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Dublin to road
Dublin to KillarneyFirst roud
Dublin to KillameySecond roud 79 Dublin to KtilmxxyThird road B0 Dublin to KillarneyFourM roarf 81 Dublin to Killarney Fifth road 82 Dublin t...
Dublin to BantrySecond road
Dublin to Bantry Third road 85 Dublin to Glengoriff and Castle town
Dublin to Crookhaven and Alizcn hcad
Dublin to Kinsale
Dublin to Kanturk
Dublin to Keinuare Fin t road 90 Dublin to KenmareSecond road
Dublin to Snecm
Dublin to Cuhirelveen and Valen tioSecond road
Dublin to Dingle
Dublin to Ballyheigue and the Caves of Ballybunian First road
Dublin to Ballyheigue Second road 100 Dublin to GolwayFrrrr road 101 Dublin to GalwnySecond road 102 Dublin to Parsonitown Farst road
120 Dublin to WestportSecondroad 415
Dublin to Parsonstown Thard road
Dublin to Borrisokane
Dublin to EnnisFirst road
Dublin to EnniaSecondroad 108 Dublin to EnnisThird road
Dublin to Kilrush and Kilkee Ftrst road
Dublin to Kilrnsh Second road 111 Dublin to Loophead
Dublin to EnnistymondMiUtown
Malbay and the Cliffs of Moher Farst road 113 Dublin to Enuistymond Milltown Malbay and the CUtU of Moher Second road
Dublin to Ballyvaughan and Bur
Dublin to Porturona and Scnrlff 116 Dublin to Loughrea 117 Dublin to Balllnasloa
Dublin to Rathangan
Dublan to Westport First road 351 352 370
309 402 4D4 400 27 Dublin to RInvyle Second road
Third road 28 Dublin to 29 Dublin to Cong 30 Dublin to Leen
Dublin to Sligo
Dublin to sligo Second road 33 Dublin to Ballymote 34 Dublin to Roscommon and Castle reaghFirst road
Dublin to Roscommon and Castie
reagh Second road

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423 페이지 - miles from existing navigation. There are upwards of twenty safe and capacious harbours, fit for vessels of any burthen ; about twenty-five navigable lakes in the interior, of a mile or more in length, besides hundreds smaller : the sea coast and all these lakes abound with fish. The district, with its islands, possesses no less than
427 페이지 - itself under every possible combination of heathy moor, bog, lake and mountain. Extensive mossy plains and wild pastoral valleys abounding in loughs and streams, lie embosomed among: the mountains, and support numerous herds of cattle and horses, for which the district
446 페이지 - and Larganacallagh mountains, close to the base of the former. The source or spring is of a circular form, about 50 feet in diameter, called the Shannon Pot, or more generally Leigmonshena. It boils up in the centre, and a continued stream flows from it, about eight feet wide and two feet deep, in the
387 페이지 - bleak, but good pastoral district which occupies so large a portion of the limestone district of the county of Clare. The interesting ruins of Clare Abbey, erected by Donald O'Brien, King of Munster, in 1194, stand near the Fergus river, about
423 페이지 - is very destitute of wood, a few scrubby patches only being thinly scattered through it. The country, however, possesses an extensive stool of timber, for in almost every dry knoll or cliff, the oak, birch, and hazel appear shooting in abundance, and require only a little care to rise into
273 페이지 - and offers not only an unusual scene, but a spectacle approaching much nearer to the sublime, than any moderatesized stream can offer even in its highest cascade. None of the Welsh waterfalls, nor the Geisbach in Switzerland, can compare for a moment in grandeur and effect with the rapids of the Shannon. Nor is the river the only attractive object at
423 페이지 - Although Connemara be mountainous, it is by no means an upland country like Wicklow ; at least threefourths of the western portion of it is not one hundred feet above the level of the sea. Great part of the southern portion rises from the shore of |Galway-bay, in a gentle sloping
427 페이지 - held by a hardy and ancient race of grazing farmers, who live In a very primitive state, and, generally speaking, till little beyond what supplies their immediate wants. For the first
347 페이지 - scenery in the British empire. Mr. Inglis, describing this road states, that " in the magnificence of its mountain and sea views it is little inferior to any of the celebrated roads along the shores of the Mediterranean, and is every way superior to the road from Bangor to
32 페이지 - with the Custom House, the Grand Canal Dock, and the Bingsend Dock. PUBLIC STATUES AND MONUMENTS. The Equestrian Statue of William III. College-green, was erected in 1701, by the citizens of Dublin, to commemorate the Revolution of 1688. It is well executed in bronze, and stands on an elevated marble pedestal,

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