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nips ; but, upon the whole, the appearance to consider the agricultural petitions, are is good. The barley also is backward, and at length closed, but, at the moment of may have received more injury from the writing this article, we know only, and that nipping air than the wheats ; the late sown from a member, that the Report was agreed looks the best. The light lands, however, to by a majority of eleven to nine. Two have no reason to complain. Beans promisea of the Committee did not approve of the full crop, and the season has been favorable terms of the Report, yet considered that for hoeing them. The turnip lands were well the production even of one they did not prepared, and the Swedes are up; but, in entirely accede to, would be better than some instances, the fly has made consider- none at all. The repeal of the Agricul. able ravages. But this crop is in too recent tural Horse Tax has been carried in the a state to afford any means of fair judge House of Commons. The country owes its ment. The markets are crowded with stock. thanks to the talents and perseverance of Fat mutton is greatly depressed ; and the Mr. Curwen, by whose powerful representholders, who had anticipated a rise, are ations in the Committee, and in Parliagrievously disappointed. Store pigs, which, ment, this boon (as it is called) has been in the eastern parts of the kingdom, are extorted. It will give about three per cent. cheaper, in Oxfordshire, and the adjoining upon the value of his rent, to the farmer. counties, are dear, in consequence of the Such a remission can render no very imheavy losses which some time since fell upon portant service to the tenantry; but, neverthat district ; occasioned by a distemper, theless, the victory obtained is momentous which carried off a great number of pigs to the country, since it manifests the deterIn wool there has been little doing, and that mination of an independent body, to lessen little at very low prices.

the burdens of taxation. The labours of the Committee, appointed


(London, June 23.)

Though no enactment has been made probable that any great changes will be by Parliament since our last report, re- made in it. specting the foreign trade of the country, Cotton.-An extensive purchäse of 3,000 except the passing of the Bill, regulating bags of Bengal cotton in one contract, in the timber trade, it is satisfactory to know the last week of May, excited some interthat the Committees of the two Houses est in the market. The quality was fair are assiduously prosecuting their researches common; the average price 52d. per lb. on the most important subjects of foreign The transaction, however, took place under trade, agriculture, &c. A statement which peculiar circumstances, and, as reported, has been laid before the House of Lords for an exchange of manufactured goods. respecting the silk manufactures of this The other purchases amounted to about country, will probably cause considerable 1,300 bales. From the end of May, to surprise to the generality of the public, the middle of the third week of June, the who were hardly aware of the great extent market was heavy and without interest, the to which that manufacture is carried. From prices rather declined, but without much this statement, it appears that the quantity facilitating sales, which amounted in three of raw silk used in England, in 1820, was weeks to only 3,250 bags, all in bond. At no less than 2,500,000 lb., while that used Liverpool, during the same period, the in France, in the same year, was only market has not presented any improvement 2,000,000 lb. The value of the manufac- of prices; but the demand, during the first tured article in England was 12,000,0001. fortnight of this month, was pretty steady, sterling. The great increase of our silk though not brisk. The quantity of cotton manufactures is ascribed to the extension imported into Liverpool, up to June 16, of the private trade to India, by which the shows an extraordinary decrease, when manufacturers are enabled to receive more compared with that of last year, viz. of frequent supplies than before that system 49,500 bags from America, of 37,300 from was adopted. So important a branch of Brazil, and of 5,100 from the East Indies, manufacture, which has confessedly been with an increase of only 1,700 bags from nurtured into maturity, by the aid of the the West Indies, the total decrease exprohibitory system, can hardly be sup- ceeding 90,000 bags, or from 288,000 last ported, without the continuance, at least year, to 197,800 this year. The diminuin part, of that protection which it has tion of the supply for the last three weeks hitherto enjoyed ; and it is, therefore, not may be attributed to contrary winds. The Vol. IV.


The quan

cotton delivered from the East India ware- By public sale, 231 chests Havannah houses, in the month of May, was 1,779 sugars met with no buyers, the greater probags for exportation, and 5,775 for home portion was taken in about 2s. lower than consumption. By the accounts up to this the previous prices by private contract ; day, we are happy to find that an improve- fine white at 55s. 6d. and 56s. middling ment has taken place. The market re- 49s. 6d. a 52s. : Barbadoes, Bourbon, and mained heavy till Thursday (21st.), when the Brazil sugars went off at nearly the prefavourable reports from Liverpool had an

vious prices. immediate effect here. The purchases in the last week, consist of 670 Bengal, 54d. a East India sale on Tuesday the 19th Cd.; 200 Surat, 6d. a 7d. ; 30 Madras, inst. 78.; 137 Sea Island, 15d. a 16d. ; 200

