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74 페이지 - none to praise, And very few to love. A violet by a mossy stone Half-hidden from the eye ! Fair as a star, when only one Is shining in the sky. She lived unknown, and few could know When Lucy ceased to be ; But she is in her grave, and oh ! The difference to me
15 페이지 - 1. The boy stood on the burning deck, Whence all but he had fled ; The flame that lit the battle's wreck, Shone round him o'er the dead. 2. Yet beautiful and bright he stood, As born to rule the storm; A creature of heroic blood, A proud though childlike form. 3.
51 페이지 - Tis some poor fellow's skull,' said he, ' Who fell in the great victory. 4 ' I find them in the garden, For there's many here about; And often when I go to plough, The ploughshare turns them out, For many a thousand men,' said he,
16 페이지 - Then came a burst of thunder sound— The boy—oh ! where was he ? Ask of the winds that far around With fragments strewed the sea 10. With mast, and helm, and pennon fair That well had borne their part—• But the noblest thing that perished there, Was that young, faithful heart.
22 페이지 - No stir in the air, no stir in the sea, The ship was as still as she could be, Her sails from heaven received no motion, Her keel was steady in the ocean. 2. Without either sign or sound of their shock The waves flowed over the
50 페이지 - BLENHEIM. l. It was a summer evening, Old Kaspar's work was done, And he before his cottage door "Was sitting in the sun, And by him sported on the green His little grandchild Wilhelmine. 2. She saw her brother Peterkin
24 페이지 - Sir Ealph the Eover sailed away, He scoured the seas for many a day ; And now grown rich with plundered store, He steers his course for Scotland's shore. 10. So thick a haze o'erspreads the sky They cannot see the sun on high ; The wind hath blown a gale all day, At evening it
23 페이지 - Rock; So little they rose, so little they fell, They did not move the Inchcape Bell. 3. The Abbot of Aberbrothock Had placed that bell on the Inchcape Eock ; On a buoy in the storm it floated and swung, And over the waves its warning rung.
98 페이지 - away; And many a heart, that then was gay, Within the tomb now darkly dwells, And hears no more those evening bells. 3. And so 'twill be when I am gone; That tuneful peal will still ring on, While other bards shall walk these dells, And sing your praise, sweet
24 페이지 - the breakers roar ? For methinks we should be near the shore; Now where we arc I cannot tell, But I wish we could hear the Inehcape Bell.' 12. They hear no sound, the swell is strong; Though the wind hath fallen, they drift along, Till the vessel strikes with a shivering shock

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