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PROMOTIONS. assisted the Sergeant-Major and a private of the 13th Dragoons (Malone) to carry ECCLESIASTICAL PREFER. that officer off the field. This took place on the 25th of October, 1854, after the

MENTS. charge at the battle of Balaklava, in

JANUARY. which Farrell's horse was killed under him.

Rev. Lord Alwyne Compton to be an

Hon. Canon of Peterborough. Lieutenant George Symons,

Rev. J. Guthrie to be a Residentiary Military Train, 5th Battalion (late Canon of Salisbury. Sergeant, Royal Artillery).Date Rev. R. Sorsbie to be a Minor Canon of act of bravery, 6th June, 1855. of Rochester. For conspicuous gallantry on the 6th

Archdeacon FitzGerald, D.D., to be June, 1855, in having volunteered to un

Lord Bishop of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross. mask the embrasures of a five-gun bat.

Rev. C. A. Swainson to be a Pretery in the advanced right attack, and,

bendary of Chichester. when so employed under a terrific fire, which the enemy commenced immediately

FEBRUARY on the opening of the first embrasure, and

Rev. J. Hampden Gurney to be an increased on the unmasking of each ad- Hon. Canon of St. Paul's. ditional one, in having overcome the great Rev. H. Alford, B.D., to be Dean of difficulty of uncovering the last, by boldly Canterbury. mounting the parapet and throwing down the sandbags, when a shell from the

MARCH. enemy burst and wounded him severely. Rev. F. C. Cook to be Chaplain in

Ensign and Adjutant James Ordinary to the Queen. Craig, Military Train, 3rd Batta- Hon. and Rev. S. Waldegrave to be a

Residentiary Canon of Salisbury. lion (late Sergeant, Scots Fusilier

Rev. W. Rogers to be one of Her MaGuards.)- Date of act of bravery, jesty's Chaplains in Ordinary. September 6, 1855.

Hon, and Rev. D. Gordon to be ChapFor having volunteered, and personally lain in Ordinary to the Queen. collected other volunteers, to go out under a heavy fire of grape and small arms on

APRIL. the night of the 6th of September, 1855, when in the right advanced sap in front

The Hon. and Rev. J. T. Pelham to be of the Redan, to look for Captain Buck

Bishop of Norwich. ley, Scots Fusilier Guards, who was sup

The Ven. Archdeacon Hadfield to be posed to be wounded. Sergeant Craig

Bishop of Wellington and Nelson, New brought in, with the assistance of a

Zealand. drummer, the body of that officer, whom

The Ven. Archdeacon Creyke to be a he found dead-in the performance of Residentiary Canon of York. which act he was wounded.

The Rev. S. J. Rigaud, D.D., to be

Bishop of Antigua. Assistant-Surgeon Wm. Henry

Rev. T. Garnier to be Chaplain to the Thomas Sylvester, 23rd Regiment. Speaker of the House of Commons. -Date of act of bravery, Septem- Rev. H. L. Mansell to be Bampton 8, 1855.

Lecturer at Oxford. For going out on the 8th of September,

Rev. W. F. Raymond to be Hon. Pre1855, under a heavy fire, in front of the

bendary of Hereford. fifth parallel, right attack, to a spot near the Redan, where Lieutenant and Adjutant Dyneley was lying mortally wounded,

Rev. T. G. Suther, D.C.L., to be and for dressing his wounds in that dan

Bishop of Aberdeen. gerous and exposed situation. N.B.--

Rev. R. E. Hankinson to be ArchThis officer was mentioned in General Sir James Simpson's despatch of the 18th of

deacon of Norwich. September, 1855, for his courage in

Rev. J. W. Miller, C., to be a Minor going to the front, under a heavy fire, to

Canon of Chichester.

Rev. W. T. Woodcock to be Archdeacon assist the wounded,

of Adelaide, South Australia.

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Rev. J. Bowen, R., to be Bishop of
Sierra Leone, Africa.

LASTIC APPOINTMENTS. Rev. C. J. Burton to be an Hon. Canon of Carlisle. Rev. J. Green to be Dean of Pieter

JANUARY. Maritzburg, Natal, Africa.

Rev. Benjamin Ward to be an Hon. Rev. David Bellamy to be Head of the Canon of Carlisle.

Grammar School, Rishworth, near Hali

fax, JULY.

