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Jefferson in the purchase of Presidency, 73_accepts Russia's
Louisiana, 392.

offer of mediation, sends commis-
Kremer, George-writes the scan- sioners to treat with England,89—

dal for the “ Columbian Obser- proclaims the Treaty of Ghent,
ver," 222--his reply to Mr. Clay, 101, 110—favors the appointment
blusters and disappears, 224-bis of Mr. Adams, 126—Mr. Adams's
character and reward, 225, 226. address on, 530.

Madison, Dolly-wants to be mis-

tress of the White House, 74.
LA FAYETTE, GENERAL-comes to Marshall, John-testifies as to the

America, great honors paid to “bargain," 238.
him, extraordinary demonstra- Marshall, Thomas F.-presents the
tions, 270, 271-addressed by the case against Mr. Adams, 507—
President, 271-his reply, 275– his character and conduct, 508,513.
visits Monroe, becomes a god- Masonry – great feeling against,
father, 278, 279—his death, ora- 399-breaks up party organiza-
tion on, in Congress, 451.

tion in New York, 430—its dispo-
Leonard, L. A.-furnishes a letter sition of Morgan, 455 --- arouses
for this volume, 556.

public indignation, political or-
Letters, Duplicate relating to ganization against, 456—its most
Ghent, published, 163.

distinguished foe, 458, 459.
Livingston, Edward-declines to McIntosh, William-signs away the

answer Mr. Adams's letters, 465. Indian lands, 313-put to death,
Lloyd, James-defeats Mr. Adams, 314.

76—-chosen to fill out Mr. Adams's McLean, John--continues at the
term, 77.

head of the postal department,
Louisiana-her early government, 268—his course, 373, 382—Mr.

66-slavery not involved in the Adams's view of, 383—becomes a
early questions about, 67.

Cabinet member, a judge of the
Lovejoy, E. P.-murdered in Illi- Supreme Court, 424.
nois, 498.

McLeod, Alexander-arrested, re-
Lunt, The Rev. Wm. P.-delivers a leased by order of the President,

discourse at the funeral of J. Q. 546.
Adams, his testimony, 11, 12—his Message-Mr. Adams's first annual,
oration over the body of Mr. 251—its reception, its character,
Adams, 577-portrays the char- 304, 305—annual in 1826, 324-its
acter of Mr. Adams, 597—esti- character, 343-annual in 1827,
mates Mr. Adams, 629.

348—its character, 366-annual in

1828, 401—its character, 419.

Mitchell, 0. M.-the astronomer
Macomb, GENERAL ALEXANDER- and soldier, goes to Niagara to

appointed general of the army, invite Mr. Adams to Cincinnati,

Macon, Nathaniel – receives votes Monroe, James gets votes in the

for the Vice-Presidency, 195--- Presidential caucus, 73—selects a
chosen president of the Senate, Secretary of State, 120-an honest

politician, 124–not much inter-
Madison, James-nominated for the ested in the succession, 124his

reasons for appointing Mr. Ad- son, 146—his opinion as to who
ams, 125, 126-remains firm in made General Jackson President,
his convictions as to Mr. Adams, 191—quotation from, 227-his tes-
128—undertakes to buy Florida, timony as to Jackson's feelings
143-approves the Florida Treaty, towards Mr. Buchanan, 232.
his views on the South-western Petitions-history of in Congress,
boundary, 150—his wise policy as 474 to 500.
to Greece, 158—appoints General Pickering, Timothy — defeated by
Jackson Governor of Florida, Mr. Adams, a Senator, 62-con-
159 the development of his demns the course of the Admin-
policy as to foreign interference istration, 75, 76.
with the affairs of this continent, Pinckney, Thomas — Minister to
171, 172, 173, 174–has no oppo- England, 46-goes to Spain, 48—
sition at his second election, 187- in London, 51.
his abstaining from participation Poetry, Mr. Adams's--a prayer,
in the elections, 207-entertains 126—Prayer of the New Year,
the President and La Fayette, 169-Ode to Adams, 514, 533——to
278—recommends a revision of Miss Pierce, 537—“Lord of All
the tariff, 369.

