Congressional Serial Set

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1906
Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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232 페이지 - No executive department or other Government establishment of the United States shall expend, in any one fiscal year, any sum in excess of appropriations made by Congress for that fiscal year, or involve the Government in any contract or other obligation for the future payment of money in excess of such appropriations unless such contract or obligation is authorized by law.
233 페이지 - ... but this provision shall not apply to the contingent appropriations of the Senate or House of Representatives; and in case said apportionments are waived or modified as herein provided, the same shall be waived or...
218 페이지 - States who served in the war of the rebellion, or in any previous war, who are disabled by age, disease, or otherwise, and by reason of such disability are incapable of earning a living, provided such disability was not incurred in service against the United States, shall be paid for every such disabled soldier or sailor who may be admitted and cared for in such home at the rate of one hundred dollars per annum.
230 페이지 - Provided, That no part of the appropriation for repairs for any of the branch homes shall be used for the construction of any new building...
473 페이지 - The forage ration for a horse is 14 pounds of hay and 12 pounds of oats, corn, or barley, and 3J pounds of straw (or hay) for bedding; for a Field Artillery horse of the...
218 페이지 - Provided, That no part of this appropriation shall be apportioned to any State or Territorial home until its laws, rules, or regulations respecting the pensions of its inmates be made to conform to the provisions of section four of an Act approved March third, eighteen hundred and eightv-three, entitled "An Act prescribing regulations for the Soldiers...
232 페이지 - All appropriations made for contingent expenses or other general purposes, except appropriations made in fulfillment of contract obligations expressly authorized by law, or for objects required or authorized by law without reference to the amounts annually appropriated therefor, shall, on or before the beginning of each fiscal year...
228 페이지 - For support, clothing, and treatment in Saint Elizabeths Hospital for the Insane of insane persons from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, insane inmates of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, persons charged with or convicted of crimes against the United States who are insane, all persons who have become insane since their entry into the military and naval service of the United States, Insane civilians in the quartermaster service of the Army, insane persons transferred...
228 페이지 - ... instruments and appliances, medical books, medicine, liquors, fruits, and other necessaries for the sick not on the regular ration; for bedsteads, bedding, and bedding materials, and all other articles necessary for the wards, and for the quarters of the assistant surgeons, nurses, and other civilian employees attached to the hospital permanently employed and residing at the Branch...
227 페이지 - Administration shall be subject to review, on appeal, by such administrator. "SEC. 3. All property the title of which now stands in the name of the Board of Managers of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers is hereby transferred to and the title thereof vested in the United States.

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