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of the average prices, we add the report of order from the Minister of Finance, by the market of yesterday.

which our free port is to remain unchanged, In addition to the arrivals of English on the same footing as hitherto till further wheat, 17,699 qrs. there was a large pro- orders: and the merchants may import portion of the previous supply left over to their goods as before. yesterday's market ; the trade was in con- 22 Scpt.-Several vessels have lately ar. sequence exceedingly heavy, and although rived from Constantinople. Our situation one or two parcels of fine new white sold at is very singular. But lately, we thought an advance of 2s.per quarter, yet every other we had every reason to expect the speedy description was 23. a 3s. lower; the best commencement of hostilities; and we are old declined in the same proportion: a now convinced more and more, and every great quantity of the wheat still remains day, that we have been mistaken. Our undisposed of, although the holders were commercial relations with Turkey are, in offering damp and inferior parcels at very fact, interrupted, yet the hopes of peace depressed prices, to induce the buyers to prevail. Every body wishes to see the end come forward. There were large supplies of this state of uncertainty. of new barley brought to market last week, St. Petersburg, Sept. 28.-An impebut at a decline of 4s. there have been ex- rial ukase of the 4th instant regulates the tensive purchases, and the quantity offering trade in the Aleutian and Kurile Islands, was so reduced, that an improvement of ls. and the Russian possessions in the northwas realized on Friday's prices.— The arri- west coast of America, and the east coast vals of English oats last week exceeded of Siberia as follows. Having perceived 28,000 qrs.; the trade was in consequence by the statements laid before us, that the heavy ; a few prime parcels of both old trade of our subjects in the Aleutian isand 'new went off at a decline of 1s. but lands, and in the Russian possessions along generally the market must be quoted 2s. the north-west coast of America, is sublower. Beans met a dull sale, at the de- jected to many obstacles and disadvantages cline of 1s.-In peas no alteration whatever from the practice of smuggling, and as we can be stated.

find that the chief cause of these disadvan

tages lies in the want of regulations re FOREIGN COMMERCE.

specting the limits of navigation along Riga, September 28. Corn. There those coasts, and a standard of commercial have been some purchases lately of oats, at relations as well in those parts, as in gene40 to 44 r. per last. The nominal price of ral on the east coast of Siberia, we have holmdried rye (of 115 to 116 lbs.) is 56 to thought fit to determine these relations as 57 roubles. Potashes, 108 roub. have follows:been paid for Polish, the stock of which is Sec. I. “All trade, whale-fishery, fishery nearly exhausted. Seeds, the weather be in general, and every kind of business, in ing constantly wet and cold makes the the harbours and bays, and in general along prospect of the crop this year more and the whole northwest coast of America, from more unfavourable, and it is feared, that a Behring's Straits to the 51st degree of north very small quantity of really good quality latitude, as well as along the Aleutian iswill be brought to market, which will of lands, and on the east coast of Siberia, and course sell very dear. Hitherto there are also along the Kurile islands, that is to say, no sellers, and the imports will hardly com- from Behring's Straits to the South Cape of mence before the beginning of next month. the island of Ooroop, in 45 deg. 51 north Tallow, is rather more in demand, 145 lat., are allowed exclusively to Russian subbanco roubles have been paid for yellow jects. and white crown, and there remain pur- Sec. II. “ In consequence, every foreign chasers for soap tallow at 130 roubles. vessel is prohibited, not only to land on any Hemp, especially clean, has fallen; Po- of the coasts and islands belonging to the lish clean 110 r., Ukraine ditto 100. Russian possessions, and mentioned in the Other descriptions keep up better. Polish preceding Section, but even to approach outshot, 87 r. Ukraine, 82 r. Polish pass, them within less than one hundred Italian 74 to 77. Ukraine ditto 74r. Torse, 51 miles, on pain of confiscation of both ship 1. per Slb.