Sugar, 19,523 bags. Pernambuco, 12d. a 12 d. ; 90 Smyrna, Bourbon, brown... 23s. a 25s. Bd. a 8 d. all in bord; 41 St. Domingo,

yellow...263. a 29s. 6d. 94d. a 9 d. duty paid.

white ...34s. a 388. a few lots 40s. The letters from Liverpool state an un- Bengal, brown ... 18s. 6d. a 21s. 6d. common briskness in cottons ; in the first

yellow ...30s. a 3ls. three days of this week the sales exceeded

white ...358. 6d. a 36s. 6d. 8,000 bars, and more business would have Siam, yellow ......278. a 29s. 6d. been done, had not the sellers asked an ad

grey.........318. a 32s. yance of td. per lb.

white ......34s. 6d. a 408. Sugar.—The market has remained for

fine...438. a 458. this month past, nearly in the same state

The shipping sugars sold Is. a 2s. Inwer; as for some time preceding. tity of new sugars brought forward has grocery descriptions supported the late

prices. The bill now in progress in Parbeen inconsiderable; and they have in general met with a ready sale at the tuli liament, proposing a new duty, 40s, on market prices ; but the transactions have India white sugars, appears to have no

brown and yellow, 45s. per cwt. on Eastbeen chiefly contined to purchases made by effect on the market. the grocers for their immediate wants ; there being no inducement to lay in a stock,

Average prices of Raw Sugar by Gawhile the supply is so inadequate; for which reason the refiners have shown no inclina.

May 26

33s. 9 d. tion to purchase. Foreign sugars have June 2

358. 3d. been in general low. At a public sale on


36s. ld. the 5th inst. 577 chests of Havannah, and

16 21 barrels 23 chests of Brazil were sold.


008. Od. The former, white fine 58s. good 56s. to 1578. 6d. middling 52s. to 55s. yellow 30s. Coffee.The reports of the market, up to 32s.; the Pernambuco, white, good 55s. to the middle of this month, were unfavourmiddling 38s. 6d. to 39s. 6d. The prices able. The large public sales went off have not since improved.

heavily ; and a considerable proportion of · The refined market, after a reduction of the quantity brought forward was supposed 1s. to 28. seemed likely to revive, but un- to have been taken in on account of the favourable reports from the Continent languid demand. checked the improving demand. The re- The public sales, last week, consisted of quest was, however, still sufficient to pre- 914 casks and 1457 bags ; not withstanding vent any accumulation of stock ; and in the this extensive quantity, the greater proporsecond week of this month there was a con- tion sold, and on Friday an improvement of siderable demand for goods suitable for the 18. a 2s. took place in all descriptions of Mediterranean markets; after which the Jamaica coffee : fine middling realised trade became depressed. The following is 146s. 6d. and 1478. By private contract, the latest statement of the markets.

a cargo of St. Domingo coffee sold at 112s. The show of new sugars this week for money; the request afterwards consi. has greatly improved, both in quality derably improved, and for St. Domingo and quantity : several of the holders have 114s. 6d. was offered. evinced a determination to effect immediate This week the market appears fluctuasales, and in consequence a reduction of ting : on Wednesday two extensive parcels 6d. a 1s. per cwt. has been submitted to in of St. Domingo coffee went off with much grocery sugars; the other qualities are briskness, casks at 1158. 6d. and bags at without variation.

116s. 6d. : on Thursday the demand for The refined market has continued steady foreign coffee again became languid, and a all the week ; there are no alterations to large parcel of St. Domingo met with no notice in the prices, and there appears to buyers at 115s.6d and 1168.; the quality be little life in the trade.- Molasses are ra- of the latter was, however, of inferior de. ther lower.

scription to the parcels of Wednesday.


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35s. 24d.



Jamaica coffee sold with some briskness at coffee 58 a 59 r., white Havannah sugars an advance of 2. a 38. per cwt. The åt 304 r. with 10 r. earnest, and at 31 r. públic sale on Friday consisted of Havan. with 5 r. earnest; the remainder payable in nah coffee, which was all withdrawn, fine four months. Manilla sugars at 20 r. payordinary at 119s. good ordinary 1178. 6d. ; able in six months.-Tallow. From 200 there were offers at 117s. 6d. for the for to 250,000 poods have been sold. Yellow, mer, which is nearly the present price by on the spot, 155 r. for delivery, 150 r. all private contract : generally, foreign coffee down ; soap tallow 136 r. to 137 r. for that may be stated heavy ; British Plantation on the spot, 133 r. for delivery. In white, in good demand, at the advance of 23. to hardly any thing doing ; it may be had at 3s. per cwt.

