India tracts: An address to the proprietors of East-India stock; setting forth, the unavoidable necessity, and real motives, for the revolution in Bengal, 1760. A refutation of a letter from certain gentlemen of the Council at Bengal, to the honourable the Secret committee. Important facts regarding the East-India company's affairs in Bengal, from the years 1752 to 1760, with copies of several very interesting letters. A narrative of the deplorable deaths of the English gentlemen who were suffocated in the Black hole in Fort William, at Calcutta, June 1756. A defence of Mr. Vansittart's conduct ...

Printed for T. Becket, 1764 - 286페이지

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262 페이지 - Determined now to give every thing up, I called to them, and begged, as the last instance of their regard, they would remove the pressure upon me, and permit me to retire out of the window to die in quiet.
260 페이지 - This was what I dreaded. I foresaw it would prove the ruin of the small chance left us, and essayed many times to speak to him privately to forbid its being brought ; but the clamour was so loud it became impossible. The water appeared. Words cannot paint to you the universal agitation and raving the sight of it threw us into.
260 페이지 - I had flattered myself that some, by preserving an equal temper of mind, might outlive the night ; but now the reflection which gave me the greatest pain, was, that I saw no possibility of one escaping to tell the dismal tale.
263 페이지 - I had been concluded dead ; but as soon as they heard me amongst them, they had still the respect and tenderness for me, to cry out, ' Give him water ! give him water ! ' Nor would one of them at the window attempt to touch it until I had drank.
67 페이지 - He was met by a deputation from the Council, " and treated with every mark of refpecT: due to his former dignity.
265 페이지 - I was at this time sensible of no pain, and little uneasiness. ^I found a stupor coming on apace, and laid myself down by that gallant old man, the Reverend Mr. Jervas Bellamy, who lay dead with his son, the lieutenant, hand in hand, near the southernmost wall of the prison.
265 페이지 - Gary, and who had behaved with much bravery during the siege (his wife, a fine woman, though country born, would not quit him, but accompanied him into the prison, and was one who survived). This poor wretch had been long raving for water and air; I told him I was determined to give up life, and recommended his gaining my station. On my quitting it he made a fruitless attempt to get my place; but the Dutch surgeon who sat on my shoulder supplanted him.
264 페이지 - ... be distinguished from the other, and frequently, when I was forced by the. load upon my head and shoulders, to hold my face down, I was obliged, near as I was to the window, instantly to raise it again to escape suffocation.
264 페이지 - ... towards the windows, with eager hopes of meeting the first shot. Then a general prayer to heaven to hasten the approach of the flames to the right and left of us, and put a period to our misery.
265 페이지 - ... time, I still had reflection enough to suffer some uneasiness in the thought that I should be trampled upon, when dead, as I myself had done to others. With some difficulty I raised myself, and gained the platform a second time, where I presently lost all sensation; the last trace of sensibility that I have been able to recollect after my lying down, was my sash being uneasy about my waist, which I untied and threw from me.

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