Rev. T. Gwynn to be Head Master of

Aylesbury Grammar School, Bucks. Rev. R. S. C. Chermside to be Pre Rev. A. Penrhyn Stanley to be Regius bendary of Salisbury.

Professor of Ecclesiastical History, OxVen. Archdeacon Honey to be a Resi- ford. dentiary Canon of Salisbury

Rev. W. J. Stephens to be Head Master The Bishop of London to be Dean of of the High School, Sydney, Australia. the Chapels Royal, St. James's and Whitehall.



Rev. J. Colquhoun Campbell to be Archdeacon of Llandaff.

Ven. H. Martin Lower to be Archdeacon of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Rev. H. Weir White to be Archdeacon of Merioneth.

Ven. T. Williams to be Dean of Llandaff.

Rev. W. H. Bateson, Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, to be Head Master.

Rev. H. Linthwaite to be Head Master of Wilton Grammar School, Cheshire.

Rev. T. Wetherhead Sharpe to be one of Her Majesty's Assistant Inspectors of Schools.

Rev. Septimus Tebay to be Head Master of Rivington Grammar School, Lancashire.


Rev. Archibald Boyd to be an Hon.
Canon of Gloucester.

Rev. H. Callaway to be a Canon of
Natal, Africa.

Rev. W. Bebb to be Master of the
Rev. J. Hardie to be Archdeacon of Grammar School, Simon's Town, Cape of
Caffraria, in the Diocese of Graham's Good Hope.
Town, Africa.

Lieut. -Colonel J. H. Lefroy to be InRev. D. Jenkins to be a Canon of spector-General of Army Schools. Natal, Africa.

Rev. B. J. Binns to be one of Her Ven. Archdeacon Mackenzie to be a Majesty's Inspectors of Schools for Wales. Canon of Natal, Africa.

Rev. T. Carter, one of the Fellows of Eton College, to be Vice-Provost.

Rev. J. R. Major to be Master of the

Grammar School, Thetford.
Rev. T. Williams to be a Residentiary
Canon in Llandaff.


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of the Melbourne Grammar School, Aus

tralia. Rev. G. H. Curteis to be Principal of Rev. H. M. Capel to be one of Her the Theological College, Lichfield. Majesty's Assistant-Inspectors of Schools.

Rev. E. H. Plumptre to be Secretary Rev. G. Pope to be Mathematical Masof King's College, London.

ter of Norwich School. George Johnstone Stoney, Esq., to be Rev. C. Williams to be Principal of Secretary to the Queen's University, Ire. Jesus College, Oxford. land.

Rev. Andrew Wilson to the ProfessorThe Rev. W. Gibson to be a Com- ship of Human History at Gnoll College, missioner of Endowed Schools, Ireland. Glamorganshire.

David Middleton, M. A., to be an In- Rev. C. B. Woollaston to the Professorspector of Schools, Scotland.

ship of Mechanics at Gnoll College, GlaDavid Munn to be an Assistant-Inspec- morganshire. tor. Rev. E. Swinden Sanderson to be Head

Master of Atherstone Grammar School

Rev. J. P. Clayton to be Head Master

of the Grammar School of King Edward JUNE.

the Sixth at East Retford, Notts.

Rev. J. D. Glennie, jun., to be one of Rev. F. G. White to be Principal of Her Majesty's Assistant-Inspectors of the Diocesan Collegiate School, Wood, Schools. lands, Cape Town.

Rev. Robert Temple to be one of Her

Majesty's Assistant-Inspectors of Schools. JULY.

8. W. Acland, M.D., to be Regius

Professor of Physic, Oxford.
Rev. William Haig Brown to be Head The Right Rev. Benjamin Cronyn,
Master of the Kensington Proprietary D.D., to be Bishop of the new See of
School, Middlesex.

Huron, Canada.
Dr. Seaton Reid to be Professor of
Materia Medica in the Queen's College,

Arthur Hill Curtis, esq., to be Pro
fessor of Natural Philosophy in the Rev. J. Cooke to be Master of the
Queen's College, Galway.

Grammar School, Sudbury, Suffolk. Rev. Burford W. Gibsone to be Head

Rev. P. J. F. Gantillon to be Master of Master of Grosvenor College, Bath.

the Grammar School, and c. of St. Rev. H. Temple to be Head Master of John's, Leicester. Coventry Grammar School.

Dr. James Ogston to be Professor of

Medical Jurisprudence at the Marischal SEPTEMBER

College, Aberdeen.

