Comedies of Plautus, 2권

T. Becket and P. A. De Hondt, 1769

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265 페이지 - God, in thy displeasure shalt cast them down. 8 Thou tellest my flittings; put my tears into thy bottle : are not these things noted in thy book? 9 Whensoever I call upon thee, then shall mine enemies be put to flight : this I know; for God is on my side.
269 페이지 - To a most avaricious, sordid pimp ; Nor had we aught to give ; — th' old gentleman Had taken care of that. Naught else remain'd, Except to feed his eyes, to follow her, To lead her out to school, and hand her home. We too, for lack of other business, gave Oar time to Ph&dria.
232 페이지 - Yes, deny it wholly: Nor do I know what gold, what pot, you mean. Eucl. That which you stole out of Sylvanus
178 페이지 - Lillian," by an ingenious metaphor of a beautiful idiot would explain a headless woman — "And hence the story had ever run, That the fairest of dames was a headless one." But proverbial wisdom is generally agreed that " there never was in any age such a wonder to be found as a dumb woman," and the Germans say, " when a woman has no answer the sea is empty of water.
231 페이지 - Why we may ftripa lady of her jewels In open day-light, — then, if we are taken, Plead in excufe forfooth, that love and wine Led us to do it. — Oh, this love and wine Is of great value, if it can impowe-r The lover and the drunkard to indulge In whatsoever likes him with impunity. LYC. I come to beg you to forgive my folly. EUCL. I relifh not thefe fellows, who commit A mifdemeanor, and then dare defend it. 'You knew you had no fight ; not being your's, You Ihould have kept hands off.
9 페이지 - If I for any other cause came hither. Cal. I wait for what you'll say. Meg. Then, first of all, The general report speaks ill of you: Our townsmen call you Gripe-all;* and with some You go by the name of Vulture ; friends or foes, They say you little reck, whom you devour. Cal. As to this matter, Megaronides, I have it in my power, and have it not. Report is none of mine ; but that report May be unmerited, is in my power.
218 페이지 - I'll in, and rummage the whole temple o'er To find this treasure, now that he's employ'd. If I do find it, Faith, I'll öfter you A gallon full of wine, and faithful measure I'll oner, — but 111 drink it all myself.
128 페이지 - ... old faws, and pleafe my humour: My race near run, the reft of my career 5 Shall be fill'd up with pleafure, wine, -and love : For to indulge and fate the appetite In this laft ftage of life is very meet.
38 페이지 - ... whole. — There's not a tree, But has been blasted with the lightning : more — The hogs are eat up with the mange ; the sheep Pine with the rot, all scabby as this hand : And no man can live there six months together, No, not a Syrian, though they are most hardy, The influenza is to all so fatal.
266 페이지 - Ah, Sir, you rather go, and pray the Gods ; For, being a much better man than I, • They will the sooner hear your pray'rs. MICIO. I'll in, To see the needful preparations made. You, if you're wise, do as I said. (Exit.

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