Famines and Land Assessments in India

K. Paul, Trench, Trübner, 1900 - 323페이지

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195 페이지 - The injury is exaggerated in the case of India where so much of the revenue is exported without a direct equivalent. As India must be bled, the lancet should be directed to the parts where the blood is congested, or at least sufficient, not to those which are already feeble from the want of it.
165 페이지 - ... cultivation on his holding, or he may entirely abandon it. In, unfavourable seasons remissions of assessment are granted for loss of produce. The assessment is fixed in money, and does not vary from year to year, except...
99 페이지 - Taxes spent in' the country from -which they are raised are totally different in their effect from taxes raised in one country and spent in another. In the former case, the taxes collected from the population...
226 페이지 - And while the soil bears on its surface all kinds of fruits which an. known to cultivation, it has also under ground numerous veins of all sorts of metals, for it contains much gold and silver, and copper and iron in no small quantity. and even tin and other metuls, which are employed in making articles of use and ornament, as well as the implements and accoutrements of war.
234 페이지 - It is necessary to bear these facts in mind in order to understand fully the very important events which transpired in this locality during the last days of September, 1881.
228 페이지 - ... to remain quite unmolested. Besides, they neither ravage an enemy's land with fire, nor cut down its trees.
44 페이지 - The fundamental difficulty of bringing relief to the Deccan Peasantry is that the Government Assessment does not leave enough food to the cultivator to support himself and his family throughout the year.
2 페이지 - I am sorry to add, that from Buxar to the opposite boundary, I have seen nothing but traces of complete devastation in every village ; whether caused by the followers of the troops, which have lately passed for their natural relief, and I know not whether my own. may not have had their share, or from the apprehensions of the inhabitants left to themselves, and of themselves deserting their houses.
42 페이지 - ... would not or could not yield what was demanded, Numbers abandoned their homes and fled into the neighbouring Native States. Large tracts of land were thrown out of cultivation, and in some districts no more than a third of the cultivable area remained in occupation.
162 페이지 - I am directed by the Honourable the Governor in Council to acknowledge the receipt of your letter, No. 2035, dated 7th October 1861, requesting his opinion " upon the advantages of a Permanent Settlement as applicable to the various districts of the Madras Presidency...

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