Rev. F. Temple, Chaplain to the Queen, Rev. J. E. Bromby to be Head Master te be Head Master of Rugby School..


List of the MEMBERS returned from the respective Counties, Cities,

Towns, and Boroughs, to serve in the Seventeenth Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; Writs returnable on the 30th April, 1857; with the unsuccessful Candidates, and the state of the Poll where the Election was contested.

** The names of the unsuccessful Candidates are printed in Italics.

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Aberdeen, City: Col. William Henry

Sykes, 1035; John Fairley Leith, 849. Aberdeenshire : Lord Haddo. Abingdon :-John Thomas Norris. Andover :-William Cubitt, 143; Hon.

Dudley Francis Fortescue, 120; Henry

Beaumont Coles, 102. Anglesed :--Sir Richard B. W. Bulkeley,

bart. Antrim, Corinty:--Thos. Hy. Pakenham,

4666 ; George Macartney, 4341; Hamilton O'Hara, 1532. Argyleshire: -- Alex. Struthers Finlay. Armagh, County :-Sir William Verner,

bart.; Maxwell Charles Close. Armagh, City: Stearne Ball Miller, 175;

Joshua W. M. Bond, 162. Arundel, Sussex :- Rt. Hon. Lord Edward

Howard. Ashburton :-George Moffat. Ashton-under-Lyne :- Charles Hindley. Athlone : John Ennis, 100; Hon. Henry

Handcock, 50. Aylesbury :—Thomas Tyringham Bernard, 546; Sir Richard Bethell, 501; Austen

Henry Layard, 439. Ayr, Dist. Comprising Ayr, Irvine,

Campbell-town, Inverary, and Oban.

--Edward Henry John Craufurd. Ayrshire :-Lord Patrick James Henry

Crichton Stuart, 1662 ; Sir James Fer

gusson, bart., 1458. Banbury :-Henry William Tancred, 216;

Edward Yates, 58. Bandon :-Hon Wm. Smyth Bernard. Banffshire :— Earl of Fife. Barnstaple :—Sir William Aug. Fraser,

bart., 344 ; John Laurie, 252 ; James Taylor, jun., 180; George Potts, 179;

Ilenry Thoby Prinsep, 35. Vol. XCIX.

Bedfordshire : Fras. Charles Hastings Russell, 1564 ; Col. Richard T. Gilpin, 1374 ; Col. W. B. Higgins, 1343;

Capt. William Stuart, 1246.
Belfast, County : – Hugh Mac-Calmont

Cairns, 1438; Richard Davison, 1369;
John Robinson McClean, 973; John
Francis Pergusson, 717; Thomas Mc-

Clure, 558.
Berkshire :-Robert Palmer, 1802 ; Hon.
Philip P. Bouverie, 1524; George
Henry Vansittart, 1494 ; Leicester

Viney Vernon, 1360. Berwick :-John Stapleton, 339; Dudley

Coutts Majoribanks, 271; Capt. Chos.

W. Gordon, 269; John Porster, 250. Berwickshire :-Hon. Francis Scott, 394 ;

David Robertson, 305. Beverley :-Hon. Wm. H. Forester Deni

son, 566 ; Edward Auchmuty Glover,

537; William Wells, 492. Bewdley :-Sir Thomas E. Winnington, bt. Birmingham :-George Frederick Muntz,

William Scholefield. Blackburn :- James Pilkington, William

Henry Hornby. Bodmin :-Hon. John Cranch W. Vivian,

244; James Wyld, 190 ; William Mitchell, M.D., 169; J. Harvey

Lewis, 31. E E


THE GENERAL ELECTION. Bolton-le-Moors :-William Gray, 930; Carlisle : William Nicholson Hodgson,

Joseph Crook, 895 ; Thomas Barnes, 529; Rt. Hon. Sir Jas. Graham, bart., 832.

502 ; Joseph Ferguson, 469. Boston :--Herbert Ingram, William Hen. Carlow, County W. B. McClintock

Bunbury ; Henry Bruen. Bradford :-Henry Wickham Wickham ; Carlow, Borough :- John Alexander, Major-Gen. T. Per. Thompson.

127; Capt. Arthur Ponsonby, 79. Brecknock : - Colonel J. Lloyd Vaughan Carmarthen, Dist. : - Comprising CarWatkins.

marthen and Llanelly.-David Morris. Brecknockshire :-Sir Joseph Bailey, bart. Carmarthenshire : - David A. Saunders Bridgewater :-Lieut.-Col. C. J. Kemys Davies ; David Jones.