Flar, Thiesenhausen and and cargo," &c. Druiania Rackitzer, 444; Badstub cut, Hamburg, Oct. 13.---Cotton. The dewhite and light grey mixed, 38 to 38}r.; mand and sale very limited.Coffee has Risten Threeband, 29 r. ; Tow, 13 r. ; per been exclusively purchased this week, and Slb. Hemp Oil, to be had at 87 r. b. per the prices are therefore more firm.-Corn. Slb. Fine white Havannah Sugars have While our stock of wheat is considerably been sold at 184 cop. 7 months credit. The increased by fresh supplies, the sales are prices of Salt decline more and more, the limited to our own consumption, so that the last prices paid were, St. Ubes, 47 r.; grey prices of several descriptions have fallen 5 French 374 r. ; fine Liverpool 52 r. at or six rix dollars. The holders of the present, only 50 r. are offered for the latter. finest sorts keep away from the market. A

Odessa, Sept. 14.-Yesterday an ex. good deal of business has been doing this press arrived froin St. Petersburgh with an week in Oats and Barley of the best quality, as well for exportation to England (it unfavourable influence.--50 Chests have in being supposed probable that the ports will consequence been sold here lately (chiefly be open) as for home consumption, so that from the interior of Germany) at a consithe prices have risen 2 dollars. Fine Black derable advance, and one fine parcel realRape-seed has also been purchased for ex- ized 23s. Flemish. portation to England at their current Rice.-Having fallen to the price at which prices.

it stood before the sudden rise in the price Indigo.-Among the most important of Corn, a more considerable demand may changes this week, is the increased demand be expected. and price of this article. The new rise of Tobacco.Firm in price, but little doing 9d. to 1s. 5d. per. Ib. in the London sale 200,000 lbs. of Porto Rico, roll and leaf, just terminated, and the certain information have lately been imported from St. Thomas. that it was caused by the real demand, con- Sugar.-Hamburgh refined have met firm the opinion, that the cultivation of with a brisk sale this week at the current this dye has been so limited in India for prices. Lumps are little inquired for, and some years past on account of the price be- occasionally parcels might be had a trifle ing too low to remunerate the planter, so lower. Several parcels of raw sugars, hithat the stock both in and out of Europe is therto withheld, are now brought to marnow inadequate to the consumption, and ket, which, with the want of demand, still even an abundant crop would not have an further depresses the prices.

WORKS PREPARING FOR PUBLICATION. Reasons for Opposition to the Principles The Resurrection of Lazarus, a Course and Measures of the Present Administration. of Sermons, from the French of Beau

Sir Marmaduke Maxwell, a Dramatic sobre. By the Rev. H. Cotes. Poem ; The Legend of Richard Faulder; A Synopsis of British Mollusca, by W.' The Mermaid of Galloway; and Twenty Elford Leach, MD Scottish Songs. By Allan Cunningham. A natural Arrangement of British

The History of Civil Government, from Plants, by S. T. Gray. the Primitive Ages of the World to the Time's Telescope for 1822, with an In. Fall of the Roman Empire, by the late troduction to Conchology prefixed. James Tyson, Esc

Prayers for Families and private PerTwo Tragedies, (Sardanapalus, and the sons, by the Rev. Edmund Butcher. Two Forscaris.) By Lord Byron.

Tales of the Drama, by Miss Macauley. A Dramatic Poem, entitled the Martyr The Beauties of Ireland, by J. N. of Antioch. By the Rev. F. Millman. Brewer, with Engravings, to be published

The Pirate, by the Author of Waverley in Parts.

Travels in Georgia, Persia, Armenia, A compendious History of Greece, with Ancient Babylonia, &c. &c. during the Maps and Portraits, by Edward Baldwin. Years 1817, 1818, 1819, 1820. By Sir Irad and Adah ; a Tale of the Flood, Robert Ker Porter, &c. &c. Vol. II. 4to. and Lyrical Poems. By the Author of with Engravings.

the " Widow of Nain.' Lectures on the Elements of Botany. Happiness, a Tale for the Grave and Part I. with Plates. By Anthony Todd the Gay. In 2 Vols. post 8vo. Thomson, FLS. Member of the Royal Mary Nelson, a Narrative. In 1 Vol. College of Surgeons, &c. &c. In 8vo. Howe's Works, the eighth and last Vo

The Private and Confidential Corre- lume. spondence of Charles Talbot, Duke of The Thane of Fife, a Poem, by Mr. Shrewsbury. By the Rev. Archdeacon W. Tennant. Author of Anster Fair. Coxe. In 1 Vol. 4to.

The Providence of God, in the latter Memoirs of the Court of King James Days, a new Interpretation of the Apocathe First. By Lucy Aikin. . In 2 Vols. lypse. By the Rev. Geo. Croly.

Travels in the Interior of Southern An Account of the Fishes found in the Africa. By William J. Burchell, Esq. Ganges, and its Branches. By Dr. F. with Engravings. In quarto.

