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Correggio, 288.-engravings from, 289. Elton, Mr. 74.

Cosmo III. 156_his travels through Eng. Engravers, R. Cook, 418_Taylor, Har.

land, 156.

vey, 419–Schiavonetti, 661-Bumet,

Cowper, 479.


Engravings, from Correggio, 289—Tinto-

Danish Ballads, 414.

retto, 291-—Polidoro, 293.

Epitaphs, 274.

Denmark, 413.

Dentatus, Harvey's Wood Engraving of, Exeter Exhibition, 538.

Estephania de Gentelmes, a Tale, 379.


Exhibition at Somerset House, 66.

Dialogue on Education, on Sadoleti's, 180.
Dialogue on the Homeric Poematia, 481.
Drama, No. XVIII: Covent Garden; Family Pride, 299.

Hamlet, 80—Macready, 81, 82_Da: Falstaff's death, admirable manner in which
mon and Pythias, 83_Drury Lane; the related, 608.
Queen's Visit there, 84_No. XIX. Ge. Feastings, ancient, 247.
neral Remarks, 197–Covent Garden; Fine Arts, at Berlin, 94.
Hamlet, Henry IV. part 2d, 197– Florentine Institution, 326.

Drury Lane ; Rob Roy, Mr. Mackay, Fountains in the Metropolis, remarks on,

, 198_The English Opera House; Miss


Kelly, Wrench, Harley, Wilkinson, Fox, the late Charles, 621.

Love's Dream, 199-Two-pence; Hay. Fracastori, translation of a poem by, 181.

market Theatre, 201—Terry, Conway, French Poets, Early; C. Marot, 587.

De Camp, Leoni Lee, 201—No. XX. Fugitive Literature, 49.

St. Evremond's opinions on the French

Drama, 319_Kean; Drury Lane; the Genoa, 644—a dinner at, 645—palaces,

Coronation, Mountaineers, 321-Hay-

646— view from the Sperone, 647-voy-

market; Rise and Fall, Fontainbleau,

Match-making; Lyceum Theatre; Mil.

age to Leghorn, 648.

ler's Maid, 322—No. XXI. Dramatic Genoese, character of the, 645.

Titles ; Lear of Private Life; Covent Geijer's observations on Poetry, 43.

Gau's work on Nubia, 559.

Garden, 426 Mr. Young; Drury

Lane; Coronation, 427-Geraldi Duval;

Geology, 674.

Rosina ; Miss Povey ; Knight ; Bar-

German Authors; Holty, 518~Richter,


nard; Five Hundred Pounds, 428 Giulio Romano, 418, &c.—Prints from,

English Opera; Cure for Coxcombs;


Haymarket; Venice Preserved, 429–

No. XXII. Drury Lane ; Geraldi Du.

Glass, Antique, 441.

val, 549_Covent Garden; Miss Dance; Gleanings from Foreign Journals ; Ma-

Young, 550 - Macready, 551.-Charles

drid, 313-Laybach, 440.

Goethe's Faust. 657.

Kemble; the Exile, 552-Young; Mrs.

Grace before Dinner, 409.

Vining, 553_Haymarket; Miss Blake,
Miss R. Corri, 554—Russell, 555

Gray, on his opinion of Collins, 13.
No. XXIII, 666-Miss Bakewell, 667

Greek, modern, 442.
-Young, 668—Miss Beaumont; Jones,

Greenwich Hospital, Visit to, 527-Pen

669_Miss M. Tree; Drury Lane, 670–

sioners, at, 534–Painted Hall, 536.

Cooper's Iago ; Kean ; Costume, 671.
Dragon, a, discovered in rock, 675. Hamilton's Garden of Florence, Review of,
Dramatic Sketch, Theodore and Bertha, 57.

Scholæ Italicæ Picture, 293.

Dreams, 272, 386.

Happy Life of a Parish Priest in Sweden,


Harangue, by a Sentimental Traveller, 511.
Eating, English, 246.

Herapath, Mr., his visionary theories, 677.
Edinburgh, Letters from, No. III. 77. Herbert's, E. Letters, No. Í. On the Coro.
Education, 181-failure of the Bell and nation, 184—No. II. A Visit to Green-

Lancasterian System in Scotland, 378. wich Hospital, 527.
Egypt, Scientific Travels in, 93.

Holkham, Sheep sheering at, 215.

Elia, papers by, viz. Mackery End, 28 Holty, Life of, 518.

Jews, Quakers, Scotchmen, and other Homer, his Batrachomyomachia, 269–

Imperfect Sympathies, 152–The Old different translations of it, 273_on his

Benchers of the Inner Temple, 279- Poematia, 48]-translation of his hymn

Witches and other Night Fears, 384- to Bacchus, 641.