Tynte, 330; Alexander William King- Carnarvon, Dist. :--Comprising Carnarlake, 301 ; Brent Spencer Follett, 203. von, Conway, Criccieth, Pwllheli, BanBridgnorth :-Henry Whitmore ; John g or, and Nevin. - William Bulkeley Pritchard.

Hughes. Bridport: Thomas Alexander Mitchell, Carnarvonshire :-Hon. E. G. Douglas

330; Kirkman D. Hodgson, 290 ; W. Pennant. U. Heygate, 109.

Carrickfergus - William Cary Dobbs, Brighton :-Sir George Richard Pechell, 560, Prancis McDonogh, 383.

bart., 2278; William Coningham, Cashel -Sir Timothy O'Brien, bart., 54 ;

1900'; Lord Alfred Hervey, 1080. Charles Hare Hemphill, 39; John Bristol :-Francis H. F. Berkeley ; Wm. Lanigan, 34. Henry Gore Langton.

Cavan, County : – Hon. James Pierce Buckingham, Borough :-Sir Harry Ver- Maxwell, 3164 : Hon. Hugh Annesley, ney, 193; General John Hall, 151; Hon. 2666 ; O'Reilly Dease, 1409.

R. Cavendish, 134 ; Philip Box, 82. Chatham :—Sir John M. Frederick Smith, Buckinghamshire:-Caledon George Du 672; W. G. Romaine, 643.

Prè ; Rt. Hon. Benjamin Disraeli ; Cheltenham :-Capt. Francis W. F. H. Hon. Charles Compton Cavendish.

Berkeley. Bury :-Robert Needham Philips, 565; Cheshire, North :-William Tatton EgerFrederick Peel, 530.

ton ; Geo. Cornwall Legh. Bury St. Edmunds :-Earl Jermyn, 344; Cheshire, South :Sir Philip De M. G.

Joseph Alfred Hardcastle, 320; Henry Egerton, bt. ; John Tollemache.
James Porteous Oakes, 266.

Chester, City : -- Earl Grosvenor, 1243; Buteshire:–Right Hon. Jas. A. Stuart Enoch Gibbon Salisbury, 924; Henry Wortley.

R. Grenfell, 786. Caithness-shire :-George Traill.

Chichester :- John Abel Smith; Lord Calne :- Sir W. Fenwick Williams of Kars. Henry C, G. Gordon-Lennox, Cambridge, Borough :-Kenneth Macau- Chippenham : — Col. Henry George

lay, 769 ; Andrew Steuart, 735 ; Boldero, 175; Robert Parry Nisbet, Robert A. Shafto Adair, 729; J. 150; W. J. Lysley, 133. Hibbert, 703.

Christchurch :- Adm. J. Edw. Walcott. Cambridge University :-- Loftus Totten- Cirencester : Allen Alexander Bathurst, ham Wigram ; Rt. Hon. Spencer Wal- 307; Joseph R. Mullings, 200; Hon. pole.

Ashley G. J. Ponsonby, 188. Cambridgeshire: – Edward Ball, 2780; Clackmannan-shire and Kinross-shire: Henry John Adeane, 2616; Hon. Eliot Viscount Melgund. Thomas Yorke, 2483; Lord George Clare, County :-Lord Francis ConyngJohn Manners, 2127.

ham, 2852; Francis Macnamara CalCanterbury :-Hon. Henry Butler-John- cutt, 1375; Sir John Forster Fitz

stone, 817; Sir William Somerville, bt., Gerald, 1227.
759; Charles Purton Cooper, Q.C., Clitheroe John Turner Hopwood.

Clonmell, County :-John Bagwell. Cardif, Dist. :-Comprising Cardiff, Cow Cockermouth :- John Steel ; Lord Naas,

bridge, Llantrisaint, Aberdare, Llan- Colchester :- John Gurdon Rebow, 563 ; daff. - James Fred. Dudley Crichton- Taverner John Miller, 462; W. R. Stuart.

Havens, 7.
Cardigan, Dist. :---Comprising Cardigan, Coleraine, County : John Boyd.

Aberystwith, Adpar, and Lampeter. Cork, County :-Rickard Deasy, 6788 ;
Edward Lewis Pryse.

Alexander McCarthy, 6265; Vincent Cardiganshire :-Earl of Lisburne.

Scully, 2852.

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