Belshazzar: A Dramatic Poem

J. Murray, 1822 - 162페이지

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37 페이지 - God of the rainbow! at whose gracious sign The billows of the proud their rage suppress; Father of mercies! at one word of thine An Eden blooms in the waste wilderness, And fountains sparkle in the arid sands, And timbrels ring in maidens' glancing hands, And marble cities crown the laughing lands, And pillared temples rise thy name to bless.
38 페이지 - O'er Judah's land thy rainbow, Lord, shall beam, And the sad city lift her crownless head ; And songs shall wake, and dancing footsteps gleam, Where broods o'er fallen streets the silence of the dead.
124 페이지 - Were fiill of sweet sounds as the summer groves, Must ye be changed for chambers, where no tone Of music sounds, nor melody of harp, Or lute, or •woman's melting voice ? — My mother ! — And how shall we two meet the coming ruin ? In arms ! thou say'st ; but with what arms, to front The Invisible, that in the silent air Wars on us ? Shall we seek some place of silence, Where the cold cypress shades our Fathers...
6 페이지 - ... flight, before the Eternal Throne; And, from the unapproached depth of light Wherein the Almighty Father of the worlds Dwells, from seraphic sight by glory veil'd, Came forth the soundless mandate, which I felt Within, and sprung upon my obedient plumes. But as I sail'd my long. and trackless voyage Down the deep bosom of unbounded space, The manifest bearer of Almighty wrath, I saw the Angel of each separate star Folding his wings in terror, o'er his orb Of golden fire ; and shuddering till...
39 페이지 - Euphrates' waves. The born in sorrow shall bring forth in joy ; Thy mercy, Lord, shall lead thy children home; He that went forth a tender yearling boy, Yet, ere he die, to Salem's streets shall come. And Canaan's vines for us their fruits shall bear, And Hermon's bees their honied stores prepare ; And we shall kneel again in thankful prayer, Where, o'er the cherub-seated God, full blaz'd th
65 페이지 - Oh, thou that wilt not break the bruised reed, Nor heap fresh ashes on the mourner's brow, Nor rend anew the wounds that inly bleed, The only balm of our afflictions thou, Teach us to bear thy chastening wrath, oh God ! To kiss with quivering lips— still humbly kiss thy rod! We bless thee, Lord, though far from Judah's land ; Though our worn limbs are black with stripes and chains ; Though for stern foes we till the burning sand ; And reap, for others...
29 페이지 - ... sounds Scarce louder than the rippling river's dash Around the matted sedge ; and still they pour'd Their voices down the stream, as though they wish'd Their songs to pass away to other lands Beyond the bounds of their captivity. I 've listen'd in an...
70 페이지 - With the spoils of conquer'd lands? With the works of maidens' hands, O'er the glittering loom that run. Underneath the orient sun? Bring ye pearl, or choicest gem. From a plunder'd diadem? Ivory wand, or ebony From the sable Indian tree? Purple from the Tyrian shore; Amber cup, or coral store, From the branching trees that grow Under the salt sea-water's flow? PRIESTS, WITH BENINA.
67 페이지 - And laughed in sport to see the yellow fire Climb up the turf-built shrine, his destined funeral pyre. Even thus our joyous child went lightly on ; Bashfully sportive, timorously gay, Her white foot bounded from the pavement stone Like some light bird from off the...
73 페이지 - The golden statue (5/l stands of Nabonassar, That in the plain of Dura, to the sound Of harp, and lute, and dulcimer, received The homage of the world. The Scythian hills, The margin of the Syrian sea, the Isles Of Ocean, their adoring tribes cast down ; And the high sun, at noonday, saw no face Of all mankind turn'd upward from the dust, Save the imperial brow of Nabonassar, That rose in lonely loftiness, as now Yon awe-crown'd image. BENINA. Have ye wrought him, - too, As when he prowl'd the plain,...

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