The Complete Book of Puppet Theatre

Barnes & Noble Books, 1987 - 342페이지
A superbly comprehensive book invaluable for everyone interested in making, and performing with, puppets. First published under the title DEGREESIThe Complete Book of Puppetry, it rapidly became established as one of the most important books available on the subject. This new edition has been totally revised, updated and considerably expanded; it contains a wealth of new information and ideas, and extra chapters on a much neglected aspect of puppet theatreoperformance. For the beginner, the book presents all the information necessary to progress to a high standard of puppet artistry; teachers will find it an excellent resource book for all educational levels; the more advanced puppeteer will be particularly attracted by the new techniques described, the excellent selection of photographs and the special emphasis on performanc

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Introducing puppet theatre
Puppetry past and present Puppets in ancient times
Puppets in Western Europe

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