GB/T 41758.2-2022 Translated English of Chinese Standard (GB/T 41758.2-2022, GBT41758.2-2022): Plastics -- Polyketone (PK) moulding and extrusion materials -- Part 2: Preparation of test specimens and determination of properties

앞표지, 2023. 1. 14. - 15페이지
This document describes the preparation of test specimens and test methods for the determination of properties of polyketone moulding and extrusion materials. It specifies requirements for the handling of the test material and/or the conditioning of the test material before moulding and the test specimens before testing. The determination method of properties is selected from the general test methods in GB/T 19467.1. This document also lists other test methods widely used or of special significance for moulding and extrusion materials, as well as the determination methods for characteristic properties in GB/T 41758.1. In order to ensure that the test results are reproducible and repeatable, it is necessary to use the methods for preparation of test specimens and state conditioning specified in this document, as well as the specified specimen size and test method. Test data obtained using specimens prepared under different conditions or using specimens of different dimensions may not be consistent.

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