Worlds," 578 To Louisa,”
Morgan, William his murder, 581-Agg's “Mrs. Adams's Ball,”

399—his origin and pursuit, his 588 — a prayer, 609, 610— The
purpose to expose his brethren, Plague in the Forest, 647—My
454--disposition made of him, Shepherd is the Lord on High,
and its consequences, 455, 456. 650 — Send forth, O God, Thy

Truth and Light, The Lip and

the Heart, 651.
NEUVILLE, Hyde De--his hand in Polk, James K.-speaks against Mr.

the Florida Treaty, 151-his char- Adams, 446—rules Mr. Adams
acter, a physician, 155.

down, 491-elected Speaker again,


Porter, Peter B.-becomes Secretary
OLDSCHOOL, OLIVER (N. Sargent),- of War, 381.

his views of the candidates and Puritans-apologized for, 13—their
the issues, 398.

character, 14.
Onis, Luis De-Spanish Minister,
demands redress, 143–signs the

treaty, 148—his character, 149— QUAKERS-present petitions to Con-
recalled, 151.

gress against slavery, 470—their

first opposition to slavery, 474–

doubt their standing, slowly be-
PALEY, DR. WILLIAM-his religious come Abolitionists, 475 — their

division of men, Mr. Adams's first petitions, 477.
opinion of his worthless Chris- Quincy, John-great-grandfather of
tian, 607.

J. Q. Adams, his character and
Parsons, Theophilus—takes J. Q. standing, 12, 13.

Adams as a law student, 36, 41. Quincy, Josiah - questions Mr.
Parton, James — his view of Mr. Adams about his party affiliations,

Adams's defense of General Jack- 74-extract from his “Memoir"

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of Mr. Adams, 177—-receives the Scandal, The Clay-Adams-history
body of Mr. Adams in Boston, of, 221 to 244—its influence in the
577-his solemn question, 579. election of 1828, 244.

Scott, John in Congress, ap-

proaches Mr. Adams, 213—fails,
RANDOLPH, JOHN — reads the elec- looks for the strong side, 214.

toral votes in 1825, 216 his Scott, General Winfield-his bad
“Blifil and Black George," bis conduct, 345—wants to be general
fight with Clay, 235-his bad of the army, 380—his bad deal-
opinion of Mr. Adams, 306—an ings with the President, 382, 423.
Abolitionist, 475-presents a reso- Scripture, Sacred - its letter and
lution in Congress against the spirit, 551, 552, 599, 605, 606—
“nefarious traffic,” 481.

Mr. Adams's letters about, 600,
Register, Niles' Weekly -gives a 601, 602, 603, 604, 605, 606, 607-
history of the caucus, 197.

Mr. Adams's habits of reading it,
Romanzoff, Count-Russian Chan- 608.

cellor, his character, 89, 121, 156-— Seaton, Mrs. Sarah-her letter on
his State presents, 121.

the election of 1824, 215.
Ruggles, Benjamin-chairman of Sergeant, John-appointed delegate

the last caucus, 185–signs the to the Panama Congress, 318—
address to the people, 186.

fails to reach the scene of action,
Rush, Dr. Benjamin asks Mr. 319.

Adams to take an appointment Seward, Wm. H.-extract from his
under Mr. Jefferson, 78—his ad- “Life” of Mr. Adams, 193—de-
dress against slavery, 475.

scribes Mr. Adams's inauguration,
Rush, Richard-Minister to Eng. 258-visits Quincy, 434—his de-

land, 145—presses the defense of scription of Mr. Adams's disease
General Jackson, 146-treats on and death, 571-his eulogy on
the African slave-trade, 154-be- Mr. Adams, 628.
comes Secretary of the Treasury, Slade, William-presents petitions
268---strongly favors national im- against slavery, 497-causes the
provements, 310 -- candidate for


the Vice-Presidency, 375—nom- members in the House, 498.
inated at Harrisburg, 376, 385— Slavery—the question of, not direct-
defeated, 400-gets the Smithson ly important in the discussions on
fund, 526.

withdrawal of

the form of government for Louis-
Russia -- continues relations with iana, 67–trade pressed against by

the United States, 85—wants to England, 154, 172-course against
mediate, 89.

in America, 154, 172—its political
Russell, Jonathan 1-a commissioner importance, 176—in the Missouri

to Ghent, 91-attacks Mr. Adams, Compromise, 177, 179—protected
163—his mistake, 164-correctives and hated by Mr. Adams, 368–
applied to, 165, 166.

long conflict of in Congress to

debar petition and free speech on,

470 to 000-declared to be the cor-
SANDFORT, NATHAN-candidate for ner-stone of civilization, 486—the

the Vice-Presidency, 188 — his inevitable conflict of, 486 — its
votes, 195.

fall provided in the “Councils of

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Omnipotence,” 501 — could not Taylor, John W.-elected Speaker

free discussion, 504 — tri- of the House, 281.
umphs in Congress, 509—of the Temperance-a lecture on, what it
Armistad negroes, 515, 516, 517, is, 551-stumbling blocks to, 552.
518, 519-receives a fatal wound, Tennessee - her Legislature blots
519, 520-gains Texas, 520.