140 r.-Hemp. 500,000 poods have been At the East India sale, on Tuesday, 1521 sold; mostly such as is on the spot; because bags of coffee all sold at a considerable ad. the chief purchasers, the Americans, are

There is scarcely any Mocha left not willing or able to wait for the arrivals unsold.

of the new article. -Hemp Oil. 300,000 Indigo. The prices of indigo are little poods have been purchased; of which, at varied, and the market will probably con. least, 100,000 poods on speculation to sell tinue without interest until the result of the again. This article is now dull, and might sale at the India House transpires : the probably be had at 94 r.-Flux. On the general premium on the purchases of last whole, 100,000 poods have been sold. No. sale is 22. a 3d. per lb. In the warehouses, thing has been done this fortnight: 12 sold and unsold, it is estimated there are head is not to be bought under 150 r. all 13,000 chests.

paid down, or 155 r. with earnest; and Spices, &c.—The India Company have 9 head not under 125 r. with eamest, or declared for sale 13th August,

120 r. all down.-Bristles. Our stock is Company's Cinnamon. . 130,000 lb. small, and the demand great; so that 80 r. Nutmegs


to 85 r. are willingly given for the first sort, Mace...


22 r. to 23 r. for the second, 27 r. to 37 r. Pepper, Black

2,855 bags for Souchay, and 120 r. for Akalkas.Saltpetre

1,000 tons Horse-tails. The first sort, last sold at Tea.-At the East India sale, which 55 r., is not to be had ; for the second sort, finished last week, Bohea sold at 28. 3fd. which is still more in demand, 22 r. to 23 r. to 2s. 4d. (td. to 1d. higher than last sale.) according to quality, have been given. Common Congou 2s. 6d. a 28. 7£d. (Id. to Yellow Wax. Not in much demand, and 180. higher); and finer sorts 2s. 71 . a 38. therefore to be had at the very reasonable (Id. lower than last sale.) Since the sale, price of 72 r.-Linseed. Some purchases Boheas have realised prices a shade higher, for English account, have been made at 28. 4d. being now the lowest market price. 28 r. to 32 r., according to quality.

Rum, Brandy, and Hollands.—The rum Riga, 25th May.-Hemp. It seems market is exceedingly heavy, on account of there is very little clean at market, and this the considerable arrivals, and several parcels sort being the most in request, our good have been forced on sale ; parcels of low Ukraine has been bought at 112 r. As Leewards, 300 puncheons, have been sold the quantity of outshot at market is, of at ls. 4d. ; the general price, however, can- course, large in proportion as that of clean not be stated so low ; very inferior Jamaica is small, it is probable the price will fall. Is. 9d. : with the exception of these parcels - Flax is not lower, but there seems to be forced upon the market, the purchases are little demand.-Tallow. Yellow crown, inconsiderable.-Brandy is still held with 155 r. much firmness, but few sales are reported ; June 1. - The prices are unchanged. Cognac, best marks 3s. 4d. a 3s. 6d., other There has been a brisk demand for hemp marks 38. a 3s. 2d.

this week : but nothing doing on flax. Hemp, Flax, und Tallow.—The prices Hemp-oil is held at 97r. Pot-ashes have, of tallow are a shade lower since Tuesday been sold at 97 r. at which price there are last, and notwithstanding the principal purchasers, but 100 r. are now asked. Reholders will not sell at the present rates, fined Sugars have been little enquired for yet the market continues languid and de- this week. Hamburgh middling held at clining. In hemp or flax there is little 30 cop. but only 293 cop. offered. Haalteration.

vannah sugars white middling have been

sold at 194 cop. yellow at 13 cop. for four FOREIGN COMMERCE.

months' credit 16 cop. ready money are St. Petersburg, 28th May.—Above 200 offered, and 164 cop. asked for Brazil

white.-Salt. Terravecchia 65 r. Cadiz 52r. vessels, the greater part with goods, have already arrived ; but only a small part of St. Ubez 56 to 57 r. St Martin or Noirtheir cargoes is yet at market, as the un

moutier greyish, 46 to 47s. fine Liverpool, loading goes on rather slowly. English (being scarce) 58 to 60, Liverpool rock salt refined sugars C. B. are sold at 50 r., H.D.

