A Treatise on Powers

A. Maxwell, 1841 - 800페이지

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39 페이지 - ... to the uses, upon and for the trusts, intents, and purposes, and with, under, and subject to the powers, provisoes, and declarations...
315 페이지 - ... or unless the same be altered by some other will or codicil in writing, or other writing of the devisor, signed in the presence of three or four witnesses declaring the same; any former law or usage to the contrary notwithstanding.
314 페이지 - ... in writing, to be by him sealed and delivered in the presence of and attested by two or more credible witnesses...
140 페이지 - ... remainder to the first and other sons of the marriage in tail male, remainder to the first and other...
443 페이지 - ... of appointment, to the use of the first and other sons of the marriage successively in tail male...
368 페이지 - W. by deed or will should appoint ; " and, for want of such appointment, to the heirs of the body of " W., share and share alike, as tenants in common ; and if but one " child, the whole to such only child ; and, for want of such issue, " to the heirs of the testator.
54 페이지 - The distinction resulting from the of disposition : authorities appears to be this : that a devise of the land to executors to sell, passes the interest in it ; but a devise that executors shall sell the land, or that lands shall be sold by the executors, gives them but a power (t).
278 페이지 - If aman by his deed in consideration of fatherly love, &c. covenant to stand seised to the use of himself for life, and after his decease to the use of his eldest...
120 페이지 - Chancellor held the power of sale to be void upon the ground, that it might travel through minorities for two centuries ; and adds (11 Ves. 283), " If it is bad to the extent, in which it is given, you cannot model it to make it good.
276 페이지 - Moffatt his wife, at any time or times during their joint lives, by any deed or deeds, to be by both of them sealed and delivered, in the presence of two or more credible witnesses...

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