Hamilton. A Picturesque Promenade round Dork- A Philosophical History of the Origin ing, with Biographical Notices

and Progress of the European Languages, The first two Volumes of Mr. James's by the late Dr. Alexander Murray, with a Naval History, comprising the whole of Memoir, written by Himself. In 2 Vols. the War, from 1793 to the Peace of evo. Amiens; and an additional Volume, con- Historical Sketches of the Highlands of taining Abstracts of the British Navy Scotland, by Col. David Stewart. 3 Vols.

Elements of the Science of Political Svo. Economy.. By Jir. Mil.


and Botanical Account of Fruits known in Retrospection ; a Tale. By Mrs. Taylor Great Britain. By Henry Phillips. Seof Ongar, 12mo. 6s.

cond Edition. 8vo. 10s. 6d. The Young Reviewers, or the Poems The Natural History of British Quaddissected; with Three Engravings. ls. 6d. rupeds. By E. Donovan, FIŞ. Coloured half-bound.

Plates. 3 Vols. royal 8vo. 51. 88. Hints for conducting Sunday Schools ; Illustrations of British Ornithology. Seuseful also for Day Schools, and Families. ries First. Land Birds. By P.J. Selby, Esq. 8vo. 38. 6d.

No. 2. elephant Folio, 11. Ils. 6d.plain, or Fine Arts.

57. 58. coloured after Nature. 12 Plates. The Holy Bible, embellished with new Illustrations of the Linnæan Genera of Engravings, by Charles Heath, from De- Insects. By W. Wood, FLS. &c. 2 Vols. signs by Richard Westall, Esq. RA. Royal 18mo. 1!. 10s. Part I. handsomely printed in Imperial

Novels and Tales. 8vo. with 4 Plates 12s. and in 4to. Proof.

Minstrel Love, from the German of the impressions, Il. ls.

Author of Undine. By George Soane, AB. History and Biography.

2 Vols. 12mo. 12s. Memoirs of the celebrated Persons com- Conversation, or the Shades of Differposing the Kit-Cat Club; with a prepara- ence. 3 Vols. 12mo. 16s. 6d. boards. tory Account of the Origin of the Associ. The Festival of Mora; an Historical ation ; illustrated with 48 Portraits from Romance. By Louisa Sydney Stanhope. the original Paintings. By Sir Godfrey Vols. 12mo. 11. 4s. Kneller. 4to. 41. 48.

Scenes at Brighton ; by Innes Hoole, An Essay on the Study of Modern His- Esq. 3 Vols. 12mo. 15s. tory. By James Shergold Boone. 8vo. 8s.

Harley Raddington : by Miss D. P. The History of George Desmond: found.

Campbell. 2 Vols. 10s. 6d. ed on Facts that occurred in the East In.

Freebooter of the Alps; a Romance. dies, and now published as a useful Cau- By James Griffin. 2 Vols. 1ls. tion to Young Men going out to that

Bigotry; or, the Warning Voice; a Country. Small 8vo. 78.

Novel. 4 Vols. 12mo. 17. 48. Medicine, Surgery, and Physiology.

Poetry and the Drama. The Physician's Guide. By Adam Dods,

The Village Minstrel, and other Poems. MD. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, pub- Peasant. 2 Vols. Foolscap 8vo. with a fine

By John Clare, the Northamptonshire lished by the Medical and Chirurgical So- Portrait, 12s. boards, ciety of London, in 8vo. (with Plates) 98.

The Croisade, or the Palmer's Pilgrimboards. Vol. XI. Part II.

age. By Charles Kerr, Esq. 8vo. 108. 6d. Miscellaneous.

Faustus, from the German of Goethe ; An Inquiry concerning the Primitive In- with a Portrait of the Author, 8vo. 6s. habitants of Ireland; illustrated by Ptole- Specimens of the Russian Poets, Transmy's Map of Erin, corrected by the Aid lated by John Bowring, FLS. Second of Barbaric History. By Thomas Wood, Edition, 78. MD. 8vo. 10s. Od.

The Miller's Maid; a Melo-Drama, in Cottage Dialogues. 12mo. 5s.

Two Acts. By John Savill Faucitt, (AuAn Examination of the primary Argu- thor of Justice, a Musical Drama, in Three ment of the Iliad. By Granville Penn, Acts.) 8vo. 2s. 6d. sewed. Esq. 8vo. 12s.

