Nouveau recueil de traités d'alliance, de paix, de trève ... et de plusieurs autres actes servant à la connaissance des relations étrangères des puissances ... de l'Europe ...: depuis 1808 jusqu'à présent


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116 페이지 - And whereas it frequently happens that Vessels sail for a port or place belonging to an enemy without knowing that the same is...
296 페이지 - The inhabitants of their respective States shall mutually have liberty to enter the ports, places, and rivers of the territories of each party wherever foreign commerce is permitted. They shall be at liberty to sojourn and reside in all parts whatsoever of said territories, in order to attend to their affairs; and they shall enjoy, to that effect, the same security and protection as natives of the country wherein they reside, on condition of their submitting to the laws and ordinances there prevailing,...
304 페이지 - Vice-Consuls, or Commercial Agents, and may be confined in the public prisons, at the request and cost of those who shall claim them, in order to be sent to the vessels to which they belonged, or to others of the same country.
121 페이지 - ... after either of the contracting parties shall have given notice to the other of its intention to terminate the same, each of the contracting parties reserving to itself the right of giving such notice to the other at the end of the said term of ten years.
111 페이지 - The citizens of neither of the contracting parties shall be liable to any embargo, nor be detained with their vessels, cargoes, merchandise, or effects, for any military expedition, nor for any public or private purpose whatever, without allowing to those interested a sufficient indemnification.
184 페이지 - Traité de ce jour. Ils seront ratifiés, et les ratifications en seront échangées en même temps. En foi de quoi, les Plénipotentiaires respectifs les ont signés et y ont apposé le cachet de leurs armes. Fait à Saint-Pétersbourg, le x4 (2) juin de l'an de grâce 1867.
118 페이지 - And whenever such tribunal of either party shall pronounce judgment against any Vessel or goods or property claimed by the Citizens of the other party, the sentence or decree shall mention the reasons or motives, on which the same shall have been founded and an authenticated copy of the sentence or decree and of all the proceedings in the case shall, if demanded, be delivered to the Commander or Agent of Said Vessel, without any delay, he paying the legal fees for the same ARTICLE TWENTY SECOND.
117 페이지 - ... damages they may commit. And. it is expressly agreed, that the neutral party shall in no case be required to go on board the examining vessel, for the purpose of exhibiting her papers, or for any other purpose whatever.
308 페이지 - ... before the expiration of that period, neither of the high contracting parties shall have announced, by an official notification to the other, its intention to arrest the operation of said treaty, it shall remain binding for one year beyond that time, and so on until the expiration of the twelve months, which will follow a similar notification, whatever the time at which it may take place.
693 페이지 - Gouvernements français et belge s'engagent à empêcher, par tous les moyens qui sont en leur pouvoir, que ces correspondances ne passent par d'autres voies que par leurs postes respectives.

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