80 r. per last of 18 barrels. at 51 r. (payment weekly); fine Havannah Humburgh, June 9.-Coffee. There has

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been a good demand, and the prices con. Odessa, May 30. – The Turkish go. tinue steady.- Sugar. This week there vernment have stopped all ships that have has been a tolerable demand for Ham. sailed from this port since the middle of burgh refined. The fixed price for good April, without distinction of flags, and ordinary is 13, which may be taken as a obliged them to deliver their cargoes (rf standard for the other sorts. Lumps of wheat) into the corn magazines of Constangood middle quality remain steady at 11d. tinople, on receipt of their value at the Very little has been doing in raw sugars, market price. This is probably to appease except a large parcel of Brazil brown at 78. the populace, who were enraged at the capYellow and brown Havannah are in no re- ture of 6 corn ships from Egypt. This quest, and several parcels of mixed quality proceeding, however, injures our trade, might be had at 8d.; but white, of which the and leads to unpleasant differences with stock is small, especially of dry middle the Spanish, Danish and Italian houses, quality, is in demand at 124d. to 13d. who have ordered this corn. 191 ships of

June 16.—Coffee. Owing to a pretty various nations, one with the flag of Jerubrisk demand the prices are still firmer. salem, have arrived here from January to Sugar. There has been a good deal doing April. Sailed 102. in our refined this week, and the prices of Spain, June 11.-Complaints are rethe finer descriptions are a little higher. ceived from all parts of the kingdom, of Raw goods as before: fine white, being the increase of smuggling, which is carried scarce, is in demand, and steady in price, on by main force, and in open day, in spite and the inferior sorts dull, we having an of all the vigilance and activity of the abundant supply.


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Mr. Lowe, Author of the Statistical Ar. every reader of Goethe will readily admit. ticles on England and France in Mr. Na The Work will form an Octavo Volume, pier's Supplement to the Encyclopædia and will be published in the course of next Britannica, is preparing for the Press an month. Octavo Volume, entitled “ The Prospects Temper, a Tale, by Mrs. Taylor, of of England in Agriculture, Trade, and Ongar. Finance, with a Comparison in these Respects Dr. Adam Dods will soon publish, the between England and France."

Physician's Guide, being a popular Disser. A Reprint of that very rare and curious tation on Fevers, Inflammations, and all little Manual, Arthur Warwick's “Spare Diseases connected with them. Minutes," or Resolved Meditations and Mr. Wm. James has in the Press, the Premeditated Resolutions. This Edition Naval History of Great Britain, from 1793 will be printed in super royal 16mo. with to 1820, in four Octavo Volumes, with a Fac-similes of the singular Emblematical separate Volume of Tables. Frontispieces, together with the explana- William Haygarth, Esq. is preparing for tory Poems of Frances Quarles and George the Press, the History of the Roman EmWithers.

pire, from the Accession of Augustus to Essays on the Formation and Publica- the Death of the Younger Antoninus, which tion of Opinions, and on other Subjects, in it is expected will not exceed two Quarto one Vol. 8vo.

Volumes. A Treatise on the Game of Chess, in, Mr. T. C. Hansard is printing in a cluding the Games of the Anonymous Quarto Volume an Historical Sketch of the Madonese, and the Traité des Amateurs, and Origin and Progress of Printing; includcontaining many remarkable Situations, ing the Process of Stereotyping, and of LiOriginal as well as Selected. By John thographic Printing. Cochrane, Esq. in one large Vol. 8vo. Mr. James Henderson will soon pubIllustrated by numerous Diagrams, and lish, a Copious History of Brazil, in with an Engraved Frontispiece.

Quarto, with thirty Plates and Maps. The Publishers of Moses's Etchings Happiness ; a Tale, for the Grave. and from Retch's Outlines to the Faustus of Gay: two Post Octavo Volumes. Goethe, have engaged a Gentleman of Lite- A Volume of Sermons, by the Rev. F. rary Eminence to prepare a Translation of Thruston, with his Portrait. a considerable portion of that wild and Mr. S. F. Gray has in the Press, in singular play into English Blank Verse. Two Octavo Volumes, a Natural ArrangeA brief Abstract of the several Scenes will ment of British Plants, preceded by an unite those Translations, and form a con- Introduction to Botany. nected Story ; it not being deemed advisa- Practical Observations on Cold and ble to translate the whole, for reasons which Warm Bathing; with an Account of the

principal Watering Places in Scotland and Prudence and Principle, a Tale, by the England. By Mr. James Miller.

Author of Rachel. Å Treatise on the Principles of Bridges The Plays and Poems of Shakspeare, by by Suspension, with reference to the Cate- the late Edmond Malone, Edited by Mr. nary, and exemplified by the Cable Bridge Boswell, with a New Portrait, &c. now in Progress over the Strait of Menai.


