The Works of the Rev. George Crabbe ...: Poems

John Murray, 1820

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11 페이지 - Thus groan the old, till, by disease opprest, They taste a final woe, and then they rest. Their's is yon house that holds the parish poor, Whose walls of mud scarce bear the broken door ; There, where the putrid vapours flagging, play, And the dull wheel hums doleful through the day; There children dwell who know no parents...
3 페이지 - On Mincio's banks, in Caesar's bounteous reign, If Tityrus found the Golden Age again, Must sleepy bards the flattering dream prolong, Mechanic echoes of the Mantuan song? From Truth and Nature shall we widely stray, Where Virgil, not where Fancy, leads the way? 20 Yes, thus the Muses sing of happy swains, Because the Muses never knew their pains: They boast their peasants...
111 페이지 - On hope, in mine own sober light, I gaze, " But should be blind and lose it, in your blaze." In times severe, when many a sturdy swain Felt it his pride, his comfort, to complain ^ Isaac their wants would soothe, his own would hide, And feel in that his comfort and his pride. At length he found, when...
5 페이지 - ... afar, And to the ragged infant threaten war; There poppies nodding, mock the hope of toil ; There the blue bugloss paints the sterile soil ; Hardy and high, above the slender sheaf, The slimy mallow waves her silky leaf; O'er the young shoot the charlock throws a shade, And clasping tares cling round the sickly blade; With mingled tints the rocky coasts abound, And a sad splendour vainly shines around.
13 페이지 - With speed that, entering, speaks his haste to go, He bids the gazing throng around him fly, And carries fate and physic in his eye...
75 페이지 - Tis Phoebe Dawson, pride of Lammas Fair; Who took her lover for his sparkling eyes, Expressions warm, and love-inspiring lies: Compassion first assail'd her gentle heart, For all his suffering, all his bosom's smart: " And then his prayers! they would a savage move, " And win the coldest of the sex to love:"— But ah!
14 페이지 - And, skill'd at whist, devotes the night to play: Then, while such honours bloom around his head, Shall he sit sadly by the sick man's bed, To raise the hope he feels not, or with zeal To combat fears that e'en the pious feel? Now once again the gloomy scene explore, Less gloomy now; the bitter hour is o'er, The man of many sorrows sighs no more...
246 페이지 - a generous action: in so free and kind a manner did they contribute to " my relief, that if I was dry, I drank the sweetest draught; and if hungry, " I ate the coarsest morsel with a double relish.
137 페이지 - Blest be the gracious power who taught mankind To stamp a lasting image of the mind ! Beasts may convey and tuneful birds may sing Their mutual feelings in the opening spring ; But man alone has skill and power to send The heart's warm dictates to the distant friend : 'Tis his alone to please, instruct, advise, Ages remote and nations yet to rise.
12 페이지 - Whose laws indeed for ruin'd age provide, And strong compulsion plucks the scrap from pride; But still that scrap is bought with many a sigh, And pride embitters what it can't deny.

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