Theology. A compendious Treatise on the Theory

Some of Dr. Collyer's Errors Stated and and Solution of cubic and biquadratic Equa- Corrected, with a Prefatory Address to the tions, and of Equations of the higher Or. Old Members of the Salter's Hall Congreders. By the Rev. B. Bridges, BD. ERS. gation of Protestant Dissenters. 8vo. Es. Fellow of St. Peter's College, Cambridge. The Hand of Providence, Manifested 68.

in a Faithful Narrative or Real Facts: illusSupplement to the Fourth and Fifth Edi

trative of its Punishment of Vice, and tions of the Encyolopædia Britannica. Il. Reward of Virtue ; interspersed with gelustrated with Engravings. 4to. Vol. V. nuine Anecdotes and suitable Reflections, Part I. 11. 58. boards.

12mo. 6s. An Exposition of the Relations of the

Plain Discourses, Doctrinal and PractiBritish Government with the Sultaun cal, adapted to a Country Congregation. State of Palembang, and the Designs of By the Rev. Charles Ilardinge, AM. the Netherlands Government upon that 12mo. 6s. Country; with Descriptive accounts of Pa.

A Summary of Orthodox Belief and lembaug and the Island of Banca. By Practice, according to the Opinions and Major W. H. Court. 8vo. 8s. 6d.

Sentiments of the first Reformers ; intend. Natural History, Botany, fr. ed for Young Persons in the more educated Pomarium Britannicum, an Historical Classes of Society: principally compiled


from the celebrated Work of Dean Nowell. To which are added, Memoirs of Eminent By the Rev. John Prowett, AM. 12mo. Men educated there; and a list of the Go. 38. 6d.

vernors. 8vo. 4 Plates. 158. Voyagcs, Travels, and Topography. An Account of the Principal Pleasure

The History of Christ's Hospital, from Tours in Scotland. 1 Vol. Maps and its Foundation by King Edward the Sixth. Views, 8s. half-bound.

NEW PATENTS. William Henry Hyman, of Bath, sadler; Bevington Gibbins, of Wrelin Crythenfor certain improvements in the construction Works, near Neath, Glamorganshire, cheof harness.-Aug. 14th.

mist, and Charles Hunnings Wilkinson, of David Gordon, of Edinburgh, now re- Bath, MD. ; for an improved retortor siding at Stranraer, Esq.; for certain im. vessel for making coal and other gas; and provements in the construction of wheeled for distillation, evaporation, and concentracarriages.-Aug. 14th.

tion of acids and other substances.--Sept. 8th. Jean Frederic, Marquis de Chabanne, of Dominique Pierre Deurbroncq, of King. Russell-place, Fitzroy-square, Middlesex ; street, Soho, Middlesex, Gent. ; for an apfor a new method and apparatus for at- paratus for the purpose of condensing the tracting and catching fish.---Aug. 14th. alcoholic steams arising from spirituous li.

John Collins, of Lambeth, Surrey, en- quors, such as wine, brandy, beer, cyder, gineer; for an improvement on cast-iron &c. during their fermentation. Commu. rollers for sugar-mills, by more permanently nicated to him by a foreigner residing fixing them to their gudgeons.-Aug. 14th. abroad.-Sept. 11th.

John Nichol, of West-End, St. John's, Richard Francis Hawkins, of Plumstead, Hampstead, Middlesex, master-mariner; for Kent, master-mariner; for improvements an improved capstan, windlass,and hawsere in the construction of anchors.—Sept. 1lth. roller.--Aug. 22d.

William Webster, of George-court, William Lane, of Birmingham, jack- Princes-street, Soho, Middlesex, gunmaker ; for certain improvements on hori. maker; fur certain improvements in the zontal roasting-jacks; which improvements mechanism of, and appertaining to, Forare applicable to other useful purposes.-- syth's roller magazine, for the discharge of Aug. 230

fowling-pieces and fire-arms in general, by David Gordon, of Edinburgh, at present means of percussion.-Sept. 14th. residing in Stranraer, Esq.; for certain im- William Losh, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, provements in the construction of harness ironmonger; for a method of increasing for animals of draft and burthen.--Sept. 8th. the strength of timber.-Sept. 20th.

Where the Town or City in which the Bankrunt resides is not expressed, it will be always in London or the
Neighbourhood. So also of the Residences of the Altorneys, whose names are placed qfier a [.

