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This list includes only those cases commented upon editorially or in our Notes of Important Decisions, or in full annotated. The abbreviation Ed., indicates editorially-R. D., cases commented upon in our Notes of Important Decisions; and ann. case, annotated case.

Abbott v. National Bank of Commerce (Wash.) Libel

- Allegations in Pleading, R. D. 388. Adams v. Breman (III.) Contract for Public Work

Employment of Union Labor-Injunction by Tax.

payer-Board of Education-Powers, R. D. 128. Aloe v. Mutual Reserve Fund Life Association (Mo.)

Life Insurance-Application-Warranties-Breach,

R. D. 308. Anthony v. Norton (Kan.) Declarations in Actions by

Parent for Seduction of Daughter, Ed. 367, ann.

case, 374, Atchison, T. & S. F. R. R. v. Matthews (U. S. S. C.)

Proper and Improper Regulation of Railroad Cor.

porations by State Legislation, Ed. 447. Atlantic City R. Co. y. Godin (N. J.) Common Law

Marriages, Ed. 347. Atty.-Gen. V. American Express Co. (Mich.) Express

Companies and the War Revenue Tax, Ed. 127. Balfour v. Fresno Canal & Irrigation Co. (Cal.) Cor.

porations-Contracts-Ratification Notice, R. D.

228. Bartlett v. Cicero Light, Heat & Power Co. (III.) Cor.

porations Receivers Torts - Liability of Com.

pany, ann. case, 116. Basye v. Basye (Ind.) Husband and Wife-Convey.

ance to Wlle-Fraud-Rescission, R. D. 309. Beck v. Railway Teamsters' Protective Union (Mich.)

Legality of the Boycott, Ed. 47. Bell v. Farwell (III.) Statutory Liability of Stockhold

ers in a Foreign State, Ed. 87. Bergman v. People (III.) Criminal Law-Larceny as

Bailee, R. D. 150. Bestor v. Hickey (Conn.) Infants-Contracts--Ratifi.

cation-Ignorance of Rights, Duress - Threat to

Sue, R. D. 2. Boutwell y. Marr (Vt.) Boycott-Conspiracy-Associ.

ations-Evidence-Damages, ann. case, 334. Braun v. Craven (III.) Damages for Injuries Occa

sioned by Fright, Ed. 1. Brown v. Henry (Mass.) Principal and Agent-Ratifi.

cation, apa, case, 284. Bruss-Ritter Co., In re (U. 8. D. C., E. D. Wis.) Date

of the Taking Effect of the New Bankruptcy Act,

Ed. 67. Busb v. Wathen (Ky.) Animals--Injury by Dog-Ex.

ceptions to Statute-Negligence, R. D. 111. Camp v. Bruce (Va.) Contracts – Illegality -Selling

Right of Bidder at Judicial Sale, R. D. 249.
Chicago, R. I. & T. Ry. Co. v. Langston (Tex.) Trial -

Personal Injuries – Examination by Defendant's
Surgeon, ann, case, 35.

City of Chicago v. Manhattan Cement Co. (III.) Con.

stitutional Law-Mobs and Riots-Municipal Lia.

bility, R. D. 368. City of Circleville v. Sohn (Ohio) Municipal Corpora.

tion-Public Ways-Liability for Defects, ann. case,

216. Cleveland, O. C. & St. L. Ry. Co. V. Jenking (111.)

Master and Servant-Discharge-Letter of Recom.

mendation, R. D. 4. Cominercial Bank v. Toklas (Wash.) Res Judicata,

Noteg--Innocent Purchasers, R. D. 449. Commercial Electric Light & Power Co. v. City of Ta.

coma (Wash.) Municipal Corporation Cities

Liability for Tort of Mayor-Ratification, R. D. 71. Connecticut Mutual Life Ing. Co. v. Spratley (U. S. 8. C.)

Foreign Corporations-Transaction of Business

Agents-Service of Process, R. D. 488. Deeds v. Strode (Idaho) Tort-Damages to Wife by

Husband, R. D. 170. Delafield v. Smith (Wis.) Brokers-Right to Commis.

sion-Liability of Principal, R. D. 249. Densmore Commission Co. v. Duluth, s. 8. & A. Ry.

(Wis.) Carriers of Goods-Carg—Ventilation-Neg.

ligence, R. D. 288. Deweese v. Muff (Neb.) Agency-Death of Principal,

ann, case, 97. Doremus v. Hennessey (III.) Action-Conspiracy, R.