Grace before Meat, 469_My First Hort's New Pantheon, 6-10.

Play, 603.

House of Weeping, from Richter, 615.

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Influence of Scenery on Poetical Character, Manchena (Abbé), 314.


Manners, changes of, at Edinburgh, 77.

Inner Temple, 279.

Marot, Clement, 587-analysis of his
Isole Borromee, 142.

poem of the Temple of Cupid, 588.

Italian Literature, 205, 442, 558. Marvell's (Andrew) lines on a Garden, 279.

Italian Singing, 650.

Mechanical Inventions, 94.

Italy, Education in, 326.

Mechanics, 677.

Melzi Library, 441.

Janus' Boudoir, 658.

Memoir of Santuari, 172.

Jews, Quakers, and Scotchmen, 152.

Metaphysics, 677.
Jones, Sir W., life of, 626.

Meteorology, 676.

Judith Macrone, the Prophetess, 241.

Milan, 145—Cathedral, 147-Theatre

della Scala, 148.

Miles Colvine, the Cumberland Mariner,
Keats, 59-quotation from, 288.

King (The), his fine taste in Pictures, 292.

Mock MS. Sermons, 516.
Kirk-Alloway described by Burns, 251.

Music, Theory of its effects, 359_obser.

Kitchener, Dr. 432–Ode to, 468.

vations, 650.

Report of, No. XVII. Dirce,

Lago Maggiore, 140.

King's Theatre, Argyle Rooms, Hypo-

Lamartine, Meditations Poetiques, review lite Larsonneur, Miss Angelina Corri,

of, 277.

M. Moschelles, Collard's improved Pi-

Lamb's Catullus, review of, 88.

ano-forte, The Terpodion, New Musi-
Last Will and Testament, the, 615.

cal Publications, 90, 91; and No.

Latreille, his arrangement of insects, 676. XVIII. Mad. Catalani, 202-Mr. Mo-

Laybach, account of, 440.

chelles' Concert, 203–Mr. S. Wesley's

Leisure Hours, No. I. Homer's Battle of Concert, Mr. Sapio, New Musical Pub-

the Frogs and Mice, 260_No. II. Do. lications, 204_No. XIX. Mr. Sapio,

translated, 388_No. III. The Homeric Mad. Catalani's Concert, Concert at

Poematia, 481--No. IV. Bacchus, or the St. Margaret's, 316- Provincial Music

Pirates, from the Homeric Hymns, 639. Meetings, Adoption of a foreign style in

Lemberg, Public Library at, 96.

music, Mad. Camporese, Mrs. Salmon,

Letters from Edinburgh, No. III, 77-of 317-Modern Singers, General observa-

Edward Herbert, No. I, 184—No. II, tion on the present state of the art, 311


New Musical Publications, 319_No.

Letter of Edward Gallowgate, 52—Barna- XX. 429--Salisbury Musical Meeting,

by Dandelion, 55_Senex to Van Vink. 430_New Musical Publications, 430

booms, 538.

No. XXI. Music encouraged only at

Lion's Head, 3, 119, 235, 351, 465. London, 555—Mad. Catalani ; Miscel-

Lisbon, abolition of the punishment of laneous Intelligence; New Publications,

Death at, 541.

556_No. XXII. Madame Catalani,

Literary and Scientific, 93, 205, 325, &c. 672–projected Concert ; Scottish

441, 558.

Melodies ; Grand Royal Divertimento;

Literature, Armenian, 559.

New Publications, 673.

Bohemian, 201.

Musical Society, Austrian, 95.

Danish, 559.

German, 205, 559.

Italian, 205, 442, 558.

Naples, population of, 441.

Russian, 205, 441.

Natural History, names substituted for

, Spanish, 96, 208, 443.

science in, 48.

Swedish, 205.

New Hymn Book, 323.
Swiss, 94.

Nomenclature of Clouds, 334.

Lives of the Poets ; No. I. Thomas War. Normans, or Normen, 412.

.ton, 121.–No. II. Sir William Jones, Nubia, 559.


Numismatics, 559.

Lolham Brigs, 540-Lines written at, 541.

Lycophron, not obscure in his style, 611.

Opera, Pleasures of the, 359.

Opinion, Consistency of, 485.

Mackintosh's (Sir J.) Forgery Bill, 98. Opium, Pleasures of, 354—the excitement
Mackery End, 28.

it causes not succeeded by depression,
Madrid in 1821, 313.

358-Pains of, 369.
Magalotti, 160.

Eater, Confessions of an English,
Malay, a, 365.

Part I, 294-Part II, 333.

Malone's Shakspeare, 265.

Optics, 676.