Antiquities, Architecture, and Fine Arts. sons, deduced from Records, State-papers,

The Architectural Antiquities of Rome, and Manuscripts, and from other Original Measured and Delineated by G. L. Taylor and Authentic Sources. By John Bayley, and Edward Cresy, Architects, fol. Part I. Esq. FAS. In Two Parts. Part I. 31.13s. 12 Ils. 6d. ; Proofs, 21. 2s.

6d. Imperial 4to. 71. 78. Physiognomical Portraits, Part II. im- Oriental History: A Chronological Reperial 8vo. 16. ls. ; Proofs, 21. 2s. trospect, or Memoirs of the Principal

German Scenery, No. I. consisting chiefly Events in Mohammedan History, from the of Views in Vienna and on the Danube, Death of the Arabian Legislator to the with its principal Tributary Streams, &c. Accession of the

Emperor Akbar, and the from Drawings by Capt. Batty. Royal Establishment of the Mogul Empire in 8vo. 12s. Proofs, 4to. 18s.

Hindostan. By Major David Price, of Picturesque Buildings in Normandy, the East India Company's Service. 3 Vols. Sketched from Nature, and Drawn on

4to. 74. 178. 6d. Stone, by S. Prout. No. I. folio, 8s. A Compendium of the History of Jewish

Ancient Wilts, by Sir Richard Colt Kings; for the Amusement and InstrucHoare, Bart. 5th and last Part, 4.. 4s. tion of Young Persons, with sixteen colour. Large Paper, 6l. 6s. Complete in 5 Parts, ed Engravings. 18mo. 3s. 211.

A History of the Persecutions endured Sixteen Engravings from Real Scenes, by the Protestants of the South of France ; supposed to be described in the Novels and and more especially of the Department of Tales of the “ Author of Waverley.” En. Gard, during the Years 1814, 1815, 1816, graved by W. H. Lizars from Drawings &c. including a Defence of their Conduct by Alex. Nasmyth. 12mo. 108. 8vo. 168. from the Revolution to the present Period.

By Mark Wilks. 2 Vols. 8vo. 188. Biography. Memoirs of James the Second, King of Medicine, Surgery, and Physiology. England, &c. &c. Collected from various The History of the Plague, as it has Authentic Sources. 2 Vols. Post 8vo. 16s. lately appeared in the Islands of Malta,

Memoirs of the Life of the Right Hon. Gozo, Corfu, Cephalonia, &c. detailing Wm. Pitt. By George Tomline, DD. important Facts illustrative of the Specific Bishop of Winchester. 2d Edit. 3 Vols. Contagion of that Disease, with Particulars 8vo. 12. 16s.

of the Means adopted for its Eradication. Oliver Cromwell and his Times. By By J. D. Tully, Esq. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Thomas Cromwell. 8vo. 14s.

Essays on Hypochondriasis, and other Memoirs of Queens, Illustrious and Cele- Nervous Affections. By John Reid, MD. brated. By Mary Hays. 8vo. 5 Portraits, 8vo. 128. 12s.

An Account of the Rise, Progress, and Memoirs of Count Borawlaski, contain. Decline of the Fever, lately Epidemical in ing a Sketch of his Travels, with an Account Ireland, together with Communications of his Reception at the Different Courts of from : Physicians in the Provinces, and Europe, &c. &c. with a Portrait. 8vo. various official Documents. By F. Bar. 1282

ker, MD, and J. Cheyne, MD. 2 Vols. Education.

8vo. 12. 6s. A View of the Elementary Principles of

Miscellaneous. Education, Founded on the Study of the

An Autumn near the Rhine, or, Sketches Nature of Man, 12mo. By J. G. Spurz- of Courts, Society, and Scenery in Gerheim, MD. 78. 6d. Elements of Astronomy, by A. Picquot. tains in 1820. Second Edition : to which

many; with a Tour in the Taurus Moun12mo. 78. 6d. A Slight Sketch of an Easy Method of Goethe, and other German Poets. 8vo. 14s.

are now added Translations from Schiller, Teaching Languages, by Lieut-Col. A. W. Light.

The Young Infidel: a Fire-side Reverie. 8vo. Is. 6d.

By a Friend to Truth. 12mo. 48.

The Principles and Doctrine of Assur. The History and Antiquities of the ances, Annuities on Lives, and Contingent Tower of London, with Biographical An- Reversions, Stated and Explained. "By ecdotes of Royal and Distinguished Per. William Morgan, FRS. 8vo. 128.

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