Monthly Catalogue, United States Public Documents

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1912

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596 페이지 - The said bureau shall investigate and report to said department upon all matters pertaining to the welfare of children and child life among all classes of our people, and shall especially investigate the questions of infant mortality, the birth rate, orphanage, juvenile courts, desertion, dangerous occupations, accidents and diseases of children, employment, legislation affecting children in the several States and Territories.
81 페이지 - An Act to enable any State to cooperate with any other State or States, or with the United States for the protection of the watersheds of navigable streams, and to appoint a commission for the acquisition of lands for the purpose of conserving the navigability of navigable rivers...
588 페이지 - Part 3, which must be for the complete calendar year, is $3, payable in advance to the Superintendent of Documents, Washington, DC, by postal money order, express order, or New York draft. Under the provisions of the act of Congress approved...
779 페이지 - He is required to prepare a comprehensive index of public documents and a consolidated index of congressional documents, and is authorized to sell at cost any public document in his charge the distribution of which is not specifically directed.
680 페이지 - Porto Rico, or to Canada, Cuba, or Mexico. To other countries the regular rate of postage is charged, and remittances must cover such postage.
735 페이지 - An Act granting pensions and increase of pensions to certain soldiers and sailors of the War with Spain, the Philippine Insurrection, or the China Relief Expedition, to certain maimed soldiers, to certain widows, minor children, and helpless children of such soldiers and sailors, and for other purposes...
82 페이지 - An Act to regulate the business of loaning money on security of any kind by persons, firms, and corporations other than national banks, licensed bankers, trust companies, savings banks, building and loan associations, and real estate brokers in the District of Columbia", approved February 4, 1913 (DC Code, sec.
148 페이지 - The separate sheets are sold at 5 cents each when fewer than 100 copies are purchased, but when they are ordered in lots of 100 or more copies, whether of the same sheet or of different sheets, the price is 2 cents each.
332 페이지 - The annual subscription price for the Catalog of Copyright Entries (received only for the calendar year) for Part 1, Group 2, is $3.00 for 1942, payable in advance to the Superintendent of Documents, Washington, DC, by postal money order, express order, or New York draft.
582 페이지 - Interstate Commerce Commission "Regulations for Transportation of Explosives and Other Dangerous Articles by Land and Water in Rail Freight, Express and Baggage Services and by Motor Vehicle (Highway) and Water".

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