The works of Thomas Moore, 3권


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248 페이지 - Entellus vires in ventum effudit, et ultro Ipse gravis graviterque ad terram pondere vasto Concidit : ut quondam cava concidit aut Erymantho, Aut Ida in magna, radicibus eruta pinus.
104 페이지 - twixt pleasure and fright, That there came up — imagine, dear DOLL, if you can — A fine sallow, sublime, sort of Werter-faced man, With mustachios that gave (what we read of so oft) The dear Corsair expression, half savage, half soft, As Hyaenas in love may be fancied to look, or A something between ABELARD and old BLUCHER...
43 페이지 - Having quitted the Borders, to seek new renown, Is coming, by long Quarto stages, to Town ; And beginning with ROKEBY (the job's sure to pay) Means to do all the Gentlemen's Seats on the way. Now, the Scheme is (though none of our hackneys can beat him) To start a fresh Poet through Highgate to meet him ; Who, by means of quick proofs — no revises — long coaches — May do a few Villas, before Sc — TT approaches — Indeed, ifour Pegasus be not curst shabby, He'll reach, without found'ring,...
253 페이지 - Poor Johnny Raw ! What madness could impel So rum a flat to face so prime a swell ? " To tell the truth, I rather think the Master enjoyed his own defeat.
155 페이지 - d think us not fit to be seen ; And would like us much better as old — ay, as old As that Countess of Desmond, of whom I 've been told That she lived to much more than a hundred and ten, And was kill'd by a fall from a cherry-tree then ! What a frisky old girl...
ccii 페이지 - An ANGLER for duds carries a short staff in his hand, which is called a filch, having in the nab or head of it a ferine (that is to say a hole) into which, upon any piece of service, when he goes a filching, he putteth a hooke of iron, with which hook he angles at a window in the dead of night for shirts, smockes, or any other linen or woollen.
157 페이지 - He'll never meet A joy so sweet, In all his noon of fame, As when first he sung to woman's ear His soul-felt flame, And at every close she blushed to hear The one loved name.
245 페이지 - Kiddies2 stood — and with prelusive spar, And light manoeuvring, kindled up the war ! The One, in bloom of youth — a light-weight blade...
37 페이지 - Tis true, they worship Ali's name — Their Heaven and ours are just the same — (A Persian's Heaven is easily made, 'Tis but — black eyes and lemonade...
246 페이지 - Ille , velut celsam oppugnat qui molibus urbem, Aut montana sedet circum castella sub armis , Nunc hos, nunc illos aditus, omnemque pererrat Arte locum, et variis assultibus irritus urget.

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