Archiv für Naturgeschichte, 2권;59권

Nicolai., 1893

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337 페이지 - Bericht über die wissenschaftlichen Leistungen im Gebiete der Entomologie während des Jahres 1838 [-76].
339 페이지 - Reports of Observations and Experiments in the Practical Work of the Division Made under the Direction of the Entomologist.
97 페이지 - No. 27. Reports on the damage by destructive locusts during the season of 1891, made under the direction of the Entomologist.
34 페이지 - Sketches; illustrating the Habits, Modes of Capture, Stages of Plumage, and the Hybrids and Varieties which occur amongst them.
37 페이지 - PIGEON-KEEPING FOR AMATEURS. A complete Guide to the Amateur Breeder of Domestic and Fancy Pigeons. By JC LYELL. Illustrated. In cloth, price 2s.
12 페이지 - Frage über das Vorkommen von bakterienähnl'ichen Gebilden in den Geweben und Eiern verschiedener Insekten an; Centralbl.
142 페이지 - Lagoa, a Bombycine Caterpillar with seven pairs of abdominal legs; with notes on its metameric glandular abdominal processes; Zool.
xii 페이지 - Opixthocomtts cristatus: a contribution to the question of the correlation of organs and the inheritance of acquired characters; Proc.
23 페이지 - A further Review of the Avian Fauna of Chester County, South Carolina; Auk.

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