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Painters : Gandy, 69-Fuseli, Daniel, 70 Death of Sivard Snarensvend (do.), 415,

-Mulready, Jackson, 71- Lawrence, Child Bonved (do.), 416.
Phillips, Allan, Thomson, Stothard, 72 The Poet, 417.
-Hilton, Lawrence, 73–Stothard, Les. The Hermit, 425.
lie, 74-Martin, Stephanoff, 75–Pous- Song: There may be some who loved
sin, 176—Andrea del Sarto, 287—Cor. like me, 439.
reggio, Reynolds, Fuseli, 288_Tinto- Ode to Dr. Kitchiner, 463.
retto, 289_Polidoro da Caravaggio, 291 Lai, by Thibaut of Navarre, 474.
-Giulio Romano, 418-Michael An- Sonnet : Daughters of England, 484.
gelo, 661-Giorgione, 661-Watteau, The Departure of Summer, 493.

662-Da Vinci, 663_Correggio, 663. Verses written in an Album, 507.
Painting, remarks on, 177.

Sonnet; a Dream, by Keats, 526.
Parafoudres, 325.

The Last of March, by John Clare,
Paralysis cured by a thunder storm, 676. 541.
Parties in Poetry, 476.

Childish Recollections, (do.), 542.
Party spirit, 620.

Ballad ; Winter's gone, (do.), 543.
Patents, New, 108, 223, 344, 460, 578, Ballad; I Love thee, Sweet Mary, (do.),

Patriot, definition of a trae one, 621.

Pleasures, Past, ditto, 544.
Patronage of the Fine Arts, when judi. Translations from Marot, 590.
cious, 292.

O Mariner, O Mariner, 596.
Peake, Mr. 200.

Hymn to Bacchus, 641.
Philips' Cyder, Italian Translation, 160. Translation from Ovid's Metamorphoses,
Pictures, remarks on, 179.

Plymouth in 17th Century, 157.

A Boiled Pig, 643.

Poetry: Old Ballads, 18.

Psalms, XLII. and XLIII., 664.

Sonnet from Costanzo, 16.

Sonnet; We wrestle with our Fate, 665.

Sonnet (Milton visits Galileo in prison), Poetry, remarks on, 58–different parties


in, 476—legitimacy in, 478_Revolu.

The Heroes of Naples, 17.

tionary School, 480_early French,


Oh! Preston, proud Preston, 21.

Kenmure's on and awa, Willie, 24.

Portable Houses, 96.

Lament for Walter Selby, 28.

Poussin, on a Landscape of, 176.

Thoughts and Images, by Montgo- Prints, collections of, 459.

mery, 39.

Prophecies, 94.

The Hills o' Gallowa, 52.

Pseudo-scholarship, 47.

Helen Græme, 55.

Public Events, Monthly Register of'; Irie

Extracts from Hamilton's Poems, 60. surrection of the Greeks ; Spain, 97-

Ballad, by John Clare, 76.

Domestic News, Parliament, 98-Mr.

To Hope, 85.

Hume; Commitments for Libels, 99—

To Verannius, from Catullus, 89.

Death of Napoleon, 209_Insurrection

Sonnet by John Clare, 128.

in Turkey ; Return of the King of Por.

Sir William Musgrave, 132.

tugal; Coronation, 211–Ireland ; Mrs.

Epistle to Elia, 137.

Carlisle's Trial ; Local Bank Notes at

The Lawyer; a Picture, in Two Cantos, Manchester, 212–Affairs in Turkey,


326_Portugal; Death of the Queen,

Song to Twilight, 167.

327–Her Will, 328_Her Funeral,

To the Sun, 168.

329-King's Visit to Ireland, 330-Loss

Translation of Fracastorio's Epistle to of the Moira Packet, 331-Conspiracy

Torriano, 181.

detected at Saragossa; Resignation of

The Champion's Farewell, 235.

Morillo; Addresses of the King of

O Annan runs smoothly, 239.

Spain, 444-Affairs between Russia and

Bonnie Mary Halliday, 240.

the Porte ; United States; Interment of

There's bonnie Lads on fairy Nith, 241. Her Majesty's Remains, 445–His Ma-

Theodore and Bertha ; a Dramatic jesty's Departure from Ireland; Bank

Sketch, 256.

Affairs ; Inquest on Honey ; Sir Robert

Farewell to Mary, 273.

Wilson, 446–Affairs in Turkey, 560-

Love in a Mist, 313.

In Spain and at Lisbon, 561-Trials at

The Battle of the Frogs and Mice, 388. Paris ; Ireland, 562_King's Arrival at

Sonnet, a Reflection on Summer, 400. Hanover; Sir Robert Wilson, 563

Placing the Parson, 405.

Revenue, &c. 564-State of Affairs in

Song imitated from the Italian, 411. Greece ; Mexico, 679_Disturbances in

The Tournament (Danish Ballad), 414. Ireland; the King, 680_Executions ;

Orm Ungersvend (do.), 415.

