The Rivals

앞표지, 2006
A comedy of manners that focuses on and satirizes the sentimentality and pretentiousness of the people of Eighteenth century. The theme revolves around false identities, romantic entanglements and relationship between parents and children. The unique and in-depth characterization moves the plot forward. A popular play of its time that captures the fantasy.

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88 페이지 - What the devil good can passion do ? Passion is of no service, you impudent, insolent, overbearing reprobate ! There, you sneer again ! don't provoke me ! but you rely upon the mildness of my temper, you do, you dog ! you play upon the meekness of my disposition ! Yet...
22 페이지 - But you know I lose most of my fortune if I marry without my aunt's consent, till of age ; and that is what I have determined to do, ever since I knew the penalty.
85 페이지 - Jack; I have heard you for some time with patience — I have been cool — quite cool; but take care — you know I am compliance itself — when I am not thwarted; — no one more easily led — when I have my own way; — but don't put me in a frenzy.
21 페이지 - Nothing at all!— But, I don't know how it was, as often as we had been together we had never had a quarrel ! — And somehow I was afraid he would never give me an opportunity. — So last Thursday I wrote a letter to myself to inform myself that Beverley was at that time paying his addresses to another woman. — I signed it your friend unknown...
78 페이지 - I did not expect it ! for I was going to write to you on a little matter of business. Jack, I have been considering that I grow old and infirm, and shall probably not trouble you long. Capt. A. Pardon me, sir, I never saw you look more strong and hearty, and I pray fervently that you may continue so.
101 페이지 - O Lud, now, Mr. Fag — you flurry one so. Fag. Come, come, Lucy, here's no one by — so a little less simplicity, with a grain or two more sincerity, if you please. — You play false with us, madam — I saw you give the baronet a letter. My master shall know this — and if he don't call him out, I will. Lucy. Ha ! ha! ha! you gentlemen's gentlemen are so hasty.
39 페이지 - Jack, do this"; if he demurred I knocked him down, and if he grumbled at that I always sent him out of the room. Mrs. Malaprop — Ay, and the properest way, o' my conscience ! Nothing is so conciliating to young people as severity. Well, Sir Anthony, I shall give Mr. Acres his discharge, and prepare Lydia to receive your son's invocations; and I hope you will represent her to the captain as an object not altogether illegible. Sir Anthony — Madam, I will handle the subject prudently.
106 페이지 - A sincere penitent. I am come, sir, to acknowledge my error, and to submit entirely to your will. Sir Anth.
112 페이지 - Sir, I repeat it — if I please you in this affair, 'tis all I desire. Not that I think a woman the worse for being handsome; but, sir, if you please to recollect, you before hinted something about a hump or two, one eye, and a few more graces of that kind — now, without being very nice, I own I should rather choose a wife of mine to have the usual number of limbs, and a limited quantity of back: and...

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