Letters on the Improvement of the Mind: Addressed to a Lady

C. Whittingham ...,for Scatcherd and Letterman; H. D. Symonds; Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme; Vernor and Hood; B. Crosby and Company; and T. Ostell, 1806 - 212페이지

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84 페이지 - ... trouble. And there is a friend who being turned to enmity and strife, will discover thy reproach.' Again, * Some friend is a companion at the table, and will not continue in the day of thy affliction : but in thy prosperity he will be as thyself, and will be bold over thy servants.
35 페이지 - Whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, even so do unto them ; for this is the law and the prophets.
84 페이지 - Forsake not an old friend, for the new is not comparable to him : a new friend is as new wine ; when it is old thou shalt drink it with pleasure...
83 페이지 - A faithful friend is the medicine of life; and they that fear the Lord shall find him. Whoso feareth the Lord shall direct his friendship aright; for as he is, so shall his neighbour (that is, his friend) be also.
64 페이지 - ... but I have seen the sufferer himself become the object of envy and illwill, as soon as his fortitude and greatness of mind had begun to attract admiration, and to make the envious person feel the superiority of virtue above good fortune. To take sincere pleasure in the blessings and excellencies of others, is a much surer mark of benevolence, than to pity their calamities : and you must always acknowledge yourself ungenerous and selfish, whenever you are less ready to " rejoice with them that...
49 페이지 - Writ declares that true (pure ?) religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, to visit the fatherless and widow in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.
43 페이지 - My dearest child! can you reflect on all these things, and not feel the most earnest longings after immortality! — Do not all other views and desires seem mean and trifling, when compared with this ? And does not your inmost heart resolve that this shall be the chief and constant object of its wishes and pursuit, through the whole course of your life ? If you are not insensible to that desire of happiness, which seems woven into our nature, you cannot surely be unmoved by the prospect of such a...
86 페이지 - If thou hast opened thy mouth against thy friend, fear not, for there may be a reconciliation; except for upbraiding, or pride, or disclosing of secrets, or a treacherous wound ; for, for these things every friend...
113 페이지 - Nothing is more endearing than such a confession ; and you will find such a satisfaction in your own consciousness, and in the renewed tenderness and esteem you will gain from the person concerned, that your task for the future will be made more easy, and your reluctance to be convinced will on every occasion grow less and less. The love of truth, and a real desire of improvement, ought to be the only motives of argumentation ; and, where these are sincere, no difficulty can be made of embracing...
20 페이지 - ... they heard the awful voice of God pronounce the eternal law, impressing it on their hearts with circumstances of terror, but without those encouragements and those excellent promises, which 19 were afterwards offered to mankind by Jesus Christ. Thus were the great laws of morality restored to the Jews, and through them transmitted to other nations ; and by that means a great restraint was opposed to the torrent of vice and impiety, which began to prevail over the world. To...

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