Acts and Laws of the State of Connecticut


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20 페이지 - At a General Assembly of the State of Connecticut, holden at Hartford in said State, on the first Wednesday of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-one.
20 페이지 - The judges of the supreme court, and of the superior court, shall hold their offices during good behavior; but may be removed by impeachment; and the governor shall also remove them, on the address of two-thirds of the members of each house of the general assembly; all other judges and justices of the peace shall be appointed annually.
70 페이지 - ... allowed and filed by any probate court of any county in this State, or under any appointment made by any probate court in any county of this State, for the benefit of any person or persons permanently residing in any other state of the union, such trustee or trustees may transfer, assign and deliver such estate so holden in trust to any trustee or trustees lawfully appointed in the state where such beneficiary resides to be by said trustee or trustees in such state holden upon the same trust...
41 페이지 - ... said towns; and if they cannot agree, then, upon application, of the selectmen of either town, by a committee of three disinterested persons, to be appointed by the superior court within the county, in which either of such towns shall be situated, who shall make report to said court, which report, when accepted by said court, shall be final in the premises...
42 페이지 - The school committee shall determine the number and qualifications of the scholars to be admitted into the Admisssion to school kept for the use of the whole town.
63 페이지 - Jf° u ^J £££"; hereby authorized and directed to hold, at one con- in each county. venient place in each county of the state, schools or conventions of teachers, for the purpose of instructing in the best modes of governing and teaching common schools...
63 페이지 - Education, and from other sources, to prepare and submit an annual report to the General Assembly, containing a statement of the condition of the common schools of the state, plans and suggestions for the improvement and better organization of the common school system, and all such matters relating to his office and to the interests of education as he shall deem expedient to communicate.
55 페이지 - August last, by teachers duly examined and approved, and have been visited according to law; and that all moneys drawn from the public treasury by said town for said year appropriated to schooling have been faithfully applied and expended in paying for teachers' wages, and for no other purpose whatever.
6 페이지 - Act passed at the present session of the General Assembly, entitled "An Act in addition to, and in alteration of an Act entitled an Act authorizing the establishment of Savings and Building Associations.
51 페이지 - ... until the amount of said judgment shall be paid to the party to whom it is due, or deposited for his use with the county treasurer.

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