D. 329. Eaton v. State of West Virginia (U. S. C. C. of App., 4th

Cir.) Extradition Interstate - Federal Courts

Habeas Corpus, R. D. 349. Edwards & Bradford Lumber Co. v. Rank (Neb.)

Chattel Mortgage-Fixtures, R. D. 131. Emswiler v. Tyner (Ind.) Contract-Lottery-Distri.

bution, R. D. 149. Esberg Gunst Cigar Co. v. City of Portland (Oreg.)

Municipal Corporation-Defective Waterworks, R.

D. 211. Fall Brook Coal Company V. Hewson (N. Y.) Im

peachment of Witness, ann. case, 236. Feder v. Iowa State Traveling Men's Association (Iowa)

Accident Insurance-What Constitutes Accident,

R. D. 248. First National Bank v. F. C. Trebein Co. (Ohio) Fraud.

ulent Organization of Corporation by an Insolvent

Person, Ed. 267. First National Bank v. Goodman (Neb.) Principal and

Surety--Contract--Alteration - Release - Husband

and Wile, R. D. 148. Fitts v. McGhee (U. S. S. C.) Jurisdiction of Federal

Courts to Enjoin Criminal Proceedings in State

Courts, Ed. 147, 227.
Frost v. City of Chicago (III.) Municipal Corporation

-Ordinance-Reasonableness, R. D. 288.
Goodwin v. Toucy (Conn.) Animals-Humane Society

-Killing Animals, R. D. 68.
Graham Paper Co. v. Pembroke (Cal.) Assignment of

Choses in Action-Priorities-Notice to Debtor, R.

D. 389,

Greene v. Board of Trade (III.) Association - Ex-

changes-Expulsion of Memberg-By-Laws, R. D.


Hale v. Cairns (N. Dak.) Building Association-Loan

to Member-Application of Payments, ann. case,

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Hall v. First National Bank (Mass.) Contract--Note-

Contradiction by Oral Testimony, R. D. 388.

Hardiman v. Wbolly (Mass.) Negligence-Injury by

Horse-Liability of Owner, R. D. 208.

Hardin v. State (Ga.) Criminal Law Indictment-

Sufficiency, ann. case, 274.

Harkrader v. Wadley (U. S. S. C.) Appeal-Habeas

Corpus-Jurisdiction of Federal Courtg-Injunction

Restraining Criminal Prosecution, R. D. 128, Ed.


Harrison v. Dolan (Mass.) Adverse Possession-luter.

ruption-Tax Sale, R. D. 171.

Haver v. Central R. Co. (N. J.) Carriers-Duty to

Passengers-Liability for Assault by Employee,

ann. case,


Hekking v. Plaff (U. S. C. C. of App., 1st Cir.) Divorce

-Alimony- Jurisdiction - Remarriage of Defend.

ant, R. D. 188.

Hendrie & Bolthoff Mig. Co. v. Platt (Colo.) Rights of

Creditors in Life Insurance Policy Taken out by In.

solvent Husband in Favor of Wife or Children, Ed.


Hogan v. Stophlet (111.) Rewards to Public Omcers,

Ed. 407.
Insurance Co. v. Lake Erie & W.R. Co. (Ind.) Carriers

of Goods-Limiting Liability-Burden of Proof, R.

D. 468.

Isbam v. Dow's Estate (Vt.) Negligence-Proximate

Cause-Shooting Dog, R. D. 70.

Ives v. McNicoll (Ohio) Descent and Distribution, R.

D. 430.
Jackson v. McInnis (Oreg.) Bills and Notes-Demand

of Payment on Receiver, R. D. 69.
Keith v. Ridge (Mo.) Party Walls-Uncompleted Con.

tracts-Recovery on Quantum Meruit, and, case, 11.

Kelly V. Fejervary (Iowa) Contract - Building Con.

tract-Liquidated Damages, R. D. 411.

Keyer v. Konkel (Mich.) Replevin for a Human Corpse,

Ed. 327.

Kirby v. United States (U. S. S. C.) Constitutional

Law-Criminal Law Witnesses Receiving Stolen

Property, R. D. 408.

Kuriger v. Joest (Ind.) Estoppel-Forgery of Signa.

ture of Surety on Note, R. D. 268.
Lake Shore, etc. Ry. Co. v. Smith (U. S. $. C.) Proper

and Improper Regulation of Railroad Corporations

by State Legislation, Ed. 447.

