Reports on Military Operations in South Africa and China. July, 1901

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1901 - 600페이지

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549 페이지 - ... taking up of their position by the Ninth Regiment, not remembering that troops wholly fresh to the scene of action and hurried forward in the excitement of attack were likely to lose their way. Still, the position they took up and gallantly stuck to all day undoubtedly prevented a large body of the enemy from turning the right of the attacking line and inflicting serious loss on the French and Japanese.
335 페이지 - Russian . . 250 Total 17,950 For about three weeks following arrival of the relief column at Pekin the condition in and about the city and along the line of communication was bad. Looting of the city, uncontrolled foraging in surrounding country, and seizure by soldiers of everything a Chinaman might have, as vegetables, eggs, chickens, sheep, cattle, etc., whether being brought to the city or found on the farm ; indiscriminate and generally unprovoked shooting of Chinese, in city, country, and along...
17 페이지 - Brigade Division, Royal Field Artillery, will move at 4.30 am, following the Fourth Brigade, and will take up a position whence it can enfilade the kopjes north of the iron bridge.
287 페이지 - The selection of this road necessitated the capture and retention of Spion Kop, but whether it would have been equally necessary to occupy Spion Kop, had the line of advance indicated by Sir Redvers Buller been followed, is not stated in the correspondence. As Sir Charles Warren considered it impossible to make the wide flanking movement which was recommended, if not actually prescribed, in his secret instructions, he should at once have acquainted Sir Redvers Buller with the course of action which...
284 페이지 - Roberts was appointed commander in chief of the British forces in South Africa, with Lord Kitchener as his chief of staff. The...
325 페이지 - Washington, DC SIR: I have the honor to forward herewith the following report: ******* Report on the siege of the legation, by Lieut.
335 페이지 - ... whose labor we needed. It is safe to say that where one real Boxer has been killed since the capture of Pekin, fifty harmless coolies or laborers on farms, including not a few women and children, have been slain. No doubt the Boxer element is largely mixed with the mass of the population, and that by slaying a lot, one or more Boxers might be taken in.
18 페이지 - BE, with the fifth brigade, and one section and headquarters with the second brigade. 11. Each infantry soldier will carry 150 rounds on his person, the ammunition now carried in the ox wagons of regimental transport being distributed. Infantry greatcoats will be carried in two ox wagons of regimental transport, if brigadiers so wish ; other stores will not be placed in these wagons. 12. The GOC sixth brigade will detail a half battalion as baggage guard.
464 페이지 - This button, which was worn bv the man at the time of the attack, was in the nature of a decoration or badge of distinction, and was presented by the niehtai as indicating his appreciation of the man's zeal and energy in the Boxer movement. The incident is mentioned merely as pointing out a certain official sanction to the proceedings of that and the following day. As soon as the compound was attacked the persons mentioned all took refuge in one building, from the upper story of which they could...
17 페이지 - Hill; he will cover the right flank of the general movement and will endeavor to take up a position on Hlangwane Hill, whence he will enfilade the kopjes north of the Iron Bridge. The officer commanding mounted troops will also detail two forces of 300 and 500 men to cover the right and left flanks, respectively, and protect the baggage.

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