out the scandal against Adams
Smithson, James-leaves a large and Clay, 243.

sum to the Government of the Texas—the question of her bound-
United States to be used in the ary, 487—who was responsible for
spread of knowledge, 526—course her boundary, 487—free under
pursued by the “Government” Mexico, to be slave under the
in carrying out his will, 526, 527, United States, 488—called,
528, 529-utility of his bequest, “Lone Star," 488—her independ-
529, 530.

ence acknowledged, 489—move-
Smyth, General Alexander-assails ments for and against her annexa-

Mr. Adams, 167—his methods, tion, 499, 500, 501 — evils and
severely handled, 168–introduces benefits of her annexation, 511,
an unfriendly reform, 420.

521-admitted into the Union,
Society-its exactions, 135, 136, 137, 520.

138—its tyranny and shams, 136, Thompson, Waddy-presents a re-
137-its follies and virtues, 137- solution of censure against Mr.
Mr. Adams's letter about, 138— Adams, 492—declares that Mr.
its gossip, 175, 176—in Mr. Ad- Adams's conduct deserved the

ams's time at the Capital, 592,593. attention of the Grand Jury, 495,
Southard, Samuel L.-invited to 496—again offers the gag-rule, 505.

continue in the Cabinet, 218— Treaty-of Ghent, signed, 96—its
becomes a member of Mr. Ad- character, 100, 101-text of, 102—
ams's Cabinet, 268—quarrels with of Florida, 148—its character, 149,
General Jackson, 346—acts as 150, 151-ratified, 152 Quin-
Secretary of War, 381.

tuple, its purpose, Ashburton,
Spain her relations with the 506.

United States, her American pos- Troup, Governor becomes
sessions, 142 - her Minister at troublesome character, 277, 313–
Washington demands redress, claims all the Indian lands, quar-
143—pretends to be satisfied with rels with General Gaines, resists
explanations, 146—resumes nego- and threatens the Government,
tiations on Florida, 148—declines 314-takes the lands, prepares to
to ratify, 150—ratifies, 152.

fight, 316—-relents and gains his
Stone, Wm. L.-writes letters on point, 317.

Freemasonry, 463–Mr. Adams's Tyler, President-Mr. Adams's view
view of them and him, 464. of, 510, 511, 544, 550—becomes

President, conduct at the White

House, 550.
TARIFF—its foundation, its begin-

ning in legislation, 369—of 1824,
by whom supported, 370 — of UNIVERSITY, HARVARD-takes J. Q.
1828, its supporters, 370, 371—its Adams without charge, 36
consequences, 371, 397.

makes Mr. Adams her teacher of

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Rhetoric, 80 — makes General opinion of Mr. Adams, 55—knew
Jackson an LL. D., 448.

no friend in his Administration,

307—his relatives oppose the re-

moval of his remains, 440.
Van BUREN, MARTIN-in the last Webster, Daniel-announces the

Congressional Caucus, 186—nom- electoral votes in 1825, 216—noti-
inated for the Vice-Presidency in fies Mr. Adams, 218—his belief as
Georgia, 189—his votes, 195—sup- to the “bargain,” 238.
ports the tariff of 1824, 370—takes Whigs-nominate Mr. Clay, 439-
up General Jackson, Mr. Adams's easy about slavery in Texas, 499_
view of him, 373, 374—his course urge Mr. Adams to take the field,
as to the Armistad negroes, 516, 538.
517, 518, 519-requests Mr. Ad- Wirt, William-his views of Ad-
ams's views on the Smithson ministration dignity and interfer-
fund, 527—a letter designed to ence in elections, 207, 208—letter
injure him, 583.

from Mr. Jefferson as to patron-
Vives, General-Spanish Minister, age, 209–becomes Attorney-Gen-

closes the Florida Treaty, 152. eral in Mr. Adams's Cabinet,
Von Holst, Dr.-ends the race of 268-delivers his oration on Ad-
White House statesmen, 428. ams and Jefferson, 323—his death,

450 nominated by the Anti-

Masons, 456—his views of Mason-
WALKER, TIMOTHY-his oration on ry, his race, 457.
Mr. Adams, 624.

Wise, Henry A.-calls the Virgin-
Washington, General-his want of ians out of the House, 498—tries

popularity, 43 -- appoints J. Q. his hand with Mr. Adams, 502-
Adams, 44—his reasons for so abandons the struggle against
doing, 45, 54, 55, 58—appoints the right of petition on slavery,
Mr. Adams to Portugal, 53—his 519.


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