Hearings Before and Special Reports Made by Committee on Armed Services of the House of Representatives on Subjects Affecting the Naval and Military Establishments

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973 페이지 - ... (B) A motion to discharge may be made only by an individual favoring the resolution, shall be highly privileged (except that it may not be made after the committee has reported a resolution with respect to the same...
885 페이지 - The committee met at 10 am, Hon. Carl Vinson (chairman of the committee) presiding. The CHAIRMAN.
969 페이지 - It is further declared to be the policy of the Congress that the security interests of the United States can and will best be served by the development within the United States of a free, competitive synthetic rubber industry.
847 페이지 - The work formerly carried on under the Department of the Air Force and the Department of the Navy will be concentrated under the Civil Aeronautics Administration.
1055 페이지 - ... preference if proposals are submitted on more than one facility, if only one facility is proposed to be purchased; (3) the arrangements or plans, if any, formal or informal, for the supply of feedstock to, and the disposition of the end products of, the respective facilities proposed to be purchased ; (4) the amount proposed to be paid for each of the facilities...
973 페이지 - ... shall be referred to the same committee) by the President of the Senate or the Speaker of the House of Representatives, as the case may be.
995 페이지 - ... (d.) to unduly prevent or lessen competition in the production, manufacture, purchase, barter, sale, transportation or supply of any such article or commodity, or in the price of insurance upon person or property.
1072 페이지 - Court. primarily directed to public officers for their guidance, and. the substantial protection of the government, as mandatory, and to consider official acts not in strict conformity with the statute as void.
840 페이지 - A BILL To promote the national defense by authorizing the construction of aeronautical research facilities and the acquisition of land by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics...
831 페이지 - SEC. 2. The Comptroller General of the United States, or his designee, shall relieve disbursing officers, including special disbursing agents, of the Armed Forces from accountability or responsibility for any payments relating to shipments described in this Act.

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