The Miscellaneous Works of Tobias Smollett, M.D.: The life of Smollett. The adventures of Roderick Random

Stirling & Slade...[et. al.], 1820

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160 페이지 - ... for thy fugitive king. Lo ! anointed by Heaven with the vials of wrath, Behold, where he flies on his desolate path ! Now in darkness and billows, he sweeps from my sight : Rise, rise ! ye wild tempests, and cover his flight ! 'Tis finished.
69 페이지 - His black servant, whose name is Francis Barber, has been pressed on board the Stag frigate, Captain Angel, and our lexicographer is in great distress. He says the boy is a sickly lad, of a delicate frame, and particularly subject to a malady in his throat, which renders him very unfit for His Majesty's service. You know what matter of animosity the said Johnson has against you: and I dare say you desire no other opportunity of resenting it, than that of laying him under an obligation.
158 페이지 - Yet, when the rage of battle ceased, The victor's soul was not appeased: . The naked and forlorn must feel Devouring flames, and murd'ring steel! The pious mother, doom'd to death, Forsaken wanders o'er the heath, The bleak wind whistles round her head, Her helpless orphans cry for bread; Bereft of shelter, food, and friend, She views the shades of night descend ; And stretch'd beneath the inclement skies, Weeps o'er her tender babes, and dies.
159 페이지 - Glenullin, whose bride shall await, Like a love-lighted watch-fire, all night at the gate! A steed comes at morning : no rider is there ; But its bridle is red with the sign of despair.
151 페이지 - Thy spirit, Independence ! let me share, Lord of the lion heart and eagle eye ! Thy steps I follow 'with my bosom bare, Nor heed the storm that howls along the sky.
86 페이지 - The learned SMELFUNGUS travelled from Boulogne to Paris from Paris to Rome and so on but he set out with the spleen and jaundice, and every object he pass'd by was discoloured or distorted He wrote an account of them, but 'twas nothing but the account of his miserable feelings.
172 페이지 - ... another, that not more than fourteen inches space was allotted for each with his bed and bedding; and deprived of the light of the day, as well as of fresh air ; breathing nothing but a noisome atmosphere of the morbid steams exhaling from their own excrements and diseased bodies, devoured with vermin hatched in the filth that surrounded them, and destitute of every convenience necessary for people in that helpless condition.
36 페이지 - I was so fatigued with the tediousness of the carriage, and benumbed with the coldness of the weather, that I resolved to travel the rest of my journey on foot, rather than proceed in such a disagreeable manner.
159 페이지 - Lochiel ! Lochiel, beware of the day When the Lowlands shall meet thee in battle array! For a field of the dead rushes red on my sight, And the clans of Culloden are scattered in fight: They rally, they bleed, for their kingdom and crown; Woe, woe to the riders that trample them down. Proud Cumberland prances, insulting the slain, And their hoof-beaten bosoms are trod to the plain.
214 페이지 - ... who, on the other hand, would not derogate so much from his own dignity, as to offer such assistance unasked; for I may venture to affirm that, by this time, the demon of Discord, with her sooty wings, had breathed her influence upon our counsels...

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