The Revised Reports: Being a Republication of Such Cases in the English Courts of Common Law and Equity, from the Year 1785, as are Still of Practical Utility. 1785-1866, 27권

Frederick Pollock, Robert Campbell, Oliver Augustus Saunders, Arthur Beresford Cane, Edward Potton, Joseph Gerald Pease, William Bowstead
Sweet & Maxwell, limited, 1896

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431 페이지 - Chadley and Sweet was nearly balanced. Upon this evidence the LORD CHIEF JUSTICE was of opinion that the defendant was not discharged, and he directed the jury to find a verdict for the plaintiffs, but reserved liberty to the defendant to move to enter a nonsuit if the Court should be of opinion
529 페이지 - per agreement, with primage and average accustomed. In witness whereof, the master or purser of the said ship, or vessel, hath affirmed to four bills of lading, all of this tenor and date, the one of which four bills, being accomplished, the other three to stand void, &c. Dated at Greenock.
681 페이지 - in the books of the defendants in the name of the plaintiff; but if the Court should be of opinion that the plaintiff was not entitled to recover, then the verdict was to stand. Either party was to be at liberty to turn the case into a special verdict. This case was argued twice. By
529 페이지 - or St. Petersburgh (the act of God, the King's enemies, and all and every other dangers and accidents of the seas, rivers and navigation, of what nature or kind soever, excepted) unto Allan, Stewart,
340 페이지 - whereupon the learned Judge gave the defendant leave to move to enter a nonsuit, if the Court should be of opinion that defendant had a lien on the deeds. A rule having been obtained accordingly in Easter Term,
199 페이지 - from his decease, and, subject thereto, to the use of his grandson, the Honourable George John Watson, during his life, with remainder to trustees to preserve contingent remainders; with remainder to the first and other sons of his said grandson, successively, in
675 페이지 - In the present case the limitation is " to the use of the first son of the body of J. Galley upon the body of AS, his intended wife, lawfully to be begotten ; and for default of such issue, then to the use of the second, third, fourth, fifth, and all and every other the son and sons of
259 페이지 - Bentinck and her assigns, for and during the term of her natural life, and from and immediately after her decease, in trust, to pay the same yearly interest, dividends and proceeds of the said two capital sums, to W. Bentinck and his assigns, for
451 페이지 - 10s., and no more. After verdict for the plaintiff a motion was made in arrest of judgment, on the ground that it did not appear that the assertion was made at the time of the sale. Lord HOLT says, " If the vendor gives *in a particular of the rents, and the vendee says he will trust
474 페이지 - that in all cases between landlord and tenant, as often as it shall happen that one half year's rent shall he in arrear, and the landlord or lessor to whom the same is due hath right by law to re-enter for the non-payment thereof, such landlord or lessor

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