Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Louisiana, 11권

E. Johns & Company, 1846

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415 페이지 - For it is a part of the liberties of England, and greatly for the safety of the subject, that the king may not enter upon or seize any man's possessions upon bare surmises without the intervention of a jury, (z) It is however particularly enacted by the statute 33 Hen.
136 페이지 - We discover nothing to impeach the bona fides of the transaction, by which the property became vested in the railroad company. Thus far we have considered the case without reference to the provisions of the Louisiana Code, upon which the appellant relies. Art. 2823 of the Code is as follows: "The partnership property is liable to the creditors of the partnership in preference to those of the individual partner.
302 페이지 - By article 1513 it is declared that "the rules peculiar to donations inter vivos do not apply to onerous and remunerative donations, except when the value of the object given exceeds by one-half that of the charges, or of the services.
263 페이지 - ... court of Philadelphia county, duly commissioned and sworn, to all whose acts, as such, full faith and credit are and ought to be given, as well in courts of judicature as elsewhere.
309 페이지 - The donation inter vivos shall in no case divest the donor of all his property; he must reserve to himself enough for subsistence ; if he does not do it, the donation is null for the whole.
344 페이지 - It is therefore ordered, adjudged, and decreed, that the judgment of the District Court be reversed ; and ours is that the plaintiff be released from the bonds of slavery, that the defendants pay the costs of the appeal, and that the case be remanded for further proceedings as between the defendant and his warrantor." So ends the record of the court. " The question of damage," says the " Law Reporter," " is the subjectmatter of another suit now pending against Jno.
365 페이지 - Thus, if a man, having a title to an estate, which is offered for sale, and knowing his title, stands by and encourages the sale, or does not forbid it, and thereby another person is induced to purchase the estate, under the supposition that the title is good, the former, so standing by, and being silent, will be bound by the sale, and neither he nor his privies will...
221 페이지 - From the time of the service of the summons upon the garnishee he shall stand liable to the plaintiff to the amount of the property, moneys, credits and effects in his possession or under his control belonging to the defendant or in...
98 페이지 - A cashier of a bank has no authority, by virtue of his office, to represent the bank at a meeting of the creditors of an insolvent, and to vote for a syndic.
270 페이지 - It is, therefore, ordered that the judgment of the District Court be reversed, and that ours be for the defendants as in case of non-suit, with costs in both courts.

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