Lake Shore & M. S. Ry. Co. v. State of Ohio (U. S. S. C.)

Constitutionality of State Legislation Requiring

Railroad Companies to stop their Through Trains

at Certain Stations on their Through Line of Route,

Ed. 287.

Lanck v. Logan (W. Va.) Will or Deed-Testamentary

Instrument-Construction, R. D. 208.
Law v. Douglass (Iowa) Wills-Construction-Incon.

sistent Devise, ann. case, 196.
Lehigh Coal & Navigation Co. v. Blakeslee (Pa.) Guar.

anty-Statute of Limitations, B. D. 130.

Lowe v. Prospect Hill Cemetery Assn. (Neb.) Nui-

sance-Cemetery, R. D. 308.
McGann v. Segal (U.S.C. C. of App., 6th Cir.) Judi.

cial Sale-Setting Aside-Inadequacy of Price, R.

D. 408.
McGrath v. Eastern Ry. Co. (Minn.) Railroad Com-

pany-Negligence-Injuries Sustained through Ob.
jects Trown from Railroad Trains, R. D. 109, Ed.


McGuire v. State (Miss.) Constitutional Law-Crimi.

nal Law-Ex Post Facto Laws, R. D. 410.

Maisenbacker v. Society Concordia (Conn.) The Law

of the Ball Room, Ed. 167,

Manchester Fire Assurance Co. v. Abrams (U. 8. C. C.

of App., 9th Cir.) Fire Insurance-Application-

Unconditional Ownership, R. D. 28.

Manlove v. State (Ind.) Criminal Law-Pardon-Ap.

peal, R. D. 449.

May v. May (Iowa) Divorce-Adultery-Connivance,

R. D. 489.

Mayor, etc. V. Dowling (Tenn.) Municipal Corpora.

tlon-Sewers-Nuisance-Successive Actions, R. D.


Merrill v. National Bank (U. S. S. C.) Claims Against

Receiver of National Bank, Ed. 247.

Miller v. Albright (Ohio) Vendor and Purchaser-

Equitable Lien-Unpaid Purchase Money-Priority

-Laches, ann. case, 475.

Miller v. Western College (III.) Bills and Notes-Time

of Payment, R. D. 190.

Missouri, K. & T. Trust Co. V. Krumseig (U. 8. S. C.)

Power of the State to Enact Anti-Usury Legisla-

tion, Ed. 187.

Murphy v. Commonwealth (Mass.) Constitutionality

and Effect of the "Indeterminate Sentence Law" of

Massachusetts, Ed. 167.

Myers v. Muller (W. Va.) Subrogation-Suretles on

Official Bond, R. D. 169.

Nathan v. Lee (Ind.) Court- Conflict of Laws-A3.

signment for Benefit of Creditors- Preferences, R.

D. 328.
Neal v, Coburn (Me.) Banks and Banking-Checks-

Forgery-Negligence, R. D. 291.

Newark Electric Light & Power Co. v. Ruddy (N. J.)

Negligence-Broken Electric Wire-Presumption o

Negligence, R. D. 49.
New Jersey State Dental Society v. Denticura Co. (N.

J.) Literary Property-Dedication to Public-Pub.

lication, R. D. 48.
O'Donnell v. Slack (Cal.) Right of an Individual to

make Testamentary Disposition of his Own Body

after Death, Ed. 327.

Oakes v. St. Louis Candy Co. (M Trade Mark-

Names-Originality, R. D. 108.

Olmstead v. Latimer (N. Y.) Principal and Surety-

Extension of Time-Release of Surety, aon, case,


Olson v. Lamb (Neb.) Attorney and Client-Judicial

Sale-Purchase of client's Property-Validity, R.

D. 28.
Orient Ing. Co. v. Daggs (U. S. S. C.) Insurance-

Measure of Damages---Constitutional Law, R. D.


Payne v. State (Tex.) Criminal Law--Rape-Force, R.

D. 290.

Pennington v. Howland (R. I.) Contracts-Satisfac.

tory Portrait- Retention of Possession, R. D. 69.

People v. Fielding (N. Y.) Criminal Law--Argument

of District Attorney, ann. case, 114.
People v. McClaughrey (III.) Effect of Separation of

Jury after Rendering Sealed Verdict in Criminal

Case, Ed. 127.
People v. The Warden of the City Prison (N. Y.) Con.

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