T distinguishes London Commissions, C those of the country.
Gazette-Sept. 22 to Oct. 23. Stuart, H. Worcester, wine-merchant. (Haj.

nam, Piazza.chambers, Covent-garden. T. Sept. 22. Arnold, J. H., Llanblethian, Gla- Oct. 2.-Mercer, H. Liverpool, merchant. [Battye, morgan, cattle-jobber. (Jennings, 4, Elm-court, Chancery-lane. c. Temple. T.

Ward, T. Seamer, York, maltster. (Lever, Gray'sColyer, w. Broad-street, St. Giles's, boot and inn. C.

shoe-maker. [Jones, 1, New-inn. T. Whitehead, R., Withnell, Lancaster, corn.merHailstone, W. Mildenball, Suffolk, grocer.

chant. (Hall, Great James-street, Bedford[Gregson, Angel-court, Throgmorton-street. T. row, C. Hancock, S. Judd-street, St. Pancras, hardware. man. (Pringle, Queen-street, Cheapside. T.

Oct. 6. Bower, J. Tothill-street, Westminster, Jones, T. St. John-street, West Smithfield, sta

grocer. [Tottie, 33, Poultry. T. tioner. (Sweet, Basinghall-street. T.

Evans, T. B. Strand, wine and brandy-nerMead, T. Sandwich, Kent, victualler. [Lodington,

chant. [Stevens, Little St. Thomas Apostle, 2, Serjearts'-inu, Fleet-street. C.

Queen-street. T. Rowley M. Bear-street, Leicester-square, dealer.

Moody, s. Frome Selwood, Somerset, baker. [Fisher, Furnival's-inn, Holborn.'T.

[Perkins, 2, Holbora-court, Gray's-inn. C. Williams, H. Plough-court, Lombard-street, mer

Rowbottom, w. Oldham, Lancaster, machinechant. [Pearce, St. Swithin's-lane, Lombard

maker. (Milne, Temple. C. street. T.

Thompson, J. T. Long Acre, coach-joiner, (Ste

vens, Little St. Thomas Apostle, Queen-st. T. Sept. 25. Beeston, J. Drayton in Hales, Salop, Wells S. Middleton-garden, Pentonville, green. mercer. [Baxter, Gray's-inn.place. c.

grocer. [Tatham, Castle-street, Holborn. T. Gibson, T. jun. Liverpool, ship-bread baker, [Chester, 3. Staple-inn. c.

Oct. 9. Bursey, J. jun. Goodge-street, TottenhamGird, H. Park-lane, Middlesex, saddler. [Bour

Court road, bo

and stationer. (Wardillon, Bread-street, Cheapside. C.

rand, Mark-lane. T. Knowles, J., and H. Walker, Salford, Lancaster,

Hamelin, P. Belmont-place, Vauxhall, plasterer, machine-makers. (Willis, Warnfordl-couri, C.

[Denton, Gray's-inn-square. T. Lavender, J. Leominster, Hereford, mireer.

Lound, W. Slo:111e-street, Chelsen, linen-draper. [Cardale, Gray's-inn. c.

[Dobson, 55, Chancery-lane. T.

Oct. 13.-Larton, J. Blackburn, Lancaster, upSept. 29. Barnby, J. New Malton, York, dealer. holsterer. [ligg, 29, Southampton-buildings, (Smithson, Old Jewry. C.

Cuancers-lane C. Richardson, J. Manchester, cotton and twist-dea.

Belcher, J. London-lane, Enfieldl. stone-mason. ler, [Whitlow, king-street, Manchester, C.

[Harmer, 29. Hatton-garden. T.

Clayton, J. Bury, Lancaster, undertaker. [Ap- Surrey, J. and J., Mark-lane, mealmen. (Druce,
pleby, Gray's-inn. c.

Billiter-square. T.
Da Bois, J. and E., ('opthall-court, merchants.
(Gregson, Angel-court, Throgmorton-street. T.

Oct. 23.-Chubb, W. P. Aldgate, chemist. [Par-
Dunderdale, N. Holbeck, York, clothier. (Ro-

ton, Bow.church.yard, Cheapside. T. binson, 26, Essex-street, Strand. C.

Davies, J. Micheldean, Gloucester, draper, Gilbert, R. T. Stockbridge, Hants, coal-merchant.

[Pearson, Pump-court. Temple. C. [Cottle, 70, Aldermanbury. C.

Dray, J. St. Agnies, Cornwall, dealer. [Hodgson,
Green, T. Alfreton, Derby, grocer. (Bromley, Francis, R. Newcastle upon Tyne, hatter. (Fisher,

14, John-street, Adelphi. T.
3. Gray's-inn-square. C.
Hamelin, P. Belmont-place, Vanxhall, plasterer.