Agricultural Distresses, &c. 681.

Quakers, 155.

Spenser, his supposed acquaintance with

Shakspeare, 265.

Rain of Silk, 93.

Statue, anecdote of one discovered, 145.

Reading aloud, a rare accomplishment, 370.

of Washington, 442.
Recollections in a Country Churchyard, Steam Vessels, 559

Sterne, Gray's opinion of, 14—Tomb of,

Resemblance between old Danish and Eng. Straw used as a conductor to lightning,

276-inferior to Richter, 609.

lish Ballads, 42.

Retrospect of the Progress of Philosophy


and Science, 674_Geology, 674_Mi- Street-walker, 305.

neralogy; Botany ; Zoology, 675—Me Style, Second-hand, 544.

teorology ; Electricity and Magnetism; Sun-dials, reflections on, 279.

Optics; Astronomy, 676- Mechanics; Sweden, Happy Life of a Parish Priest

Chemistry; Metaphysics and Ethics,

in, 613.

677-Education, 678.

Sydney's, Sir P. opinion of Gorbuduc, 267.

Rhodomontades Espagnoles, 35.
Ricardo (Mr.), his profoundness as a Poli. Table Talk, No. XI. On a Landscape of
tical Economist, 371.

Poussin, 176_No. XII. On Consistency

Richter, J. P. F. 606-his style not parti. of Opinion, 485-No. XIII. On the

cularly difficult, 610—his “ Esthetik, Spirit of Partisanship, 620.

610-projected Translations from, 612 Terpodion, a new Musical Instrument, 92.

-happy Life of a Parish Priest in Swe. Teutonizans (Grasmariensis) on Richter

den, 613_Last Will and Testament, the German writer, 606.

and House of Weeping, 615.

Theatre, New, Haymarket, 201.

Rogers' “ Human Life," Italian Trans-

- a squeeze at, described, 670.
lation of, 23.

Thomson, the Poet, 479.
Rossini's defects as a Composer, 317, Thorvaldsen, 71.
Russian Literature, 205, 441,

Thurma; the Antiquary, 253.Westmin.

ster Abbey, 651.

Tintoretto, observations on, 289.

Sackville, Lord Buckhurst, 267.

Tooke's, J. H. Epitaph, 276.

Sadoleti's Dialogue on Education, 180.

Torre del Greco, 33.
Sagas of the Scandinavians, 44.

Traditional Literature, No. VII. The
Saint Amand, Memoir of, 123.

Death of Walter Selby, 19-No. VIII.

Saint Evremond's Opinion on the French The Ghost with the Golden Casket,

Drama, 319.

129_No. IX. Judith Macrone the

San Carlo Borromeo, festival of, 145. Prophetess, 237–No. X. Placing a

Santuari, Memoir of, 172.

Scottish Minister, 401-No. XI. The

Saturday-night, Pleasures of, 360.

Haunted Ships, 499-No. XII. Miles

Schiller, 607, 612.

Colvine, the Cumberland Mariner, 594.

Scotchmen, 152.

Travels of Cosmo III. review of, 156.

Sculpture, by Canova, 93, 442.

Travelling, 508.

Sentimental Journey from Islington to

Trial of Barginet, 501-Flocon, 562.

Waterloo Bridge, 508.

Tyrol Wanderer, 172.

Sermons, Mock Manuscript, 516.

Skeleton, 516.

Undine, Ilustrations of, 420.

Shakspeare, new edition of, 265—conjec. Van der Kabel's Will, 616.

tured to be the Ætion of Spenser, 266 Van Vinkbooms on the Exhibition, 65-
argument against that hypothesis, 266- Dogmas for Dilettanti, No. I, 285–No.
excellence of, 608.

II. Giulio Romano, 418 No. III. The
Shelley, Mr. 57.

Amateur's Boudoir, or a Visit to Janus,
Shiel, Mr. 83.

655_Letter to, on the Exeter Ext.ibi.

Sketches on the Road, No. II. Visit to

tion, 538,

Vesuvius, 31 No. III. The Lago Varese, 144.

Maggiore and Milan, 140.—No. IV. Verbal Imagination, 57.

495-No. V. 644.

Vesuvius, 31, 34.

Singers, English, 318.

Villa d'Este, 144.
Songs of the People of the Gothic Race, Visconti, 326.

Vocal Science in England, No. III. Mr.

Southey, Dr. 487.

Braham, 61.

Spanish Carnival, 313.

Voluptuous Songs, miscalled Religious, 325.
Spanish Literature, 96, 208, 413.
Spanish Melodies, 31.9.

Warner's Church of England Theology,
Spearing, Captain, 538.


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