellows (1861 - 62). 8vo pamph. London. British Association for the Advancement of Science. Report of the Thirty-first Meeting, held at Manchester in September, 1861. 8vo. London. 1862. Royal Institution of Great Britain. Notices of the Proceedings at the Meetings of the Members. Part 12. 1861-62. 8vo. London. 1862. List of Members for 1861. 8vo. London. 1862. Statistical Society of London. Journal. Vol. XXV. Part 3. September, 1862. 8vo. London. Tyneside Naturalists
517 페이지 - The annual election resulted in the choice of the following officers for the ensuing year : — ASA GRAY, President. GEORGE T. BIGELOW, Vice-President. WILLIAM B. ROGERS, Corresponding Secretary.
30 페이지 - And it is further ordered, adjudged, and decreed, that the complainants may appropriate from time to time, as the same can advantageously be done, the residue of the income of said fund hereafter to be received, and not so as aforesaid awarded in premiums, to the purchase of such books and papers and philosophical apparatus, (to be the property of said Academy,) and in making such publications, or procuring such lectures, experiments, or investigations, as shall in their opinion best facilitate and...
344 페이지 - Report of the Secretary of War, communicating, in answer to a resolution of the Senate, a report and map of the examination of New Mexico, made by Lieutenant JW Abert, of the topographical corps.
165 페이지 - Report of the Committee on Military Affairs and the Militia, to whom was referred the Petition of Dr. William TG Morton, asking Compensation for the Discovery and Gift to his Country and Mankind of the Application of Ethereal Vapor, as a safe and practical Anaesthesia, or Pain-subduing Agent.
164 페이지 - Ueber die Beziehungen der Chorda dorsalis zur Bildung der Wirbel der Selachier und einiger andern Fische.

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