Thavies-inn, Holbom. C.
[Denten, Gray's-inn square. T.

George, W. Haymarket, Westminster, sadler. Hole, W. M. Kingskerswell, Devon, tanner.

[Matthews, Castle-street, Holborn. T. [Darke, Red Lion-square. c.

Hughes, R. Althrey Woodhouse, Flint, cheeseJackson, W. Lusted-farm, Cudham, Kent, farmer.

factor. [Toone, 3, Craven-street, Strand. c. [Taylor, 15, Furnival's-inn, Holborn. T.

Humphries, S. Witham Friary, Somerset, inn

holder. Llewelyn, J. and N. Belcbier, Old Jewry, insur

(Perkins, 2, Holborn-court, Gray's.

inn. c.
ance-brokery. [Lester, New-court, Crutched-
friars. T.

Irving, N. Carlisle, Cumberland, innkeeper.
Kose, R. N. Holborn, book-dealer. (Edwards,

(Battye, 20, Chancery-lane. C.. Castle-street, Holborn. T.

Knibb, ‘B. "Billingborough, Lincoln, grocer,

Lambert, 9, Gray's-inn-square. C.
Spear, J. Sheffield, merchant. [Tilson, Coleman.

Les, G. Bath, baker. [Burfoot, 2, King's-bench-
street. C.
Tate, R. Market-Weighton, York, shopkeeper.

walk, Temple. c. [Jaques, Charles-street, City-road. C.

Poole, S. G. King's-road, Chelsea, brewer,

(Sherwood, Canterbury-square. T.
Thomson, P. and C. A. Thomson, Tom's coffee-
house, Cornhill, wine-merchants. [Wadeson,

Whitney, W. Ludlow, Salop, innkeeper. [Pugh,
Austin-friars, T.

83. Bernard-street, Russell-square. c. Travis, J. Oldham, Lancaster, grocer. (Searle,

Wright, J. Mill-wall, Poplar, anchor-smith. Doctors'-commons. C.

[Dennis, Westmorland-place, City-road. T. Oct 16.-Butt, T. Tewkesbury, Gloucester, miller. [Clarke, 8, Little St. Thomas Apostle,

Cheapside. C.

Gazette-Sept. 22 to Oct. 23.
Gardner, B. Leigh, Worcester, farmer. [Becke,
Devonshire-street, Queen-square. C.

Wares, D. merchant, Pulteney-town.
Horrocks, W. Liverpool, corn-dealer. [Black- Campbell, W., and R. Campbell, brewers, Lin-

Edie, J. merchant, Cupar-Fife. stock, King's-Bench-walk, Temple. C.

lithgow Inman, K. J. Blackman-street, Southwark, brasier. (Sherwood, 32, Canterbury-square, South

Wilson, R. corn-dealer, Thornton, Killbride. wark. T.

Beck, W. manufacturer, Hawick. Walker, F. Ripon, York, money-scrivener.

Cormack, A. merchant, Wick.
(Stocker, New Boswell-court, Carey-streel, Lin.

Atkinson, J. currier, Glasgow.

w. merchant, Galashiels, Edinburgh. coln's-inn. C.

Graham, 'T, merchant, Eastwood-park, Glasgow, Oct. 20.-Steel, W. Charlotte-street, Fitzroy-sq. Black, T. cattle-dealer, Perth. baker. (Isaacson, 9, Broad-ct, Long-Acre. T. Crawford, J. and W. coal-masters, Lochwinnoch.

Paris. Hamburg. Amsterdam, Vienna. Nuremberg Berlin. Naples Leipsig. Bremen.


16 Oct.

19 Oct.

6 Oct.

11 Oct.

13 Oct.

8 Oct.

11 Oct.

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fl. 10-9 fr. 1192

1454 1354

40 100 999

1085 1465 1474 1474 82


6.18 616

1463 132

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Hamburg. 182 Amsterdam

251 Franckfort. 3f Augsburg . 250 Genoa...... 475 Leipsig. leghorn. 509 Lisbon.

556 Cadiz....... 15:50 Naples. 433 Bilboa. 15.56 Madrid. 15.60 Oporto.... 563

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Breslaw. Christiana. Petersburg. Riga. Antwerp Madrid. Lisbon.
10 Oct.
3 Oct. 25 Sept.

1 Oct. 15 Oct. 16 Oct. 5 Oct.

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