Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science, 33권

J. and A. Churchill, 1892

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129 페이지 - Carter, On the identity in structure and composition of the so-called seedlike Body of Spongilla with the Winteregg of the Bryozoa and the presence of starch-granules in each.
68 페이지 - that the sexuality of the higher fungi has disappeared, because its purpose has been equally well or better attained otherwise than by means of sexual organs," is fully in the spirit of the views advocated here.
372 페이지 - Society, being part of a Thesis presented to the University of Edinburgh for the degree of MD, and awarded a gold medal.
163 페이지 - ... in sexual individuals, is primarily a genital duct, and is a ciliated canal with an inner nephrostome. In most Gymnolaemata special excretory organs are absent (Ostroumoff, 1886, Harmer, 1891). Harmer concludes from injection experiments that excretion is performed " partly by the cells which I have described as leucocytes, partly by the walls of the alimentary canal, and partly by the funicular tissue...
243 페이지 - On the Occurrence of Sulphur in Marine Muds and Nodules, and its Bearing on their Mode of Formation,
78 페이지 - The non-discrimination of the broods of exo-isogametes into two categories, of which the members of either would pair with those of the other category, but not of their own. (c) The absence of "excretion phenomena" of any kind in so many cases of gametogeny.
448 페이지 - The Relations of the Yolk to the Gastrula in Teleosteans and in other Vertebrate Types, Quart.
565 페이지 - That it (primitive streak) is in later stages not continued to the edge of the blastoderm, as in Elasmobranchii, is due to its being a rudimentary organ.
253 페이지 - When we cut a thin piece off the surface of a living sponge, and look down through one of its pores with the reflecting microscope, we perceive, immediately beneath the projecting spicula which defend the pore, a very delicate net-work of gelatinous threads thrown over the entrance of the tube. This piece of structure is so fine, as to be perfectly invisible to the naked eye ; it consists of five or six threads, which pass in from the sides of the tube to be connected with a central mesh, so that...

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